Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 17

Chapter Seventeen: Alpha

“I’m counting on you, Akane,”
Katsumi said before he left, never to return.
After defeating Vega and the other aliens, destroying their spaceship, and getting swallowed up by a wormhole to parts unknown, several days had passed with no sign of his return.
As virtual enemies materialized before me, I sliced through them with my sword.
The robots stilled.
More virtual foes appeared, and I dashed forward, thrusting my blade to pierce their vital points and mow them down.
It was because I … Read the rest

Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 16 part 3

[Chat] Thread about Black Knight-kun 5

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121: Hero and Anonymous-san
Video was released, and some crazy stuff came out.

Was this filmed by Red and the others’ transformation items and drones?

Their appearances are obscured by edits and processing, but… To think this was happening.

122: Hero and Anonymous-san
First monsters, now aliens?! Don’t mess with me. And they seem fully intent on invading too.

123: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun….

124: Hero and Anonymous-san
No way…!

125: Hero and Anonymous-san
He protected the Earth…

126: Hero and Anonymous-san
No one will speak … Read the rest

Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 16 part 2

‘Oh my, it seems an interesting life form has slipped into this ship.’
Her words don’t reach the Earthling.
As he tilts his head, she creates a wormhole in front of her and takes a book out from there.
In just a few seconds she flips through it, immediately closing and tossing the book back into the wormhole where it’s stored, and lets out a light sigh.
“The language of Earth. How simple.”
“Is this understandable?”
Looking dumbfounded, as he nods she sits down on the steps leading … Read the rest

Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 16 part 1

Chapter Sixteen: Justice

Alpha and Omega.
It refers to two individuals, male and female, that awaken due to a special factor embedded in the beings that live on the stars.
Alpha awakens with the ability to influence everything.
Omega tends to awaken with the ability to influence individuals, and we make the living beings of the stars engage in “mutual consumption” for a purpose.
Those with the Omega factor are ferocious.
Acting on instinct, they become a threat that devours the beings of that star.
By utilizing that habit, we maximize the power … Read the rest

Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 15 part 2

“What do you mean it’s a game! A player! This guy acts like he’s something special, even though he came late to the party!”
He was tearing off the machine’s armor while continuing to strike…
The transfer of parts, most likely for repairs, couldn’t keep up anymore.
“Ugh, aaaaah!?”
After tossing the massive body using only his brute strength, he grabbed Vega’s legs mid-air.
Upon landing, he slammed Vega’s body into the ground, and then continued to pound him repeatedly.
Vega, who had bounced like a ragdoll, screamed in agony … Read the rest

Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 15 part 1

Chapter Fifteen: Gathering Power, Awakening of the White Knight

They were enemies we could have defeated easily if our transformations hadn’t been undone.
But the opponents clearly used the same technology as us.
Not just us, Katsumi was also reverted to normal and driven into a corner, and we who were in an extremely dire crisis saw a scene of despair before our eyes.
“Gu, ugh, gaa!”
The silver belt equipped on Katsumi’s abdomen.
Accompanied by red electricity, it assaulted his body as if corroding it, making him cry out in agony.
 … Read the rest

Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen: Invaders Get Angry – The Knight

The mysterious enemies who appeared immediately transformed, and the ones who reacted were Akane and the others.
The aliens who achieved transformations into azure, purple, and green respectively.
As they turn the weapons in their hands towards the citizens trying to flee, the girls unhesitatingly transform in public.


“Everyone, let’s go!”
Seeing the transformed Akane and the others, the aliens show hostile reactions.
“We’re not just gonna let that go!”
“Interrupting our fun time … Read the rest

Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen: Acceptance, the Changing One
In the end, I submitted a request to go out to Reima and went through the proper procedures to temporarily leave the solitary cell.
Even I was quite surprised by my decision to show that much courage.
“Eh, Katsumi, you’ll accept permission to go out!?”
“Your voice is loud… Well, Shirakawa told me. I should go outside too…so I reconsidered.”
Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to it.
But it’s about time I come to terms with my past and move forward.
“Th-this is huge! I have to … Read the rest

Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 12 part 2

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801: Hero and Anonymous-san
We always talk about Black Knight-kun, so let’s discuss Justice Crusader for once.
802: Hero and Anonymous-san
Then how about that high impact scene of Black Knight-kun going “Boom! Haa!! Justice Crusader! Why aren’t you fighting?!” That miraculous near-miss line was great right?
803: Hero and Anonymous-san
Don’t forget that time when Black Knight-kun saw Justice Crusader’s posing for the first time and went “Huh, what, you guys aren’t embarrassed by that…?” giving them a frank reaction.
804: … Read the rest

Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 12 part 1

Chapter Twelve: Real or Fake

My basic daily cycle is decided.
In the morning I exercise, study, and then in the afternoon there’s a pretty high chance I’ll be attacked by Red and the others.
In between those times I watch movies and overseas dramas recommended by Reima and the other staff but…today was a bit different.
“Hey, Shirakawa.”
“Why are you here?”
For some reason my attending doctor Shirakawa is here.
Sitting on the sofa a person’s space away from me in the solitary confinement cell, she gathers her … Read the rest