Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 54

Mob No.54: “Well then, how about a light lunch and then off to the anime shop!”

Finally, yesterday I listened to Gonzales vent for a solid hour.

Well, he’s usually the listener, so it’s okay to listen to him once in a while.

Luckily neither of us drinks, so we were able to call it an early night.

Then at 9:55 the next morning.

I waited for Gonzales and Mr. Kruzz in front of [Placetar House] at the train station.

Not even 3 minutes later,



Gonzales arrived.

Wearing a brown coat over the usual black pumps, red tight … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 53

Mob No.53: [I see. Then I’ll hang up now. I need to go pick some eggplants from the yard for dinner or mom will scold me.]

It was good I left the victory celebration early and got back quickly but the reward still wasn’t paid.

A bit shocking but understandable.

Not that the count was hesitating to pay, there was coordinating security in the region and restarting the energy plant, government relations and such leaving things pretty chaotic I guess.

He doesn’t seem the type to ignore mercenary payment so I can wait patiently.

Then I’ll take it easy for … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 52

Mob No.52: “Then let your life senior treat you all! Everyone, to the stalls! All you can drink!”

After the terrorists were captured and the lively noble gang was apprehended, a grand celebration party started in the evening at HQ.

Especially the three, [Jet Black Devil], [Crimson Goddess], [Feathered Helmet], were surrounded by loads of media.

Lambert Riagras aka Ikari-kun was extremely nervous but the latter two seemed used to it.

Arthur also had media swarming him with Sayla clinging tightly, appealing herself.

Amidst that, I finished refueling and ammo resupply, and was going to have the proton torpedoes I … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 51

Mob No.51: [Are you idiots?]

After capturing Fort Neimus, the retrieval operation proceeded smoothly.

Looks like they focused their aerial forces, and the lack of many enemies on the ground may have helped too.

Or maybe they were relying on Fort Neimus.

However, upon reaching the energy plant, the retrieval couldn’t advance further.

Because the terrorists were holed up in the energy plant.

We couldn’t destroy the energy plant, and even restrained beams would likely damage the facilities. Missiles and such directly hitting would be really bad.

It came down to leaving it completely to the ground forces.

For us … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 50

Mob No.50: [A bit of a long shot. Sink or swim.]

Flying slowly to match the ground forces’ pace, the area with the energy plant gradually came into view.

[This is aerial forces. Enemy aerial forces spotted. Commencing engagement.]

The advanced aerial forces seemed to have made contact with enemy aerial forces already.

[Looking lively out there. Alright. Ground support units from main force, attach some to each ground unit exclusively.]

[This is HQ. Don’t forget to report!]

With the aerial forces’ combat as the opener, instructions came to us ground support units from the count.

And a reminder came … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 49

Mob No.49: [Ground support team, can you hear me! I am Tony Ikorai! Son of Jack Ikorai the Count!]

The next day, 6 AM.

The alarm I set rang.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, changed clothes, fixed my bedhead, then exited the ship.

There the remnants of the guys’ BBQ from yesterday remained.

In other words, garbage from the BBQ like charcoal, empty cans, paper plates, plastic forks and knives.

No joke cleaning that up, so I ignored it and went to the field kitchen tent for breakfast.

I finished breakfast without meeting any acquaintances in particular, and … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 48

Mob No.48: “Well, we can leave the flashy aerial combat to the flashy folks and stick to our modest job of ground forces air support.”

While dreading Ms. Rozweisse’s body being completed, my turn came for landing permission.

My ship [Patchwork] is old-model, with various modifications, but fundamentally multi-purpose able to operate in space and ground, with changeable armaments.

For this job, I requested ground forces air support.

The reason being I heard large quantities of small air-to-ground missile pods [Throwing Nuts] could be supplemented on Count Ikorai’s territory.

The power’s decent, and being small, each pod holds up to … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 47

Mob No.47: “Do your best to not get completely wiped out.”

Leaving Pattson’s Pharmacy, I headed straight to the [Fortune Telling Building] located in a corner of the downtown area.

As always, I advanced through the maze-like interior of the building and entered a shop labeled simply [Crystal Ball Fortune Telling].

There, in a space with a deep green long-haired carpet to muffle footsteps, was a table draped with dark purple cloth.

And beyond it an old hag with a somewhat hooked nose, looking just like a witch, wearing a gray hooded robe, grinned at me.

“Oh my, welcome. It’s … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 46

Mob No.46: “How unpleasant…”

It was really lucky that the request to capture the beautiful pirate sisters was nullified by a side stab, and I was able to quickly return to Itz before getting tangled up with the guys who did the side stabbing.

I thought those Bishop-rank guys would be mad at me for not letting them enjoy the beautiful pirate sisters and would ambush me, but that didn’t happen either.

Feeling relieved, I docked my ship at the parking lot and went to the reception.

Still, I was afraid those guys might be lurking around.


“Hey. Looks … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 45

Mob No.45: [Listen up, prey! We are the tearless and merciless – [Now! Fire all at once!]]

After the strategy meeting ended with some lingering suspicions, the pirates finally closed in.

The pirate flags with a mix of large and small marks glared at us as they approached.

[Alright! Everyone stay calm! Lure them in well, then fire on my signal!]

The Bishop class man encouraged the convoy people and issued instructions.

Then there was silence for a few minutes, and a communication came to us from the pirates on an open channel.

[Listen up, prey! We are the tearless … Read the rest