About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 6

“We must not completely forget such things. We should record them, pass on the memories, even in a small way, and cherish the intentions of the people of that time.”
The male judge smiled and directed his smile at all four of them.
“Your research conveyed such intentions. Yes, it was a truly excellent project.”
“Thank you.”
Saying that, the male judge shook hands with Zeke. It was a firm and rugged handshake characteristic of an older person. And then, he moved away from Zeke. Zeke was left stunned. The sensation of the handshake … Read the rest

About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 5

The historical context was also thoroughly documented in the research. Naturally, with Zeke, who knew the situation well, their research included convincing data, making good use of his status as a reincarnated individual. There seemed to be no need for a resubmission.
“All right! We’re free now!”
“We can study carefully during the summer break!”
“Ah, it’s a relief that the worries are resolved. Plus, we can take it easy for the remaining summer break.”
“Yeah, it finished smoothly.”
The four members of this team successfully completed the challenging summer research project and enjoyed their … Read the rest

About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 4

“Hey, Zeke, got any good ideas? Let’s team up and work on it together!”
“Even if you say that…”
The assignment allowed multiple people to form a team. However, the more people involved, the more substantial the expected results were.
Easy and quick, something convenient… Zeke laughed, but an idea struck him.
Paris didn’t miss that moment.
“What? What’s up? Something going on?”
“Well, you know…”
As Paris crawled towards Zeke, looking almost creepy, Zeke answered while giving him a kick as if to say he found it disturbing.
“Creating a magic-powered music box… wouldn’t that be interesting?”… Read the rest

About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 3

Touri lowered their voice, turning their face away as they uttered their final words, but Anya still overheard. Anya gave Touri’s head a little knock, and Touri let out a small “Ouch.” Anya, being told by someone of her child’s age, “That’s how young people are these days.”
“… ‘That’s how young people are these days,’ you know?”
“…What now? Touri-kun?”
While rubbing the spot on her head where she was tapped, Touri continued speaking.
“Those words, you see… I often see them on TV or in letters to the editor. Don’t you think? Most of … Read the rest

About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 2

Zeke borrowed special pieces for Reversi from one of his friends.
” ………… “
Zeke stared intently at the contents of the deck, thinking, and then asked,
“Are there any other special pieces I can use?”
The people around blinked in surprise.
“Oh, um, yeah. You can rearrange the deck using pieces from around here.”
“Oh, thanks.”
Zeke borrowed spare pieces from his friend and began to tinker with the deck. In this board game, you could create your own deck by combining special pieces and devise your own strategy.
 … Read the rest

About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 1

Tales of the past and present of the reincarnated

Late into the night at a factory, a man toiled away.
Massive machines hummed, creating products with a rhythmic clatter. In this era, labor laws and noise regulations were not as strict. Under the starry midnight sky, the man worked alongside his colleagues.
Heat leaked from the large manufacturing machines, making the factory uncomfortably warm, even in the late hours. Clad in a blue jumpsuit and driven by the urgency of approaching deadlines, the man worked tirelessly, forgoing a return home.
This man was Zeke, in a … Read the rest

About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 6

As they sip their coffee, they ponder something even they themselves don’t understand. Seeing their current actions overlap with their past selves happens frequently. No matter how many years passed, there was never any boundary between their present and former selves.
“People at work still treat me like a kid, like the principal and vice principal.”
“That’s probably true for me too. I’m still a young researcher, after all.”
Zeke and Anya say this, smiling wryly.
“It’s difficult…”
After reminiscing about their student days together under the same roof, the two of them were lost … Read the rest

About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 5

“What’s going oooon!? My soldiers are dying one after another!”
“Guuh…! I won’t let you! I won’t let that happen!”
“Fuhahahaha! I can read your petty thoughts as clear as day! Cry, scream, wail! Just dieee!”
“Waaah! S-Stop…!”
Some time after dinner, Yuki spews out words like a demon king trampling the world. She animatedly waves her hands around, dancing pieces across the chess board. After cleaning up from dinner, a chess board had been set up on the table.
Yuki sat across from her little brother Haru, who looked like a brave hero challenging … Read the rest

About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 4

“Dear me, I’m in trouble now… However should I respond…”
“I, I came up with a decent move.”
Rain shyly said that while Zeke scratched at his head in distress.
“As expected, you’re strong… Rain, have you played chess before?”
“My my… Meanwhile, when I play with Anya…”
Zeke played chess with Rain like this on occasion but he had never won once. Playing against Rain raised Zeke’s chess skill but Rain himself had not studied chess at all.

“No, I can’t make you and Anya play against each other. Your talent … Read the rest

About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 3

Anya then came to Zeke’s room. He was making test questions for school. In the slightly dark room with subdued lighting, it was just Zeke and Anya alone.
Anya closed the door to the room and slowly approached Zeke from behind.
“…What is it?”
” ………… “
Zeke turned around from his work and found Anya faintly smiling as she placed a hand on his shoulder. The warm-colored lighting in the room dyed her cheeks red. With the kids fast asleep, there was no one to disturb this time for just the two of … Read the rest