The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 4 Epilogue

Epilogue : Touren Kikyou

His name was Touren Shiyuugi. Though he goes by the name Touren, he is merely an adopted son-in-law.

The Touren family of Kyoto was a well-known old family.

While Shiyuugi was also the son of a wealthy family, there was an immense gap compared to their status.

Shiyuugi first met Tsubaki when he was ten years old, at a party his parents took him to attend.

Frustrated by the boring talk of adults, Tsubaki shyly called out to Shiyuugi.

Caught off guard by this girl he’d unexpectedly met, Shiyuugi was struck speechless.

She seemed like a … Read the rest

The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 4 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: “The Remains of Summer”

T\N : This chapter is very lewd, so please be mindful of your surroundings when reading it.

I was called to the restaurant “Imachizuki” by Himiyama san to receive her thanks, but the owner was not there.
It seems that the restaurant is completely reserved and she said she would even treat me to shabu-shabu! Wow!
On the table was high-quality marbled beef, clams, shiitake mushrooms with vegetables still warm, sea bream and flounder, and more.
Several types of sauces were lined up, stimulating my appetite without end. … Read the rest

The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 4 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: “Festival Lights”

[…Yeah, thanks. ……See you later then, Yuuri-chan.]
I finish the call with my niece and hang up.
Sweat runs down my back as I turn on the air conditioner. I sit on the sofa and take a sip of black tea.
…It’s been hard on Yuuri-chan too.
My niece Yuuri-chan, my older sister’s daughter, seems to be struggling as well.
She went on a family trip to hot springs apparently, and some incident happened again it seems.
I didn’t expect that scumbag to show his face in front … Read the rest

The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 4 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: “Thawing Time”

“Waaa! Look, bunnies! bunnies!”
“No way! I know him. His name’s Bunnyman!”
“Smarty-pants rabbit. Promising young rabbit. Pat pat.”
Surrounded by lively kids, I get rubbed all over. Hmph, how bout that. Such is Bunnyman’s fame. Kids have incredible vitality. They seem to have excessive energy to spare.
“Excuse me. Thank you for listening to my request.”
“Oh no no. I’m the one who suddenly asked for your help.”
Bowing repeatedly comes the gentle-looking caretaker, playing with the kids together with me.
“Big sis, play with us! Plaaay!”… Read the rest

The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: “Love That Never Starts, Never Ends”

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”
“No, I just got here too. It’s been a while since I met with Kuon-san.”
“Thanks for putting up with me. There’s something I definitely wanted to talk about.”
Two days had passed since returning from my solo trip. I’m meeting up with my niece at a private room in a cafe.
I chose a private room because there’s something I want to talk about without worrying about others around us listening in.
“This is an omiyage from my recent … Read the rest

The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 4 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: “Steamy Struggles in the Bath”
My hands trembled as I opened the classroom door. What awaited was not a warm welcome, but disdain.


I knew this already. I was prepared. At least it’s better that no abusive words came flying.


Hesitating to step inside, but unable to just stand still, I kept my head down, avoiding eye contact with the students as I entered the classroom. Scared by their gaze.


An enormous swelling of malice pressed down on me. It was just too vicious.


I’m merely a student teacher. There’s no way I would … Read the rest

The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 4 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: “Midsummer Intruder”



It’s beginning to thaw.


My frozen, stagnant daily life. My unchanging days that I thought would remain the same.


I had given up. Dreams don’t come true, wishes bear no fruit.


Frozen solid, my time had surely already stopped. And yet,


before I knew it my emotions had dwindled away. I smiled and grieved less and less.


Losing sight of the future, I’ve lived rather inactively for quite some time now. Accepting that matter-of-factly this is how things would remain from here on out. Even so, a single encounter.… Read the rest

The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 4 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: “The Girls I Gave Trauma To”



I won’t gamble, I won’t gamble, no way I’m gambling!


Obviously I wouldn’t actually do it. It’s illegal plus I’m still a minor. A surefire way to ruin my life.


Horse races, motorboat races, cycling races, pachinko, slot machines…all forms of gambling are out of the question!


I strictly adhere to the Kokonoe family precepts passed down through generations. The fourth head of the Kokonoe clan, Kokonoe Setsusen Gegokujyuro, is said to have declared on his deathbed: “No gambling allowed!”


It seems likely my esteemed ancestor … Read the rest

The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 4 Prologue

Prologue: Snowy City

Snowflakes drifted down, I look up at the gray sky. Wanting to catch the snow crystals in my bare hand, I take off my gloves.
The flakes kissed my skin, feather-soft, then melted away.
I walked on, leaving a meandering trail of footprints across the blank canvas of snow. Joy rose in me, and sadness too.
But the swell of emotion was fleeting. I quickly returned to my brooding thoughts.
I kept walking, not really seeing, trying to ignore the loneliness and anxiety weighing on my heart.
The adults passing by … Read the rest

The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 3 Chapter 6

Chapter Six: “That Unforgettable Summer”

The sensational web commercial quickly gained views and became a hot topic.
It has already easily surpassed 1 million views, with 2 million on the way.
Although it is aimed at high school students, its aggressiveness makes it a huge hit.
My SNS was flooded with “Endaaaaaa!” on the day the CM was released.
What onee-chan snuck in was based on Beauty and the Beast.
After onee-chan kisses me, glitter effects cover me, and just before I turn from the bunny man back into a human, the commercial … Read the rest