The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 10

Episode 10: Demon God

“Oh, have you given up on running around?”
Descending the long staircase with Noah and Nia, we reached the underground, where Mylene, accompanied by handsome butlers and maids, awaited me in a corner of the vast cave.
“So, have you abandoned the furious pursuit?”
As I casually touched my cheek and tilted my head, Mylene, who had been gracefully fanning herself, developed a vein on her temple.
“Well… You seem quite composed. Hunting for a high ranking person involves chasing the prey and shooting them in the end. Didn’t our princess … Read the rest

The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 9

Episode 9 The Devil’s Banquet

“Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot.”
“What’s the matter?”
As we walked through the corridors of the Auber Count’s mansion, Noah softly inquired about my muttering.
“Do you… Do you know how he is? “
In response to my question, the demons walking behind me subtly shuddered.
Huh? What’s with that reaction?
When I commanded again, three of the four kids who were walking behind me took a step back,
leaving Noah behind, who sighed.
“Do tell, after Lady Eurushia headed this way, that … Read the rest

The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 8

Episode 8: Offering

This is Eurushia, and I’m currently facing a bit of a dilemma.
” What should I do… “
Sipping on something that looks like cold, bitter tea within the narrowing confines of the [Black Radiance],
I find myself reflecting. Somehow, I haven’t moved an inch from that spot.
Well, maybe I did move a bit? Just a little to shuffle those four around, but when I finished my task and returned, there was no one there anymore.
Sure, I threw in a “catch me if you can” move like a grassland … Read the rest

The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 7

Episode 7: Children Enveloped in Darkness

In the surroundings covered by an all-encompassing “black” where nothing could be seen, a small hand reached out to Fantine, guiding her away from that terrifying place.


Fantine thought it was Christina who had taken her hand, but no one responded to Fantine’s call.

The place Fantine found herself in was a dark forest where not even insects made a sound. Looking around in the darkness, she could see the mansion and rose garden she had been in through the gaps between the trees.

“Why are we here?”

Without a source of fear, … Read the rest

The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 6

Episode 6: Moonlit Tea Party

“Is there something you need?”
In the pitch-black night, I summoned those four through one of the portal gates.
I was alone, without any attendants. Perhaps if I had brought Vio along, they wouldn’t have come. That seemed to contribute to the air of disdain coming from them.
Well, I have no intention of being modest now.
“We’re heading to a tea party. You all will accompany me.”
As I commanded in my noblewoman mode, everyone showed a different reaction.
Noir stared at me with suspicion, Ninette yawned … Read the rest

The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 5

Chapter Five: I turned 6 years old

When I tried to do pest control, Brichan and Noel-kun were surprisingly skilled, making me anxious.
I swung my arms in a hurry, managing to crush one bug, but before I could deal with the second one, the two of them caught up.
Seriously! Both of them were being reckless. I had no choice but to cast a lot of sacred magic, but to tell you the truth, even that wasn’t enough.
But what was that… Noel-kun’s power?
It felt different from the light attribute that humans acquire. … Read the rest

The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 4

Episode 4: The Elegant Daily Life of the Saintess

“Eur… really, is it okay for me and Vio to not accompany you?”
“Yes, Mother. I will do my best.”
Of course, I want them to come. (teary-eyed)
On the day of departure for the long-awaited territory inspection, just moments before heading out, I was thoroughly checked, and with genuine worry, Mother, Granny, and the servants bid me farewell. I boarded the carriage with a heavy heart.
“Well then, Bridget. I’m counting on you.”
“Yes, leave it to me, Your Highness!”
The promised territory … Read the rest

The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I Became a Mistress

It’s been a few months since that birthday party where I really wish they’d let me off for the second time.
Oh, come on, Grandpa! Please spare me the trouble! (pleading)
But well, despite not having many chances to meet them, it was a fortunate event to encounter those amazing sisters.
…There was a slightly beastly scent, but that couldn’t be helped. Devils are lonely creatures, after all. Maybe I should try another interdimensional summoning… (failed attempt 1)
Let’s leave it be since it ended safely for now. But … Read the rest

The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Turning Five

[Eurushia’s Fifth Birthday Celebration to be held at the Royal Castle and Palace!]

What the hell are you saying out of nowhere, Grandfather!?
Can you understand how it feels to be informed of such an announcement without the person’s consent?
A month before I turned five, during a visit to the royal castle for work, my father was told the same thing by Grandfather without my approval.
Of course, he did! I may be the granddaughter of His Majesty the King, but I am also the daughter of … Read the rest

The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter One: I Became a Princess

Good morning! A radiant morning has arrived!
It’s been almost a year since the Second Devil Summoning Incident, and I’ll be turning a full five years old in just three months.
I did suffer some mental trauma from that incident with the self-proclaimed “big brother,” but today, I am still full of energy.
Well, all of this is that guy’s fault. (Take that!)
That aside, my life has undergone a drastic change since that day. Well, to be fair, I’ve been overindulged and overprotected from the beginning, but now … Read the rest