Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 66

Mob #66: “Anyway, come home for a bit. Don’t worry, I placated the neighborhood grannies!”

With the payment processed, I immediately headed to the bank since the money from selling my fighter after the past failure was still in my bracelet terminal, plus I hadn’t sent my parents their portion yet.

In other words, besides living expenses I have 12 million credits cash on hand presently.

Realizing this, I want to deposit it at the bank ASAP.

En route, I get an unexpected call – my dad.

“Hello Dad? What’s up so suddenly?”

[Where are you now?]

“At the guild … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 65

Mob #65: “I saw her ask you to lend a ship. Also, being beautiful and charming don’t always come together.”

After confirming she still couldn’t move quickly, I called Investigator Royman.

It looks bad out of context, but she aimed her gun first and tried to shoot – please show mercy.

[Hello, this is Royman.]

He swiftly picked up, so while aiming my bracelet camera at her I reported our status.

“Sorry, I was attacked at the dock. She’s immobilized and I’m keeping watch.”

[I see. She must be the impatient accomplice. I’ll come apprehend her so don’t let her … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 64

Mob #64: “Sorry, I am a mercenary, so I can handle basic self-defense like this.”

Though Investigator Royman said we’re all clear, that just means we didn’t commit murder, he still suspects some as accomplices.

Trying to move my shuttle would undoubtedly get me immediately arrested.

Work is obviously cancelled too.

I’m worried about the pay, but that’s trivial compared to being labeled a murderer.

No idea if it’s forensic science or the detective’s deductions, but I hope they catch the culprit quickly.

With nothing to do though, I was absently watching TV with a carbonated drink in a lounge … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 63

HMob #63: “However, until the culprit is arrested, please do not leave here. Attempting to exit may make you a suspect.”

Lucky Madam Rossweise didn’t speak more to me, so the first 12 hour break ended without incident.

The next day’s shift was similarly dull.

All invited guests attended.

With all necessities prepared the previous day, no vendors came and went.

The gala itself must be busy, but security around the colony is extremely idle.

Of course something could still happen so I can’t be negligent.

But there was one change.

Those who handled the queues were assigned to gala … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 62

Mob #62: [They probably want to become heroes as soon as possible.]

[I am Dortas Tsuil, head of security for House Norbundle.

I’m delighted you’ll be assisting with security for this social gala hosted by my lord, Lord Civilus Norbundle.

It’s a 3 day assignment, but the gala itself is only tomorrow.

Today’s for assembly, then after the gala is dismissal day.

So today I need you mercenaries to secure the colony perimeter and guide arriving guests to the colony entrance.

Note that except in emergencies, the venue colony itself is completely off limits during the event.

Please understand this … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 61

Mob #61: “I’m Dan Bilttrop. Knight rank. They call me the [Invincible Tough Guy]!”

Earl Bissen’s son and his merc team [Purgatory] were neatly taken care of.

But running into lunatics two days straight – my luck is awful.

Meanwhile, unrelated to me, Miss Zeistol and Madam Rossweise exchanged greetings.

The receptionist who arbitrarily called Lambert watched them resentfully.

Isn’t she the one who spoke to me when I first came to the guild?

Well, she’s long forgotten me for sure.

“Rather than worry about the higher-ups, Bissen’s kid, or Zeistol, let’s talk work – the part we can control.”… Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 60

Mob #60: “Of course. Not even understanding that much is solid proof of hopeless stupidity.”

The night after the assault, I thoroughly enjoyed the new books.

Knowing I’ll no longer be troubled by that unreasonable woman felt so refreshing.

I came to the guild in high spirits, but Uncle Roanz’s news immediately soured my mood.

“The higher-ups at the Yts Mercenary Guild branch told me to get you to withdraw the victim report against Anchovy Chantelier.”

“I refuse though?”

“Say it was just a minor misunderstanding and let it go, they said.”

“Even though she held a gun to me … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 59

Mob #59: “Yet foolish authorities tend to do unnecessary things in such times, leading to their downfall.”

Another Side: Duke Archistrate Bingil Ovar’s Estate

In a large greenhouse, an elderly man in gardening attire waters a potted plant with a watering can. A man who appears to be a butler in tidy dress approaches him.

“My lord, I have a report.”

“What is it?”

The elderly man called “my lord” responds while watering the potted plant.

“Regarding the two we captured several hours ago, they were purely pirates as the mercenary’s submitted information indicated. The police have a bounty on … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 58

Mob #58: “Of course I’d beat her to a pulp!”

After the guild bought the asteroid base and combat ships, I went straight home and crashed.

Why’d they attack me when I immediately turned back after the warning and didn’t see anything? Must be something sketchy going on. But I’m just a nobody, poking my nose where it doesn’t belong will lead to no good. The protagonist would bravely challenge the Duke, but if a mob like me rushed in I’d be killed instantly.

Anyway the appraisal should be done tomorrow, so I’ll go to Animember and buy some new … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 57

Mob #57: “Ah, I’ve accepted that romance is not meant for me, so would you mind stopping? If not, I’ll have to shoot you down.”

I somehow managed to tag the Hands Brothers’ ship with a beacon and followed the duo from the service area, keeping some distance between us.

Luckily they didn’t stop anywhere else and headed straight for that asteroid.

The moment they slowed to dock with the asteroid, I took the chance to fire my beam at their engines to destroy them.

But right before it hit, their ship suddenly moved and evaded it.

Of course the … Read the rest