Before the tutorial begins chapter 36

Chapter 36 – True Intentions, Divine Power, Wrath (Part 1)

Cherry Blossom Dungeon City – Dungeon #336 [Eternal Darkness] 8th Floor

The next day, we left early in the morning and headed for the tenth floor.

Since Jupiter hasn’t taken the second checkpoint, we of course start from the fifth floor.

“Even the checkpoints are registered by party, not individually. It would be nice if they did it that way,”

“Can’t be helped. If they did it that way, it would be cheating madness,”

“But you know…,”

Haruka trailed off, glancing back even further behind me as we walked through … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Black Lightning Roars, Talk of Tearjerkers

City of Sakura Dungeon Town – Dungeon #336 [Eternal Darkness] 6th Floor

After the welcoming lunch party, we immediately went to the dungeon to explore.

When I say exploration, I don’t mean [Conquest], where you have to go to the deepest level.

What we plan to do today is [Hunt] on a floor with direct transfer gates to the midpoints, endlessly killing enemy ghosts to collect Spirit Stones.

Lying in wait on a floor where you can always escape to safety, then robbing every spirit that logs in is practically highway … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 34

Chapter Thirty-Four – Jupiter, the Girl Who Will Be Called “Black Lightning of Wrath

Dungeon City City of Sakura – Dungeon #336 [Eternal Darkness] First Midpoint “Pleasure Quarter

This is big. I

can’t believe that the Artilleryman who just joined is the mid-boss of the Grand Route!

What a bomb you dropped on us, Szilard-san!

Jupiter is one of the craziest and most dangerous enemy characters in the world!

Don’t just dump such a huge problem on us! You pleasantly villainous Ikemen!

“What is it, Kyoichiro? You suddenly started scratching your head… Oh, I get it! It’s that Chuuni disease … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 33

Chapter Thirty-Three –

Virtual Room – Stage – Level

Divine Revelations are exclusive items dropped upon defeating boss class enemies, which are spirits that place their main body in the dungeon rather than an avatar.

Though their forms vary across weapons, armor, and accessories, they undoubtedly possess game-changing power that transcends human wisdom.

After all, Divine Revelations are materialized remnants of boss spirits.

Of course, they wouldn’t be weak if they had inherited some of the abilities of the formidable enemies as proof of their conquest, and their high difficulty of acquisition further increases their value. Apparently, in these circles, … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 32 part 2

Surprisingly, it was Szilard who made the first move.

Summoning ice dual blades from both hands and releasing pillars of fire from the special leggings on both legs,

he flies through the air as the master of “Burning Ice Swords,” applying pressure to Haruka’s flank. His response to Haruka’s formation, which puts pressure on the lateral area, is a jet-assisted high-speed three-dimensional trajectory that commands respect.

Can you believe it? That guy charging headfirst into the whirlwind of blades single-handedly, is he really a rear guard?

“If you have such a convenient ability, you should have used it to escape … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 32 part 1

Chapter 32: Maxwell’s Demon

◆ Virtual Space – Stage – Plane

The ability of the demi-god-level spirit [Maxwell], controlled by James-Szilard, is the [Molecular Motion Manipulation Ability], as the name suggests.

Simply put, it’s an extraordinary power to freely manipulate the movement of heat.

It’s not the ability to create flames or generate ice.

[Maxwell], by grasping the events that serve as the premise or cause, can even make the contradictory “burning ice sword” possible.

Szilard-san’s absolute destruction technique [Rosso&Blu], maximizing the characteristics of [Maxwell], came flying at us from the very beginning.

I must say, that was a bit … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 31

Chapter Thirty-One – Clanmaster of Blazing Iceblade, James Szilard

Virtual Space – Stage – Level

A black room stretching 2 kilometers in all directions.

Three figures gathered at the center of this virtual world, illuminated by evenly spaced electronic lights.

“Wow, amazing! It moves just like real life!”

Ignoring Haruka’s energetically hopping “Pyon Pyoko,” I addressed the leader of “Blazing Iceblade” in front of me.

“Unlimited time, all-out battle with no special rules. Victory by destroying the enemy or surrender via the simulator. Starting positions freely chosen within a 200m radius of the center line… any objections?”

“Hmm. That’s fine.”… Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 30

Chapter Thirty – The Gathering Storm

The call reached me a week after the end of our first adventure.

It was a week after our first adventure that I received this phone call.

[This is Kirishima from the external affairs office of the Adventurers’ Guild Branch 336. Forgive the intrusion, but is this Kyoichiro Shimizu?]

A woman named Kirishima said that a “client” of ours had come to the Eternal Darkness Dungeon.

In very polite language, she asked me to come right away, fully equipped, if I was free.

I hurriedly got ready and went to Eternal Darkness, although I … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 29

Chapter Twenty-Nine – The Need for Ranged Attackers

Dungeon City of City of Sakura- Dungeon #336 [Land of Eternal Darkness] Second Layover

“What’s the plan for tomorrow?”

As night falls, Haruka asks the difficult question while chewing on marshmallows grilled made by Yaruda 336.

I looked awkwardly at the mascot-like creatures jumping “pyon pyoko” nearby.

[What’s the matter, Kyoichiro-san? Gonna give us more work?]

“No, we’re good for now. Thank you.”

She looked a little disappointed at my reply, but soon bounced back energetically, saying, [Understood! Just let us know if you need anything!] You little rascals, unbearably cute.

“Kyoichiro~?”… Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 28

Chapter Twenty Eight – The Second Waypoint ~ Bounce, Bounce, and More Bounce

Dungeon City City of Sakura- Dungeon #336 [Land of Eternal Darkness] 10th Floor

“That’s a pretty big Spirit Stone.”

“Well, it was a mid-level boss after all.”

Where Psycho Diced Steak, formerly known as Shinigami, faded into the ether, a deep purple spirit stone lay.

It was a good 500 millimeters in height, width, and depth – cumbersome to carry, but doable.

“But Kyoichiro, your defense skill… what was it called?”

“[4D Defense]!”

“Right, [4D Defense]! It’s so awesome, it’s invincible!”

“Actually, it’s far from that.”

As … Read the rest