My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 2 prologue

Prologue: Wilted Flower

Just as flowers need water, people need love.
There are many ways to give this love, from obvious forms like money, gifts, or physical warmth, to harsher words and actions that are harder to recognize as love.
People express their love in their own ways.
However, this does not always lead to growth.
Just as different flowers need different care, so do different people need different kinds of love.
There are those who can receive love in any form
and those who only accept the most obvious signs of affection.
When these types align perfectly, love can … Read the rest

My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Extra Story

Digital Book Bonus: Newly Written Short Story
[Announcement of Results]
In March, when the winter chill hasn’t completely faded,
Saito and Lily appeared from a certain car, both wearing uniforms.
“It’s cold.”
As soon as they got out of the car, Saito shivered in the cold outside.
Then, the window of the driver’s seat opened, and a golden-haired beauty appeared.
“Shall I bring a scarf for you, Saito-kun?”
Speaking a bit brokenly, this beauty was Lucy, Lily’s mother.
Having a long-standing relationship, she took care of Saito like her own child.… Read the rest

My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Epilogue + Afterword


The day after the incident.
“Hello, Saito.”
“Hi, Lily.”
Even though it was a school day, Lily and Saito didn’t come across each other until after lunch,
as Lily had been re-questioned about yesterday’s events at the police station.
“I’m glad Haruki is okay!”
“We were really worried! Seriously.”
“Whoa!? Hey, you two, that’s too tight! My bones are creaking!”
Lily, placing her bag down, looked at Haruki, who had come to school with them. He was being tightly embraced by his childhood friend Mizuki and senior Koyuki, screaming … Read the rest

My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 10 part 3

“I’m sorry~!”
Despite coming from girls barely in their teens, there was an intimidating aura. The bullies shed tears as they apologized.
“Fine. But don’t ever make fun of Saito again. Otherwise, I’ll throw you again.”
Satisfied with the apologies, Lily punctuated her statement and quickly returned to Saito.
“Did it! I did it, Saito! They apologized properly!”
“Yeah, good job.”
And then, Lily, with a joyful shout, embraced Saito, saying that she, too, could fight and change the world a little. Saito, looking pleased, playfully tousled her hair with excitement.

On … Read the rest

My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 10 part 2

“Oh, I get it. You’re so happy to become friends with poop that you’re crying, right? Huh, isn’t that right, Machiko-san?”
An obvious abnormal state.
Yet, the young girls remained oblivious to Lily’s distress and continued to taunt her.
(It’s painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful. Someone, please, help me.)
Lily silently pleaded for help within herself, enduring the insults, but no one came to her rescue. No convenient turn of events occurred.
She couldn’t tell how much time had passed.
Enduring the insults from the girls, she eventually realized they were gone. The park was left with … Read the rest

My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 10 part 1

Final Chapter: I Want to Be Your Main Heroine

I’ve been feeling a strange gaze.
It all started a week ago.
Since the day we had lunch on the rooftop, I started sensing eyes on me more often.
However, every time I turned around to identify the source, there was either no one or too many people, making it impossible to pinpoint.
Not knowing what it was, I began to seriously wonder if I had been possessed by a ghost.
Despite trying various methods to exorcise evil spirits that I found on the … Read the rest

My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 2

With the winners and losers determined, Saito smoothly wrapped up the situation and returned to his seat. However, he couldn’t find the lunchbox he had brought.
“Let’s eat together today, Saito.”
“Sure, but wait a moment. My lunch is…”
As he looked around, searching for it, Lily approached, inviting him to eat lunch together.
It was unusual, considering that Lily had been eating with Shuri and Minaka recently.
It’s a rare opportunity.
“As much as I’d love to eat together, I can’t seem to find my bento.”
“Well, I have it with me, so no worries. Let’s go to the … Read the rest

My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 1

Chapter 9: Lunch Box

After a two-day break, school had resumed.
However, since Monday and Tuesday were days off, Saito only had to go to school for three days in a week.
He felt a strange discomfort carrying a backpack stuffed with gym clothes, something he wouldn’t usually have after a break.
Actually, there was something else, and today his childhood friend, Lily, had one more thing with her.
One might think it’s natural since she brought a gym uniform, but it’s not.
In addition to the bag containing the gym uniform, she … Read the rest

My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 8.5

Interlude – The Wailing of a Certain Person

I had been regretting for a long time.
Why did I do that on that day?
Why didn’t I chase after that person on that day?
And, alone in the room where no one was left, I always regretted.
That person was very important.
I had always wanted to protect that person.
Because that person was weak and fragile. I had decided in my heart to always be by that person side, so that that person wouldn’t disappear like a fleeting moment.
My indecisiveness couldn’t allow me to abandon others.
I … Read the rest

My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 8 part 2

Late at night, when he was trying to wash his jersey, he found a maid outfit inside the washing machine.
Although Saito had never seen anything like it before, when he tried to put the jersey in, his mom, Yabana found him and scolded him for not noticing it.
Yabana, quite angry that her favorite clothes were handled roughly, continued to scold him without stopping.
“…Yabana-san does that kind of thing?”
“It seems she got into cosplay during a photoshoot with Lucy san the other day.”
“What’s Mom doing~!?”
Lily’s mother, Lucy, is a … Read the rest