GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Emergence

The first time a Kaiju appeared before humanity was on May 4, 1999…in the state of New York, United States of America. On this day, humanity, who had made the earth, the seas, the skies, the ocean depths, and even space their domain through scientific and technological might, once again faced the threat of Kaiju, the terrors of the great natural world.
Why did the Kaiju suddenly appear?
The prevailing hypothesis, which still holds weight, is that it was a phenomenon of biological selection triggered by the rapid changes in the Earth’s environment … Read the rest

Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 3 Prologue

Volume 3 Illustrations

[Prologue] After the Academy’s Magic Battle

Anbarld 25th Year of the Imperial Calendar, #th Month, #th Day

Starting today, Rissburg Magic Academy will be closed for a while.
This is to conduct a large-scale investigation to see if any clues remain regarding [Flone the Lightning Strike].
For the students, it will be a slightly early long vacation.
And my paradise is about to begin…!
Mashiro, Karen, and Reina will be staying over at my place.
Summer is said to make people bold. So it wouldn’t be strange if…that kind of … Read the rest

Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 2

As expected, there were still those among the plains folk who didn’t think siding with Todd was good.
Todd’s methods were too conciliatory, so some must have seen it as spineless.
Totila was keeping his clan together through coercion and intimidation.
Considering the disposition of the mountain folk, it could be said his clan looked more favorable.
“There’s more?”
“Yes sir! – Oi, bring that over!”
Following his order, a warrior hurried into the tent, and brought something out.
At first I thought it might be a black cloth symbolizing mourning, … Read the rest

The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 10

Episode 10: Demon God

“Oh, have you given up on running around?”
Descending the long staircase with Noah and Nia, we reached the underground, where Mylene, accompanied by handsome butlers and maids, awaited me in a corner of the vast cave.
“So, have you abandoned the furious pursuit?”
As I casually touched my cheek and tilted my head, Mylene, who had been gracefully fanning herself, developed a vein on her temple.
“Well… You seem quite composed. Hunting for a high ranking person involves chasing the prey and shooting them in the end. Didn’t our princess … Read the rest

GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse Prologue


This proposal document looks at the current situation of humanity and suggests important choices for ensuring the survival of the human race in the future. Currently, the Global Union government in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is aware of 522 million surviving humans (there were about 7 billion before the Kaiju appearances). Quickly finding a way to sustain the remaining humans with limited resources is an urgent priority for the Union. Two interstellar migration ships have been under construction in orbit, with a total capacity of around 15,000 people (the Aratrum: 5,000 people, the Oratio: 10,000 people). Careful consideration is … Read the rest

Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 10 

“Norris and Raycis

“Finally, they’ve arrived.”
Raycis receives a report in his room that the members of the Baldia family have arrived at the guesthouse. And he feels a sense of urgency to protect his sister somehow. Raycis has only just started to be able to talk a little with his sister, Farah. This is because until recently, Raycis and Farah had hardly met each other.
Probably for some reason, they had been kept from meeting as much as possible. When Raycis first met his sister, he was astonished by her graceful manners and mature demeanor, which were beyond … Read the rest

Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 3

“If, hypothetically, I let you go, what will you do?” I asked.
“Well, we’ll sustain our physical bodies through physical nutrition, delaying our disappearance a bit while living quietly,”
replied the big leader plainly.
“What if someone comes along and likes you? Will your power come back?”
“It’s not about one or two individuals’ emotions. At best, it would only help us maintain our existence,”
There was no deception in her words. Certainly, my emotions had reached them, but it was at that level.
And if they were to revive with just that, it would be easy to make other … Read the rest

I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter Two: The Counter Battle

“–Jirei, please watch me! I’ll do my best!”
Rafine waved energetically at me from the arena-like field.
“Oh, Gambareru, oisshiteruzo!”
Sitting in the hastily constructed bleachers, I waved exaggeratedly in return, cheering her on in a monotone voice.
“…Didn’t plan on this though.”
Seeing Rafine cheerfully warming up, I heaved a heavy sigh.
“Jirei, don’t worry so much. I set up a battle arena so they can’t die. The ladies will be fine.”
“It’s not like I’m worried or anything.”
Aldi laughed heartily beside me, … Read the rest

GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse (Novel)

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Volume 1

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Synopsis :

The prequel story to [GODZILLA: Monster Planet] released nationwide on 2017-11-17!

Here is a collection of records from the age when humanity battled against the monsters. Facing immense despair, how did humans confront it, and how were they defeated? … Read the rest

Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 19

XIX Nicol’s Marriage

My base in Cadonia was the mansion of a Cadonia nobleman who had escaped during the Stampede.
Since that nobleman was attacked by monsters on his escape and died, there was no worry about him coming back saying “Please return it.” It was said to be one of the largest buildings even in Cadonia, and the interior decoration was also magnificent. It was very different from the Faloon royal castle rebuilt from a fortress.
If I had to point out a weak point, it would probably be that artistic chairs get broken when I … Read the rest