Bastard Swordsman Chapter 33 

The Girls’ Dinner
Ulrika’s Perspective
“Wanna go home…”
Hearing Mongrel’s murmur from the other side of the door, I froze up.
I had only come to put away the washing cloth, yet overheard his feelings.
“… “
Quickly leaving the changing area and closing the door.
Guilt wells up.
…Mongrel, you said before at the tavern that you don’t care about past events but…
You were putting up a strong front. Not wanting to show weakness to me, you lied… You really want to return home.
Well of course. Anyone … Read the rest

Bastard Swordsman Chapter 32

Lost Daily Life
“I caused trouble for everyone. It was because of my…inexperience and ignorance. I’m sorry.”
After returning to the guild and giving our report, Bridget bowed her head slightly.
The armor that had chilled her to the bone in the forest had somehow returned to normal temperature and she had put it back on, already prepared to return home anytime.
…Her stunned face when she got paid was something else huh. Really surprised her.
Bridget was probably conflicted between “Can I really take this?” and “I’m getting the full amount for this?” Of … Read the rest

Bastard Swordsman Chapter 31

The Holder of the Compass
The Barowa Forest had yet to be blanketed by snow. However, the bone-chilling cold was already seeping into the ground, making a sound like crushing gravel underfoot as we tread on the forest floor, almost like walking on frosted ground.
Despite the fact that I can’t boast about it loudly, my shoes are custom-made. While they might appear no different from the ones you’d find around, their design conceals a modern-day boot-like quality on the inside. They remain unaffected by the frost, neither turning cold nor letting moisture seep in. Utter comfort.
 … Read the rest

Bastard Swordsman Chapter 30

A Tutorial Where Nothing Happens
You might say, for someone who was so against it, I’m undertaking a risk-filled job just for a few baths?
I’d have no choice but to fully admit that’s right. The risks and benefits are totally unbalanced. I think so too. Laugh at me as a foolish adventurer…
But baths are…I can’t recreate them alone…
If I had a house in the natural, bath-like waters of a beautiful riverbank surrounded by trees I could fell freely (somehow no monsters), living as a lumberjack, it might have been possible. But that’s unrealistic … Read the rest

Bastard Swordsman Chapter 29

Extremely Political and High-Level Negotiations
“I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabsolutely refuse.”
“See, just like I said.”
“Yeah, I figured you’d refuse…”
That morning. In the deserted marketplace after checking out some used fabrics, I met three members of Artemis.
Nastasha, Raina, and Ulrika. If it was just Raina and Ulrika, I wouldn’t have minded at all, but the bad feeling I got when Nastasha spoke to me first turned out to be correct.
“You’re quite against it.”
“Who’d smile and nod after hearing that? You think I can put up with some noble’s trial … Read the rest

Bastard Swordsman Chapter 28

An Invitation for a Seemingly Boring Job
Ulrika’s Perspective
I messed up… I had no idea Mongrel’s past was so difficult…
He told me I didn’t need to talk much about myself, and I took advantage of that. Yet here I am trampling all over Mongrel’s circumstances.
He did say not to worry about it… And from his reaction afterwards, he really doesn’t seem bothered by it. But I can’t shake this feeling of regret for what I did… Sigh.
Right now I’m on my way back. I drank and ate with Mongrel… … Read the rest

Bastard Swordsman Chapter 27

Talking About the Past at the Hunter’s Tavern
Let’s talk about that female swordswoman calling herself Bridget who came by yesterday.
First of all, that woman is without a doubt a noble.
There are countless reasons why, but just thinking of some obvious ones…her equipment is too high quality, her speech is too refined, she’s too unaware of the world, she mentioned belonging to some sword school.
Especially the sword school. Though she didn’t go into details, sword schools generally refer to those for fighting other people. There are practically none for fighting monsters.
And … Read the rest

Bastard Swordsman Chapter 26

The Strongest Race

There exists in this world a magical beast that is deeply feared.

To compare it to Monster Hunter, it would be something like an Deviljho.

A monster that is extremely dangerous just by being there. Yeah, there are things like that in this world too.

One example is the Harvest Mantis that previously killed two members of the “Harvest Sword” party.

The Harvest Mantis inhabits the forested region on the border between the Kingdom of Harpelea and the Holy Kingdom of Sunglaire. Unable to fly, it has become the ruler of the land.

I was surprised when … Read the rest

Bastard Swordsman Chapter 25

Silently Chopping Firewood

As the cold season approached, even the pretentious folks walking about town started to remember “oh right, winter was cold” and began changing their rough outfits for warmer layers. The sounds of chopping firewood could be heard all over town.

But since Legol was still a city after all, they didn’t chop firewood at cut stumps in every household’s yard like some rural town. They bought their winter supply of neatly processed firewood from specialized dealers. I wonder if firewood prices went up a bit this year?

And for those specialized dealers, this time of year meant … Read the rest

Bastard Swordsman Chapter 24

Securing Logging Operations

As the cold season approached, the town began its preparations for winter. Unlike modern homes that completely block out the outside air or are equipped with efficient heating devices, this wasn’t the case. The winter in the Kingdom of Halperia relied heavily on abundant firewood and charcoal.

The same held true here in Legol. However, due to the recent mysterious economic upturn, an influx of settlers had flooded into Legol, leading to a rapid increase in population. Consequently, the demand for lumber and firewood had surged. Continuous logging operations were only natural given the circumstances. Thankfully, being … Read the rest