SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Epilogue 2 + Afterword

Epilogue 2  
A few days after the gathering, there were large posters put up around the school.  
1. The victory condition of “making Tera Awayuki cry” was fulfilled – she shed tears along with a smile – therefore, Tera Awayuki shall be removed from her seat as one of the [Ten Sai]. 
2. As a result, the one who achieved the condition, Ootomo Youta, will be recognized as the new [Ten Sai].  
3. However, concerning behavior was observed in the process of Read the rest

SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Epilogue 1

Epilogue 1   
“Ooh, Awayuki ! Ootomo…! How should I make that brat pay!”  
A rough yell echoed in the Principal’s office at Teiou Academy. 
“Damn it…do you know how much money and time went into that special medicine from Brain Seeker!” 
Kongouji’s eyes were bloodshot with rage as he clutched his head, throwing his body back. 
“Kuhaha, why are you so angry, Head Teacher? The CEO of Beach Co. said he’d give it to us for free, didn’t he?”  
Laughing blithely with her legs up on the desk was Principal Ougami Ai. Kongouji’s anger was also directed at her. 
“That … Read the rest

SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 5

“Wha—? You’ve got to be kidding me!” 
“But, Awayuki-san, you wanted to laugh after all!”
“Yeah, but she can’t directly say I want to laugh for some reason.”
“That’s right! And who made it possible for her to smoothly say that?” 
“Ootomo!” “Ootomo!” “Ootomo!” “Ootomo!” “Ootomo!” 
It’s not me! I didn’t do it!  
How does green paint plus trimmer equals grass!? That’s just idiotic! 
Damn! Because of me, the mood has gone in the complete opposite direction of Awayuki’s real desire… 
“Now … Read the rest

SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 4

“W-Wait everyone! I’m not that amazing a guy! I do truly want to help Awayuki, but Houjou’s conjecture is an over-interpretation. I’m really just ordinary and norm─” 
【Choose 】 
1 Upper body clothes normally rip off 
2 Lower body clothes normally rip off 
That’s not how you use “normally”! Are you some messed up gyaru!? 
【Choose 】 
1 Like It’s pretty normal for my upper body to Like naked but Like it’s funny LOL 
2 Like It’s pretty normal for my lower body to Like naked … Read the rest

SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 3

Once again, the venue was wrapped in anger-filled silence. 
N-No good… If this explodes, it’ll be riot level─ 
I slipped on something and pitched forward. 
Wh-What was that? Nothing on stage could’ve─ 
“A…a banana peel?” 
Thrown along with the jeers earlier? 
Stepping on that precisely at a time like this… Of course my misfortune would activate.  
And not only falling, failing to break my fall, I banged my nose a bit awkwardly. 
“Uu…Hm? Wh-What’s this?” 
Something white on my wiped finger. Paint flecking from the floor stuck to my nose? No way something that normal could… Just how … Read the rest

SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 2

“More importantly, I thought I heard some nonsense about stopping Brain Seeker from you… Surely you don’t mean that seriously.” 
Uu…nghh… Just his glare makes my knees shake. 
“I’m serious. That medicine won’t benefit Awayuki.” 
But I clearly told head teacher Kongouji so while staring back into his eyes. 
“Spouting idiocies just to make a fool of yourself is one thing, but trying to foolishly disturb order is another… As expected, your existence is unnecessary for this academy.” 
The head teacher continued, not even trying to hide his overflowing anger. 
“This is also a prime promotion opportunity for Brain Seeker. … Read the rest

SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 1

Chapter Five: Researcher Shiwaoi Overstates the Broken Speech a Bit  

“Alright everyone, welcome to the first school-wide event of the season! I’m Kurosu from the broadcasting club, your Emcee for today, pleased to meetcha!”  
The spirited Emcee was greeted with loud applause, and the event was underway. 
“As you all know, this isn’t just any event! It’s the [Make Teio Ten Sai Tera Awayuki Cry] meeting! With prodigious, once-in-a-century talent said to be the number one Teio Ten Sai in overall ability, let’s make the genius [Awayuki Tera] cry! And the challenger who successfully draws tears from Awayuki-san will … Read the rest

SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 3

“Hey, Awayuki. Going around to all those places today… Didn’t any of it move you?” 
As Ohana’s plans ran dry and the sun started setting, I posed a question to Awayuki.  
“Not at all. The movie’s title was true to itself─or rather, it had 113, both big and small, tear-jerking moments. And the singer had a soul-shaking voice. The therapy made scientific sense and didn’t put stress on the body while making you cry, a superb method.” 
Well, having it analyzed like that in a straight face… 
“Sorry, Ohana, even though you went through all this trouble. And I … Read the rest

SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

Leaving aside Ohana’s incomprehensible stomach, since Awayuki and I were also getting hungry, we headed to a family restaurant for an early lunch. 
Along the way, I posed a certain question to Awayuki.  
“Don’t you think…you’re a little too much of a genius?” 
Just from what I’ve witnessed directly, there’s cooking, sprinting, calligraphy, sewing, abdominal rumbling techniques.  
The last one is a bit of a different taste, but it’s undoubtedly an ability beyond normal people.  
Meeting her a few days ago and seeing … Read the rest

SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 1

Chapter Four: Youta Ootomo Could Only Be Placed Here by Process of Elimination  

A few days after that, Sunday.  
I was waiting at the station for Awayuki’s arrival, recalling my conversation with Ohana. 
[So you don’t have any emotions, huh…] 
[Yeah, that’s right.] 
[No way, you must be joking…]  
[Does this look like the face of someone telling a joke?] 
[It does! You’re making a weird face again! Pfft…hahahahaha!] 
[Yes, I got to see Ohana’s smile again. I’m satisfied.] 
[Geez…nevermind me! More importantly, what do you mean you don’t have emotions!? There’s no way a human could─] 
[But there … Read the rest