Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 24

Maria and the Others’ Rampage

An hour later, the First Patrol Fleet, including Lieutenant Guz, left this area.
Fortunately, or perhaps because they did their job properly, the people of the First Patrol Fleet sealed off the destroyer and prohibited entry, so we no longer had to take care of it.
Just like before, I started doing busywork on the frigate.
There’s really nothing to do.
I handed over command of the bridge to Lieutenant Meyrica and decided to pass the time by exploring the ship.
Upon hearing this, Sister Meyrica made a … Read the rest

Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 23

Prisoner Handover

“I’m the squad leader of the Kate Squad over there, Lieutenant Bruce of the Second Inspection Squad under Akkeshi.”
“I beg your pardon. I am Lieutenant Guz of the First Inspection Squad of the First Patrol Fleet flagship, Akan.”
Speak to me with respect, Lieutenant. Respect.
That’s impossible.
Since we’re both lieutenants, the one who was commissioned first should take command in situations like this.
The senior officer or something.
This doesn’t just apply to the military, right?
Surely not just the Coast Guard… That’s impossible.
“Um, Lieutenant Guz, why are you using honorifics with me? … Read the rest

Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 22

The Second Inspection Squad’s First Inspection

Nao is currently at the peak of happiness.
Although it’s not the admiral’s seat he saw on his favorite military recruitment poster, he’s still enjoying playing captain in the captain’s seat of a new frigate, which is part of the current generation of ships and something he would never get to ride on in the Coast Guard.
The attacked transport ship had already left the scene and was headed towards the capital planet, Diamond, by the time Nao and his crew boarded the pirate ship. Both Coast Guard and pirate … Read the rest

Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 21

Troublesome towing work

“How much longer is it going to take?”
“Oh, Captain. Please don’t ask for the impossible. We won’t know until we try.”
“Hey, hey. I don’t think you’ve forgotten, but you mentioned earlier that the life support system is about to shut down. Well, it’s only been an hour since then, so I think we have about three hours at the earliest, but are you sure?”
“Hey, Maria. What’s with that ‘Oh!’ from you? Don’t act like you forgot. You, distracting yourself with hobbies and wasting time.”
“I understand, Meyrica. I’ll quickly investigate and prioritize … Read the rest

Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 20

“Emergency Measures”

After doing that, Lainey entered the destroyer and informed me of the situation with the space frigate.
“We couldn’t find any pirates on the other ship. We successfully occupied the bridge, but an abnormal alert is ongoing, and we can’t assess the situation. Anyway, we need to stop the bridge’s alert to understand the situation. According to Ms. Meyrica, Maria’s team needs to handle it; otherwise, it’s uncontrollable.”
Upon hearing this, Maria asked me,
“Captain, what should we do?”
“We have no choice but to go. However…”
After thinking for a … Read the rest

Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 19

Nonstop Alerts

Time passed tediously as I waited pointlessly on the space destroyer bridge.
Bored from monitoring the pirate ship, I started looking for a replacement for my broken powersuit.
Spaceships like these always have emergency spacesuits with life support in case of contingencies.
Not combat powersuits, but ones that can at least handle simple extravehicular activities.
Well, their purpose is to enable evacuation in emergencies, but spacefaring laws mandate they be equipped on bridges.
I doubted pirates followed laws properly, but there was a chance the original equipped ones could still … Read the rest

Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 18

The Engine Broke Down

A ship that continues flashing signals to its allies but gets no response heads this way.
The guys on the pirate ship’s bridge must be quite uneasy.
On the space frigate [Butcher] the pirates are aboard, they face this situation with great panic.
“Aniki~, whaddya think?”
“Strange for sure.”
“Don’t tell me they failed…”
“Don’t be stupid. That landing craft can hold forty at best. The destroyer had a hundred. And it’s just the weak Coast Guard, they’ve got the numbers so there’s no way they’d lose. Most of all, Big Bro is commanding them … Read the rest

Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 17

With new pirates, this is a pinch huh~

“Maria, what happened?”
“Ah, Captain, glad you’re safe.”
“Thanks. More importantly, what’s the big deal?”
“Oh right. Look at this. It’s the infrared sensor telescope footage monitoring outside this ship, but a frigate-class ship is headed this way. Flashes of light flicker around its bridge periodically, but it’s slowly approaching while continuing to be cautious of us.”
“An enemy?”
“Yes, Sis Meyrica . It’s coming from the direction the ship that fled before we boarded here escaped, so it must be the enemy.”
“Uh-huh, I’ve got it.”
“Huh? Captain, did you … Read the rest

Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 16

Part 2: Let’s Get a Ship

Where is this Place? Who am I?

I wonder where this place is.
It seems I was put to sleep.
My consciousness is slowly returning, and I open my eyes.
I’m lying in a room I’ve never seen before.
Ah, here’s the place where I say it.
“What an unfamiliar ceiling.”
T/N: Evangelion reference
Eek! I said it!
This is a line I’ve always wanted to say.
To think the answer was so close, after agonizing over it so much.
Thinking back … Read the rest

Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 15 

“Stop it, I’m falling!”

Now is the moment when my long-held, twisted fantasy are about to comes true.
While I’m momentarily lost in my delusions, Ms. Meyrica and Maria are engaged in conversation behind me.
“Maria, can you handle it?”
“I’ll be fine. Please believe in [Sunflower No.3] that we made for times like these.”
“Oh well, I do have some reservations, but let’s go. Just in case, I’ll also prepare the explosives I had made earlier.”
“Aw, come on, trust us. But it’s okay. It’s important to be cautious, right?”
After … Read the rest