The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 8

Side 2

When it was time for Luna to come to town, I began to visit her frequently.

Not every day. I wasn’t that free.

But I went often enough for Luciana to tease me, saying, “You’re quite devoted, aren’t you?”

Of course, Luna didn’t come to town every day, so sometimes I couldn’t find her. But that made the joy of finding her even greater.

Yes, meeting her made me happy. But it wasn’t as if we could be alone together.

Killian always accompanied me. As my attendant, it couldn’t be helped, but I wished I could meet alone … Read the rest

The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 7


One day, a few days after I first spoke with Luna, I decided to take Killian and go out to meet her again. I timed our outing to coincide with Luna’s usual visit to the town because I wanted to see her once more. Killian also seemed to have a favorable opinion of Luna and came along eagerly.

As we arrived in town, I quickly spotted Luna shopping, just as she always did at this time.

I waited until she finished her errands before approaching her to avoid being a nuisance.

“We meet again, Luna,”

“Oh, rath and … Read the rest

The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 6

The first time I met him was on my way home from shopping.

He had blond hair, blue eyes, was tall, and his face wasn’t bad, but he had this annoyingly confident look. You know the type, right?

He was standing arrogantly in the middle of the road. Beside him was a slightly younger boy with black hair who looked obedient and a bit apologetic. Both were well-dressed.

The arrogant blond called out to me.

“Hey, girl, want to have a chat?”

…What a nightmare. Even kidnappers have better pickup lines.

So, I decided to ignore him.

I moved to … Read the rest

The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 5

At first, the person at my regular pharmacy changed.
Until then, an old lady used to buy the medicine, but one day, a young woman took over.
I think she said she was the old lady’s granddaughter?
Even though she was young, she was older than me. Maybe around 20 years old?
She had long, beautiful black hair, a slender figure but with curves in all the right places, and a mole at the corner of her right eye that made her look so alluring.
I wondered why someone like her was working at a … Read the rest

The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 4

It took me three years to finally be able to cast a spell.
I could read and write, but ancient texts were completely beyond me.
Magic books were difficult, and I struggled to use magic at all.
But I managed to do it in three years. Isn’t that amazing?
Even my master, who never shows much emotion, praised me, saying I had a natural talent.
It was a big deal for someone like him, who usually just eats my delicious food in silence, to compliment me.
This is really great.
However, the spells … Read the rest

The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 3.5

Episode 2

Luna’s mornings start early. Ever since her time at Mason’s mansion, she’s had the habit of waking up with the sunrise.
Her day begins with preparing breakfast. While she commands the skeletons to fetch water, she heads to the garden to pick herbs and vegetables
Incidentally, it was Luna who started growing the herbs and vegetables. The garden was nothing but weeds before Luna arrived.
Returning to the dining room, Luna uses magic to light a fire and heat an iron pot, usually containing last night’s stew or porridge.
She slices bread, arranges … Read the rest

The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 3

After I was bought by my master, I traveled a long distance by carriage and was brought to this royal capital.
We hardly talked on the way. I tried hard to make conversation, but my master only responded when necessary.
I asked why he bought me, and he simply said,
“To make you my apprentice.”
An apprentice to a wizard?
Considering my Asra bloodline, it might not have been a strange idea, but I had never thought about becoming a wizard, and Molly never taught me magic, so I was worried.
But he paid a lot of money for me, … Read the rest

The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 2.5 

Episode 1

The mansion was enormous, at least to young Luna.
Wide on both sides, it was built symmetrically with black stone walls that exuded an intimidating presence.
The entrance was guarded by a sturdy iron gate, and the mansion was surrounded by high brick walls that no adult could easily climb over.
Luna thought she might never be able to leave once she entered.
“There are plenty of kids your age in the mansion,”
said Mason, pointing to a group of children who appeared to be around Luna’s age.
The children were busy cleaning the mansion’s garden, but they … Read the rest

The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 2

I was with the slave trader Mason for a long time. Before that, I was with a kidnapper, but I don’t remember much about that time.
My parents? I don’t know. It’s not that I’m not interested, but Mason didn’t know either.
Whether they abandoned me, or I was taken from them, or kidnapped, it’s not a pleasant story anyway.
Besides, Mason’s place wasn’t a bad place.
He ran a big mansion because he was in the business of trading people. I clearly remember the long corridors.
We always polished those long corridors until they shone. It was really hard … Read the rest

The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 1

The girl was completely covered from head to toe in a white hooded cloak like a mage would wear, slowly walking through the town.
I couldn’t see her expression clearly.
The pharmacist who dealt with her said she had an unremarkable face.
It’s odd not to remember the face of someone who delivers such good medicine.
She must be using some sort of spell. There’s a famous charm among mages that erases one’s presence. She likely has one.
“Miss, can I have a word with you?”
I stepped out of the alley with two … Read the rest