Two Childhood Friends Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – What’s with This Fellow…

Ahhh, I’m so bored…

I was lying in the classroom before homeroom, staring up at the ceiling.

Of course, the other classmates were also killing time in their own ways.

I don’t want to interact with others pointlessly, so if I pretend to be lost in thought, they surprisingly won’t try to talk to me.

Come to think of it, isn’t it weird that we’re forced to work 9am to evening 5 days a week?

[Well you’re doing schoolwork.]

Schoolwork is still labor too..

I’m talking about the actual time spent at school … Read the rest

Two Childhood Friends Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Bad End

Enmi was in Yoshihito’s room.

Kirako was already gone, having slipped away in an instant.

Her crisis management skills were really something.

So for some reason, there was an oppressive atmosphere as Yoshihito was left alone.

He silently cursed Kirako for abandoning him.

“Something seems off,”

Right now, she wasn’t invisible.

Highly unusual for someone who almost always used her power.

Her long, wispy black hair flowed down.

Her bangs were long too, completely hiding her eyes.

But with her ever-changing expressions, she was plenty expressive without visible eyes.

She wore her school uniform, but … Read the rest

Two Childhood Friends Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – I Want to Be a Role Model for Everyone

I look at myself in the mirror, my body wrapped in bandages here and there.

I look so pathetic.

It’s just too pitiful…

Seeing myself like this, I can’t help but feel angry at Hakuhou for doing this to me, at Kakushigi for egging him on, and somehow at Kirako too.

Damn them, may they rot in hell.

…But strangely, the longer I look in the mirror, the cooler I start to see myself looking.

A wounded hunk.

…Yeah, it’s a good look.

Yup, I make anything work.… Read the rest

Two Childhood Friends Chapter 24

Episode 24 Eh?


Kotaro bolts upright in bed.

He was lying on a soft mattress.

“W-where is this…?”

Kotaro looks around, utterly confused.

Hadn’t he just been fighting that despicable Yoshihito Kuchinasi?

Yet now he finds himself waking up in this room?

“The nurse’s office, young master,”

“It’s the infirmary ……?”

a disembodied voice calls out to him.

It’s his lifelong supporter, the heir to the Kakushigi family, the invisible Kakushigi Enmi.

“Why am I here…? What happened in that fight!?”

“The fact that you are here and Kuchinasi-kun is not here shows the result.”

“…I see. So I … Read the rest

Two Childhood Friends Chapter 23

Chapter 23 I’m not satisfied. ……

“Huh, Hakuhou-kun’s attack disappeared?”

“Did he stop mid attack?”

Seeing Kotaro’s attack dissipate, the confused classmates couldn’t hide it. Since there was no sign of him defending, many thought the attacker himself had canceled it.

The only ones who knew that wasn’t the case were the teacher Urazumi, and Yoshihito’s childhood friend Kirako, who knew his power.

“Your childhood friend seems to have quite the special ability.”

“He’s my prideful childhood friend. (What the, that cheater. I wanted it…)”

While smiling, Kirako secretly burned with jealousy inside. Her power to destroy an oni in … Read the rest

Two Childhood Friends Chapter 22

Chapter 22. Oh, my……

“Now then, what do you think? The audience is just our classmates, so it’s small scale. But the info of me beating you will spread to other classes. Meaning, I’m the superior man.”

Kotaro Hakuhou spoke to Yoshihito with an air of superiority.

He no longer considered even the slightest possibility of losing.

He could only envision the aftermath of defeating the man before him and gaining fame.

And while he was certainly arrogant, it wasn’t baseless delusion.

After all, Kotaro was the child of the Hakuhou family, one of the seven heroic families.

While ordinary … Read the rest

Two Childhood Friends Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Valiantly

The courtyard had become like a colosseum.

You could call it a training ground.

Apparently mock battles are common in special ability classes, since they need to hone their monster-fighting skills.

I can understand the need to train and polish themselves.

Just not why I’m being thrown in there with them.

In the waiting room before entering that colosseum, I was with Kirako.

Why is she even here…

While waiting for time to pass, I thought about having to fight Hakuhou…

“Alright, I’ll lose and push Kirako onto him.”

“I’ll kill you.”

Kirako directs intense killing intent … Read the rest

Two Childhood Friends Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Mother Teresa.


The air froze.

Or rather, time stopped.


Was my power time manipulation?

If so, I want to rewind time right away and choose not to enter this academy.

“…..It’s amazing you can refuse in this situation.”

[So cool. I can’t believe you can toss away your pride so easily.]

Kirako and the parasite’s words.

What are you two saying.

You can’t protect yourself with pride.

“Huhhh!? You’re refusing in this situation!? I-I’m just saying….”

Hakuhou stammers in shock.

“Oh, is that okay then?”

Urazumi, who always acts bothered, looks at me rather concerned for … Read the rest

Two Childhood Friends Chapter 19

Chapter 19. Now, how about it! ?

The thoughtless mob gathered in the courtyard one after another.

[Can’t you just say classmates?]

In our gym clothes, Urazumi stood before us. This tiny violent gorilla loli is so small.

“Okay, you’ve gathered. It’s the super troublesome special ability training. I wanna quit…”

What’s with her…

Then why’d you become a teacher?

Who’s the fool who hired her?

How could they see her as a proper adult to guide the youth?

“Fwaaah…sleepy. Hey, become my pillow…”

“What are you saying in this situation? Wake up, don’t lean on me, it’s annoying.”

Kirako, … Read the rest

Two Childhood Friends Chapter 18

Chapter 18. I’m gonna take you down.

While changing into gym clothes in the locker room, a guy calls out to me.
With the few…or rather, the only other guy in my class besides me.
That guy.
Who gave him permission to talk to me?
How presumptuous…
[Since your classmate is friendly enough to strike up a conversation, just respond normally…]
No one’s trying to talk to me though…
Tsk, ignoring him would be poor manners I guess, so whatever.
I’ll entertain a conversation.
Be grateful from … Read the rest