Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 40

Mob #40 “Ah, by that time, I might not be here, you know?”

During the time when Uzoss was actively engaged in collecting asteroids…

☆ ☆ ☆
[Side: Fialka – Tiursad]

I headed to the reception lobby of the mercenary guild to take on a job.
When I first became a mercenary, I used to ask the available receptionists for help. However, male staff often try to flirt, and many female staff seemed snobbish, so I was honestly fed up.
But there were people who provided polite and pleasant service.
I made it a point … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 39

Mob #39 “[He said going up is a hassle.]”

“[Big bro, this time it’s at 5 o’clock direction – ascending 30 degrees – distance 700.]”
I followed the old man’s instructions, moving at an almost landing speed, just like during the previous gate.
The polymer coating applied, and the anti-debris measures were spot-on.
Working efficiently, we quickly filled up the collection container and transferred the accumulated debris to the cargo ship.
Occasionally watching the towing of asteroids big and small, the disappearance of rocks and stones, and the cleaning up of space somehow … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 38

Mob #38 “I met my wife and daughter! My daughter is so cute! Oh, want to see a photo?”

After docking the ship at the guild’s boat parking lot the next day, I headed to [Anime Members] and [Seizaban] to explore manga, light novels, and doujinshi.
Thanks to that, I got my hands on:
The latest light novel of [Somewhere, the Mysterious Summoning Ring].
The new manga of [My Enemy is a Hero].
The comic adaptation of the social development simulation game [SpeedQueen! The Planet Race].
Doujinshi of the social strategy simulation game … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 37

Mob #37 “I’d like to go to the arcade or something if we have time. With three people.”

After finishing communication with Mr. Rossweisse, I headed towards the lobby to leave, and that’s when Arthur approached me.
Next to him, as usual, was Miss Seira, looking composed.
“Hello, Uzoss-san.”
“Hey, Lingard-kun. And Seira too. How was the reception?”
The two of them had been invited to a military reception for the previous job, so I casually asked about it.
And then,
“It would have been better not to attend such a thing!”
Miss Seira suddenly turned furious.
“Those guys … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 36

Mob #36: “Of course. It’s to create my remote-controlled humanoid body.”

The day after witnessing the Hero kun’s recovery moment,
I had a fulfilling day. After having breakfast and running the washing machine,
I started by cleaning my room and taking out the trash.
By the time that was done, the laundry was finished, so I folded it and put it away.
Once the grocery shopping for the day was done, the rest of the day was dedicated to watching anime,
catching up on movies like the “Demon Slayer” theatrical version, and series like “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “The Pharmacist’s … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 35

Mob #35: “The receptionist’s job is to facilitate requests for mercenaries. Refusing to do that is not an option.”

☆ ☆ ☆

【Side: Yuri Prilliere】

Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating, frustrating, frustrating!
Not being able to retort against someone weaker than me!
Right now, my situation is the worst.
My sister caused a huge mess without me knowing.
To escape the Guild’s pursuit, she’s now a wanted criminal. Because of that,
I’m suspected of committing the same misconduct as my sister.
I’m still just a soldier rank!
So, I needed to achieve success without any wrongdoing.… Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 34

Mob #34: “Sure, sure. I’m a coward, so you win.”

“So, what business brings you here today?”
Zeistole asked, smiling, inquiring about my business.
“I-I… I thought I’d take care of the mandatory shooting training…”
Anyway, I should finish the business and get away from here.
Otherwise, it could be a matter of life and death.
“Understood. I’ll bring the documents.”
Upon hearing my request, he, with a smiling face, headed towards the entrance to the counter.
Suddenly, a handsome man, who appeared out of nowhere near the entrance to the … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 33

Mob #33: “Since Old man Roans is on vacation, I decided to take a break too. And, since it’s a good opportunity, I thought of overhauling my ship.”

After finishing lunch with Cruz, I headed to the industrial district,
where the factory town is located. Here, various-sized factories line up, dealing with everything from home appliances to weapons, instruments, machinery, vehicles, ships, aircraft, androids, and more.
The place I’m heading to is the origin of my ship, the “Patchwork.”
I originally bought a used one from that shop, and then, by replacing and piecing together … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 32

“Mob No. 32. Oh? Could it be Sir Uzoss?”

After receiving the reward on the distant planet, Galife.
We disbanded and each went our separate ways.
Why not take round-trip jobs?
The reason is simple. The client only requested a one-way trip.
There are round-trip requests, but waiting fees accrue until the return journey begins.
If the waiting period is long, it can lead to significant expenses, so usually, it’s just a one-way trip.

After disbanding:
Levin took on pirate extermination.
Old man Bernard took a vacation.
Morize … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 31

Mob #31: [I’ll lure one ship away! During that time, disable the other ship’s navigation! No sinking! We need to capture them!]

“Both ships are undoubtedly from Sunshine-Tree-Electronics, but each one is clearly armed with numerous weapons.
They’ve even deployed drones.
There’s no way these are legitimate transport ships.
That company should be a decent one with no bad rumors… but who knows what they’re up to behind the scenes.
Well, if that’s the case, they wouldn’t boldly display the company logo or reveal the ship’s code!
Maybe it’s a plot by a … Read the rest