Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 10 

“Norris and Raycis

“Finally, they’ve arrived.”
Raycis receives a report in his room that the members of the Baldia family have arrived at the guesthouse. And he feels a sense of urgency to protect his sister somehow. Raycis has only just started to be able to talk a little with his sister, Farah. This is because until recently, Raycis and Farah had hardly met each other.
Probably for some reason, they had been kept from meeting as much as possible. When Raycis first met his sister, he was astonished by her graceful manners and mature demeanor, which were beyond … Read the rest

Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 9

Norris and King Elias:

“The door to the office in the main palace of Renalute Castle was knocked, and King Elias of Renalute, who was inside, responded. Then, a soldier entered the room, bowed, and spoke.
“Lord Norris wishes to see Your Majesty. May I allow him in?”
Upon hearing the soldier’s words, Elias, who was engaged in administrative work, stopped his hands and his expression became stern. Norris was a powerful aristocrat within Renalute, knowing about the secret agreement between Magnolia and Renalute. And, feeling humiliated by becoming a vassal state under the guise of an alliance, he … Read the rest

Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 8

Farah and Asna.

“Princess, it seems that the members of the Baldia family have arrived at the guesthouse within the castle.”
“…I see.”
With a demeanor that suggested little interest, Farah responded quietly to her companion, a dark elf who addressed her as “Princess.” This young girl appeared older than Farah and donned a Renalute military uniform in shades of black. The combination of her uniform and her sharp green eyes exuded an aura that seemed to intimidate those lacking in resolve.
Her hair bore a pink hue mixed with hints of red, tied into a braided style at … Read the rest

Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 7

“The Royal Capital of Renalute”

The Capital City of Renalute is now in sight.

Diana, who was outside the carriage, told us that we were approaching our destination. Casually peering out of the carriage window, I caught a glimpse of the Renalute Royal Capital, with its castle in view. It was indeed a Japanese like-style castle. Even from a distance, it exuded a certain grandeur that I had expected, seeing as it was surrounded by a town, creating the classic castle-and-town composition. As I gazed out of the carriage window, I was interrupted by my father’s voice.

“Reed, in Renalute … Read the rest

Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 3

How much time has passed since departing that waypoint town by carriage? Through persistent rocking, I’ve been frequently popping Chris’s gifted medicinal candy drops into my mouth. Although still somewhat nauseous from the motion, the severity is drastically reduced compared to before.

But isn’t tooth decay a concern? Come to think of it, how did dental care work in this world anyway? From what I remember reading, forcibly extracting problematic teeth used to be the only recourse during technologically primitive eras. Shuddering at the thought, I ceased pondering too deeply down that path. Though I should eventually give some consideration … Read the rest

Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 2

I was told Lenarute remains a few days trip by carriage from the estate. Back then I hadn’t paid it any mind but now…it’s untenable. Traversing such distances confined in a carriage truly feels like a vision of hell.


“Hurry up and get used to it already…”

Father looked at me with an expression half exasperated, half worried, and spoke in a kinder tone than usual. Meanwhile, his own face remained composed. When I asked “Why are you so unaffected?” his reply was simply “I’m used to it.”

It turns out Father also used to vomit violently during long … Read the rest

Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 1


“Big brother, have a safe trip ‘kay? Come back real quick!”

“Yeah, I promise. I’ll work hard to return quickly.”

Mel looked on the verge of tears clinging to me. I gently patted my dear sister’s back, speaking tenderly. Seeing our interaction, Father deliberately cleared his throat.

“….it’s about time we headed out.”

“Yes, understood. Mel, I’ll be right back okay?”


Mel looks as if she is saying goodbye for the rest of her life, Mel was desperately holding back her tears. Noticing Father’s worried glance at Mel, I quietly whispered something to her. Mel immediately nodded before … Read the rest

Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 5

Magic and Sandra’s Advice

“What would happen if magic was compressed after activation…?”
“….What are you scheming now, Lord Reed?”
Today I’m receiving attack magic instruction from Sandra. The other day, Father informed me that the departure date for Renalute had been set. And according to Father’s intelligence, some faction in Renalute is apparently devising a plot to get me removed as a marriage candidate.
Therefore, I’m reviewing martial arts, magic, etiquette and so on before leaving. But since I already independently practice magic regularly, that part should probably be fine. I’ve demonstrated it for Sandra several times too … Read the rest

Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 4

To Renalute

“Mother, how are you feeling?”
“Oh, I’m much better compared to before. I can feel my magic power draining away, but the medicine is helping to manage it somehow. Right, Sandra?”
Mother responded to my inquiry, then smiled and called out to Sandra, who was standing nearby.
“Yes. I adjust the dosage of her medicine daily based on my magic power measurements and condition assessments. So please, don’t worry.”
Sandra, who would never speak so politely in her regular conversations with me. Yep, this is definitely her on her best behavior.
“….Lord Reed, you aren’t thinking anything … Read the rest

Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 2

“Hmm…For courage about average given your age. I’ve finally found decent smithing material.”
Speaking jokingly his face remained stern, not cracking the slightest smile with piercing eyes spearing into me.
“Up…Why did you close your eyes? I told you not to look away from my actions.”
Jolted by his words I desperately took deep breaths to calm my pounding heartbeat. Then I slowly stood back up.
“…My apologies. It was my first time experiencing killing intent from you, Sir. And I lost to the terror of the [saber] as a weapon…”
Recalling our exchange … Read the rest