Aristocratic Daughters Volume 2 Prologue


This is a classroom at Revelworts Academy, a white-colored school situated on a huge estate
This is during the free time before the first class starts.
( …Sigh. He looks so pleased with himself. Everyone around him backs away. They must think he’s up to no good).
Elena Leclerc, the eldest daughter of the Count’s family, sighed inwardly as she glanced sideways at the grinning Marquess’s heir, Byleth Saintford, who sat next to her, looking out the window.
He has such a bad reputation that he is feared by almost every student in this school. He’s been like … Read the rest

Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Epilogue part 2 + afterword

(She makes expressions like this too…or have I never seen her face until now?)
Scarlet, Luna had never appeared so to Elena – or herself.
(But he wouldn’t have enthusiastically held her hand just because she’s cute, right!?)
It was possible enough to unsettle.
“Ugh, you sneaky thing. Going on a date, holding hands, getting gifts…”
When I’ve never had such experiences.
“W-While I was deceived regarding hand-holding…”
“You totally enjoyed it.”
“Not at all. It was normal.”
“Hmph. I could ask him about it too, you know.”
“And … Read the rest

Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Epilogue part 1

Two days after going out with Byleth, on a weekday.
Luna, who arrived at school earlier than usual, giggles alone on the library’s second floor.
Today is the first time.
Using the bookmarks gifted by a boy here at the academy.
[Is that all it takes?] One may think, but just that is enough to lift her spirits.
(Though…because of these, it’s still hard to concentrate on reading──)
As days have passed since receiving the present, her joy has shifted from being gifted them to being able to use them.
Given a little more time, she should be … Read the rest

Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6,5


About an hour had passed since parting with Byleth.

“That man is so mean…really.”

Luna, having finished her bath and now reading in her room, muttered complaints.

“It’s the worst teasing…making it hard to focus on reading with a present like this…”

While reading, the present bookmarks catch her eye.

The moment it does, today’s events vividly come back to her.

Not only that, even the feeling of holding his hand comes back to her.


And the result is this. She can’t absorb the book’s contents.

Her mind is preoccupied with other things.

For Luna, this is a … Read the rest

Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 6

“Um, conveniently for me, will you please help?”
“Help how?”
“If I get invites like ‘if you’ll play with Byleth, play with me too.’ Until now I could brush them off saying ‘I don’t play with anyone.'”
“Of course I’ll help with that much, but you can easily refuse on your own, right Luna?”
“I can’t say for certain. To confess after the fact, that would be your responsibility for inviting me to play.”
“Got it.”
“Thank you very much.”
You really have no obligation to take responsibility. I don’t think that at all.
Because I was allowed to have … Read the rest

Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 5

“You really have changed, haven’t you. I’ve never heard of a nobleman’s son taking an interest in cooking. As rude as it sounds, cooking was seen as the work of those lower class. The higher your status, the more it was something to avoid.”
“I’m not trying to praise myself, but that’s probably why Luna and I get along – I don’t avoid it.”
“Also, I’ve never thought of it as work for lower people. I think it’s a respectable job.”
(In a world without social classes above or below… )
Having grown up in such an environment, I … Read the rest

Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 4

“…Oh, this is the book I wanted to read…”
And then, the staring match? quickly ended.
She seemed to have found another book of interest again, as she started pulling out another difficult-looking book, crouching by the bookshelf.
“Wh-what are the odds… This section has… I really can’t believe we can read these for free…”
She pulled out another book from the shelf.
In the blink of an eye, two more additions.
Luna’s hands were now completely full, three books stacked in them.
“Um, um, may I start reading right away?”
“Ahaha, … Read the rest

Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 3

“Could it be…you’re thinking [she might not be able to fend them off and get scouted by another noble]?”
“Y-you get me so well. Since Sia seems so faltering and all… She’d definitely lose against them.”
“You truly haven’t been informed about anything. There is no firmer maid than her.”
“Sia is firm!? Like, she gets help from those around her?”
“Even that has a weak point, doesn’t it? Like being attacked when alone.”
“She herself is firm. Frankly, she’s a maid who needs no protecting. Sia-san is.”
“How so?”
“Around two weeks ago, when I went to your classroom … Read the rest

Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 2

To demonstrate she has no strength, as if to say [This is the proof], she waved the hand I was holding limply.
Of course, I’m applying enough strength that she can’t pull her hand away even if she tries.
“Well, let’s both do our best if rumors start spreading.”
“I find your composure very irritating… Impossibly, I’d like just half of your [composure]. “
“Just half?”
“To be fully honest, all of it. And I would tease you.”
“Ahaha, please show me mercy.”
(It’s not like I’m used to it or anything… Just the fear of what might happen if … Read the rest

Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 1

Chapter 6 Modest Date

Around two weeks later, on a certain day.
[Master Byleth, let’s have you wear this embroidered dark blue suit today.]
[Let’s tidy your hair as well. I’ll assist you right away.]
[Please be sure to arrive at the meeting spot 20 minutes early.]
[Both your and Luna-sama’s outfits will stand out even downtown, so please be sure to spend time only in safe areas.]
Seen off by Sia, somehow acting prickly despite her crisp attitude—no, ever since going out to play with Luna was decided, I had arrived under the large brick clock tower attached … Read the rest