GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla Epilogue

Excerpt (2048) (3)

To the Descendants of Humanity who have Returned to Earth – the Children of the Oratrio and Aratrum
From: Colonel Akira-Sakaki, Earth Union Army

This message describes the final few months on Earth after you all set out into the distant cosmos. The information has been preserved as electronic data on the information-gathering satellites orbiting the Earth, the database servers built on the Moon to preserve human cultural assets, and the databases of the remaining Union military bases. It has also been entrusted to reliable individuals in the form of hardcopies. I … Read the rest

GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Escape

Umberto-Mauri, Aratrum Interstellar Migrant Ship – Captain (Planned)

I cannot say anything about the rational choice regarding the survival of humanity… the plan to migrate to exoplanets and the selection of personnel for it. I can only repeat the standard lines: “The personnel for the Aratrum and Oratrio ships were rationally decided based on the Gematria calculation program provided by the Exifs, taking into account various aspects such as the maintenance of human culture and civilization, and political legitimacy. There is no room for any doubt here.” This is because of the confidentiality, … Read the rest

GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Tokyo

The final battle against Godzilla at Mount Fuji ended in defeat.
The Mecha-Godzilla construction project, which combined all of humanity’s resources, failed.
Humanity no longer has any means to oppose Godzilla.
The surviving soldiers sank into despair at this realization.
However, we would soon come to understand
that humanity no longer had the luxury to wallow in despair.
The next day…Godzilla landed in Tokyo, at that time the largest populated city in the world.


Makoto Kouzu
Captain of the Japan Coastal Guard patrol boat … Read the rest

GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Decisive Battle

That was the name of the ultimate anti-Godzilla weapon planned and constructed by Bilusaludo.
It was supposed to be the last hope for humanity.
In 2042, Godzilla reappeared and easily destroyed the new alien-supplied weapons, reminding humanity of the despair they had forgotten.
The plan to construct the final weapon capable of decisively defeating Godzilla was announced in Rio de Janeiro, the new capital of the Earth Defense Force after the devastation of New York.
Using Bilusaludo’s boasted ultimate material, Nanometal, they would build a 50-meter tall, … Read the rest

GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Great Wall

In the first half of 2043,
Operation Long March, which was intended to lure Godzilla deep into the Eurasian continent, was proceeding with some success. However, the G-Force expeditionary troops fighting on the continent, lacking adequate preparation and sufficient supplies, were rapidly depleting their combat power. The United Earth Command judged that without waiting for the completion of Mechagodzilla, the expeditionary force would collapse. They planned a new operation to delay Godzilla’s advance.
This was called Operation Great Wall.
The plan was to destroy the plate boundary fault in the … Read the rest

GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Long March

In 2042, Godzilla, who had intercepted Gorath in the Arctic Sea, began to move southward. As part of the European Reconstruction Operation – Renaissance, after decimating the 3rd major transport convoy and the main forces of the Earth Union Navy that were escorting it from North America to Europe, Godzilla landed in New York.
The Earth Union capital, which was supposed to have been fortified as an armed city to intercept Godzilla using technology provided by aliens, was completely destroyed in just one night. As a last resort, Exif and Bilusaludo resorted … Read the rest

GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Calamity Star

In the Year 2039, the three races of humanity, Bilusaludo, and Exif established the Earth Unified Government, the Earth Union, and launched Operation Eternal Light, the mission to reclaim Europe.
Empowered by the superior scientific technologies provided by Exif and Bilusaludo, human military might saw a dramatic boost. The Earth Union dispatched the G-Force, a European Reclamation Army, which succeeded in clearing nearly all the kaiju in Europe within a few years, liberating the continent. Emboldened by the establishment of the Earth Union and the triumph in Europe, humanity then planned the return … Read the rest

GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla Prologue

This proposal document reflects on the current situation of humanity and proposes an important choice regarding securing the survival sphere for humanity going forward. According to the Central Earth Union Government in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the surviving human population is currently 522 million (compared to around 7 billion at the time of the kaiju emergence). Ensuring the survival of the remaining humans within limited resources is an urgent issue for the Union to consider. Two interstellar immigration ships have long been under construction in stationary orbits, with a combined capacity of around 15,000 people (Aratrum: 5,000 / Oratio: 10,000). … Read the rest

GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse Chapter 4 +

Chapter 4: Counterattack

The advanced technologies brought by the two alien races, Exif and Bilusaludo, had significantly increased the military power of humanity.
In 2039, using this military might as a backdrop, humanity launched a military operation to reclaim Europe

–Operation Eternal Light.
This was the first offensive that the humans, who had been unilaterally deprived of their living space for half a century, had taken against the Kaiju. It was a counterattack.

In 2034, Godzilla had landed in Europe and wreaked havoc, but then suddenly disappeared into the Arctic Sea. Afterwards, many … Read the rest

GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Contact

From the inaugural address of Matthias Jackson, the first Prime Minister of the United Earth Government (2039):

Half a century ago, the 21st century was synonymous with hope.
The long-standing US-Soviet Cold War had ended, and humanity was liberated from the terror of global nuclear war. The future awaited us in the name of the 21st century, where reconciliation, prosperity, progress and development were supposed to greet us.
However, just as the 20th century was drawing to a close, that illusion was ruthlessly shattered. On that fateful day in May 1999, … Read the rest