Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 2 Prologue


The intense midday sun reflected off the luxurious white carriage, making it sparkle.
Delicate patterns were carved into the corners of the carriage, adorned with jewels. The roof was arched, with intricate designs etched into it as well. The carriage was pulled by magnificent horses with sleek, shiny coats.
Inside, the floor and seats were covered with rich crimson carpets, separated by expensive silk curtains. Soft cushions with gold embroidery adorned the seats.
The decoration was clearly excessive. Even royalty wouldn’t ride in such an opulent carriage. The extravagance might alienate the public, and it … Read the rest

Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Extra 2 part 2

The magicians were a more prestigious existence than knights, the lynchpin of Faloon one could say. The magicians took pride in that fact. However strong Frau was, they did not readily accept surrendering to her forces.
The veteran magicians exchanged glances, communicating their intent, then began chanting magic in unison.
Not unchanted, but their chants were swift, the spells simplified, requiring almost no time to invoke them.
But Frau raised both hands, firing thin streaks of lightning from her ten fingers at the magicians.
The number matched exactly the magicians who tried to defy Frau.
 … Read the rest

Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Extra 2 part 1

Side Story 2 : Thunder Emperor

Humans, though not just limited to magic users, can be classified into three types: [Prodigy], [Average], and [Late Bloomer].
[Prodigies] display talent at a young age, but their abilities stop improving as they grow older. [Average] individuals have abilities that develop uniformly, neither fast nor slow. [Late Bloomers] show little promise early on, but blossom with talent after reaching a certain level of growth.
The young girl Frau was considered a [Prodigy].
Or rather, everyone thought she “had to be a prodigy.”
Her magical talents were astounding from an … Read the rest

Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Extra 1

Side Story I: A King of a Certain Country

I was born a prince of a small country. The eldest son. It was decided I would become the next king. So there was no need for me to strive for anything.
I received education to be king as I was told, and managed to smoothly ascend the throne as planned.
As my queen a beautiful daughter of my mother’s noble family line was allocated, so I had no discontent about my marriage.
Rather, I didn’t even take a second wife in order to prevent infighting over the succession, … Read the rest

Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Epilogue


Faloon rejoiced. They had achieved victory against the great nation of Dorsen.
No matter how strong the individual members of the Hundred were, war was different, and there were not a few who harbored doubts over whether they could really win.
But this was a complete victory. An army of 10,000 from Dorsen was routed by a force of just 2000 from Faloon, and with almost no casualties. It was an unprecedentedly great victory in history.
Drunk on this victory, all of Faloon was now in festive spirits. Of course, the members of the … Read the rest

Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 25

XXV Post-War

Having defeated the two symbols of Dorsen’s martial prowess, the Five Celestials, the Dorsen army lost its will to fight.
The counterattack unit was annihilated.
During that time, Dorsen forces attempted to retreat, but with the relentless pursuit by Hundred and magical attacks from Frau, they lost most of their soldiers.
If I hadn’t stopped them, Ogma and the others might have chased the enemy until complete annihilation.
In the end, reluctantly acknowledging, “I see. If we don’t let some surviving soldiers escape, there won’t be anyone left to spread the … Read the rest

Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 24 part 2

The activation of the spell was obvious from the magic circles starting to shine.
“Everyone, take cover!”
Shouting that, Kimblee himself lay prone taking defensive posture.
Thunderous roars resounded, countless intense lightning bolts rained down on the Dorsen army camp. It was a spell evoking the end of the world.
For an instant that felt like eternity, the spell was unleashed, then Kimblee got up surveying his surroundings.
The defense magics seemed to have taken some effect, damage near the sorcerers was light.
But moving away from the sorcerers, the damage increased, and the … Read the rest

Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 24 part 1

XXIV Conclusion

After the Dorsen army retreated, Kiri, who was commanding the Warwolf unit, contacted Zeros through magical communication.
“Listen, Zeros-sama! Our cute little woofers did an amazing job!”
Through the crystal of magical communication, Kiri’s eyes sparkled as she enthusiastically described the Warwolves’ performance.
Referring to massive wolves as “woofers” was quite unusual.
“They patiently waited until the enemy forces reached the target point, and when I said, ‘Go!’ they all ran at once! Isn’t it adorable?”
Describing the onslaught of over 500 Warwolves as “adorable” was something only she could … Read the rest

Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 23

XXIII The Five Heavenly Seats

Kimblee was shocked that his formerly superior army had suddenly begun retreating.
It’s not so simple to change the flow of a battle with 5 times troop strength.
(Could King Zeros have come to the vanguard?)
If so, they’d have to deploy the Five Heavenly Seats here too.
Having normal soldiers face a warrior beyond a certain level would just increase needless sacrifice.
Kimblee hurried the front line report.
And received the report from the returning messenger that “It seems the enemy’s elites were deployed at various … Read the rest

Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 22

XXII Battle of Brix

Kimblee was a veteran general of Dorsen Country.
Tall and gaunt, perhaps due to passing 50 years of age, his formerly gray hair had significantly whitened. As a military man his back was straight, his expression ever stern, giving off an air of tension to those around him.
Having experienced numerous large and small wars, he took steady strategy and tactics.
With deep trust from the King of Dorsen, Kimblee, granted full authority for the invasion of Cadonia, properly prepared.
Firstly, exercises at the Cadonia border.
The objective was a … Read the rest