Before the tutorial begins chapter 49 part 2

That’s a separate matter.

However, looking at the relationship between Keraunos and Iupiter, perhaps Al is the better one after all.

… Though that’s a relative evaluation at best.

[Hey, Al. Why do you think keraunos became such a scumbag?]

[Because that’s how it was designed.]


A radical argument that fundamentally denies the inherent goodness of people.

[That optimistic view only applies to the essence of humans. It has no relevance to us spirits.]

[Well, yeah.]

[Furthermore, the divine power type originally lacked any spiritual functions. It’s a problem even before the question of good or evil. They are … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 49 part 1

Chapter 49: The Beast of Thunder and the Dreaming Girl (Part 10)

◆Dungeon City Sakurahana – 336th Dungeon [Eternal Darkness] 10th Floor


Haruka enthusiastically embraced the returned Jupiter.

“You did so well, you did so well!”

“It’s thanks to everyone that I was able to come back. Thank you, truly.”


The sight of the beautiful girls joyfully reuniting in an embrace was truly moving.

However, I had to interject with a remark that would dampen the sentimental mood.

“You two, save the lovey-dovey stuff for later! The battle isn’t over yet!”

Don’t just leave Szilard there seriously unleashing … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 48

Chapter 48 – The Thunder Beast and the Dreaming Girl 9

◆The Dungeon City Sakurabana – The 336th Dungeon [Eternal Darkness] 10th Layer

“Alright! One more strike!”

I swing down the great sword form of Execcudus, carving a slash into Keraunos’ Achilles tendon.

“You got careless watching the star system on the left, Keraunos!”


Black lightning pours down from the ceiling with his roar.

Using the control of the [eruption point] for a close-range snipe would be the right choice to suppress his initial movement.

Good judgment.

But it’s too sweet.

“Don’t let it through!”

With her voice, Szilard’s … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 47 part 2

I love you, more than anything, more than anyone, forever.

Hundreds of thunderbolts imbued with the full depth of emotion struck the girl’s body, not a single one missing its mark.

Snow explodes.

Lightning dances.

Clouds disperse.

It is nothing short of a natural disaster.

Torrential downpours of lightning strikes capable of altering the climate and terrain have descended.

It matters not that this is the spiritual world.

In fact, being the spiritual world makes it all the more effective.

This is a rare opportunity to kill the master’s heart without risking the danger of killing the master themself.

A … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 47 part 1

Chapter 47: The Thundering Beast and the Dreaming Maiden (Part 8)

??? : [Gunner] Jupiter

When the girl opened her eyes, she found herself in a vast, silver world.

Snow was gently falling all around her.

Looking around, she saw nothing but an endless expanse of pure white.

There were no footprints,

no signs of life.

She couldn’t smell or feel the cold.

She realized this was a dream.

But why was she dreaming?

She couldn’t remember falling asleep.

Her last memory was…

(On the tenth floor, We all went there together, and Harka cut me down. It didn’t hurt … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 46

Chapter 46 – The Thunderclap Beast and the Dreaming Girl 7

◆ Sakurahana, the Dungeon City – 336th Dungeon [Eternal Darkness], 10th Floor


In the coffin-filled space, the world’s most troublesome thunder-father appeared.

His temper was even more intense than last time he appeared, but that was the same on our side.

I’m sorry, Mr. [Keraunos].

The members gathered this time are all people who have been boiled in hot water by you.

In other words, everyone here wants nothing more than to kill you.

Let’s see who the prey is and who the hunter is, you garbage with … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 45

The 45th Chapter: The Thunder Beast and the Dreaming Girl, Part 6

The battle plan against [Keraunos] has become more substantial, thanks to the improved equipment, skills, strategies, and the participation of the top-class shooter, James Szilard.

The finishing touches are in place, and the prospects for victory are reasonably good.

Yes, reasonably good.

With the equipment prepared, skills honed, meticulous strategies devised, and the finest talent like James Szilard assembled, the victory is still only reasonably assured.

To make our victory certain, there is one more element,

one final piece of the puzzle that is needed.

That piece is … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 44

Chapter 44: The Thundering Beast and the Dreaming Girl Part 5

Shimizu Residence – Living Room

After finishing the meal, I parted ways with Mr. Szilard and headed straight home.

I’m not entirely sure how I got back,

as I had devoted most of my mental resources to thinking.

“As the leader of the ‘Burning Ice Sword,’ I wish to join your ranks not as a commander, but as a fellow adventurer who loves his comrades. In case of emergencies, I’ve already written my will. So please, use me as a pawn without hesitation! Hahaha!”

No, not “Hahaha!”!

You’re not … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 43

Chapter 43 – The Thunder Beast and the Dreaming Girl 4

◆ Romance Workshop [Rari-Rari]

“Big brother, I’m so happy you kept your promise. Thank you for buying me so many things!”

“No, no, it’s me who should be thanking you. You gave me such a good deal; I really appreciate it.”

After thanking the old owner of the baby cap shop, I leave the accessory store.

Thanks to buying all sorts of items, I ended up spending quite a bit, but oh well.

With the high-spec accessories I got, they should be worth the price and perform well.

This … Read the rest

Before the tutorial begins chapter 42 part 2

“Huh? I was completely outclassed as usual, wasn’t I?”

“No, the Kyou-san I know is much tougher than that. I’d say you were about two-thirds of your usual self today!”


Is she a psychic or something?

“…You’re right. My spirit was a bit off. But the cause is clear, and I’ll have it fully recovered by the next battle, so don’t worry.”

“Hmm…” She scrutinizes me intently.

“What, are you trying to peek into my true feelings again from my expression?”

“You’re not exactly lying, but it seems like you’re hiding something.”

Damn, my physical constitution is a curse!… Read the rest