The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 8

Side 2

When it was time for Luna to come to town, I began to visit her frequently.

Not every day. I wasn’t that free.

But I went often enough for Luciana to tease me, saying, “You’re quite devoted, aren’t you?”

Of course, Luna didn’t come to town every day, so sometimes I couldn’t find her. But that made the joy of finding her even greater.

Yes, meeting her made me happy. But it wasn’t as if we could be alone together.

Killian always accompanied me. As my attendant, it couldn’t be helped, but I wished I could meet alone … Read the rest

Commoner-Origin Officer Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 5

Lieutenant Mospitza’s nervous face grew even redder. The blood vessels on his forehead were dangerously close to bursting.
“You scoundrel! To report to both myself, the superior officer, and the captain at the same time, what is the meaning of this!”
“But didn’t you just give me permission?”
“Wha- permission? I don’t recall giving any such thing! Not a single bit!”
“But you did. Earlier, when I told Lieutenant Mospitza that I thought it was a matter requiring the captain’s guidance, and that I’d like to consult the captain, he said I could decide whether to bring it up.”
“…So … Read the rest

Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 3

A few days later…
On a holiday, the dormitory’s free space was reserved from the afternoon for a study session. It was Raze first time gathering in casual clothes like this. The noble students’ casual clothes were as luxurious as commoners’ finest attire. Whether it was because of Folia and Raze or for ease of movement, everyone seemed to have chosen simple, minimally adorned clothing. The shirts, pants, or skirts were all branded. As a matter of course, the family crest embroidery was added as a subtle touch, appealing to their refined upbringing.
The seating arrangement consisted of … Read the rest

Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 35 part 2

The next day, I received a radio call from Mark at 9am.
As expected of a military man, he keeps to a regimented life even on leave.
Though I had also woken up early to clean my quarters, a routine forming, Emily transferred Mark’s call to the captain’s room. Without much conversation, I decided to head out.
Sister Meyrica was already stationed on the bridge as promised yesterday, so I entrusted command of the ship to her. I caught a shuttle doing rounds in the space ship docking area and took it to the colony.
The shuttle terminal, a sort … Read the rest

The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 7


One day, a few days after I first spoke with Luna, I decided to take Killian and go out to meet her again. I timed our outing to coincide with Luna’s usual visit to the town because I wanted to see her once more. Killian also seemed to have a favorable opinion of Luna and came along eagerly.

As we arrived in town, I quickly spotted Luna shopping, just as she always did at this time.

I waited until she finished her errands before approaching her to avoid being a nuisance.

“We meet again, Luna,”

“Oh, rath and … Read the rest

Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 15 part 1

The End of Royal Match

When I raised my hand and acknowledged my defeat, a murmur spread among the aristocrats watching the match from the veranda. Raycis was furious, shouting, “I won’t accept it! Not this way!” But sometimes, recognizing your limits and stepping back is necessary. If we continued, it would have just ended in his self-satisfaction. Moreover, there was the issue of his reform after talking with Zack. Though it seemed to have resonated somewhat, it was still not enough.
We were now in the main palace, in the front reception room where we were first guided.
Present … Read the rest

Aristocratic Daughters Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 1

Chapter 4: The Day of the Meeting, Part 2 
“Well, do your best, Byleth,”  
Elena urged as she pushed Byleth towards the reception room… 
“Um, thank you very much for the invitation today! I have long heard of Count Leclerc’s reputation,”  
Byleth said nervously, bowing his head and initiating the first contact. 
“Ha ha ha. Welcome indeed, Byleth Saintford-kun. I have been looking forward to this day,”  
the count chuckled heartily, approaching with a smile on his clearly defined face and extending his hand. 
” …… ” 
“I-I’m delighted to hear you say that!” 
Taken aback, Byleth hesitated for … Read the rest

Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 66

Mob #66: “Anyway, come home for a bit. Don’t worry, I placated the neighborhood grannies!”

With the payment processed, I immediately headed to the bank since the money from selling my fighter after the past failure was still in my bracelet terminal, plus I hadn’t sent my parents their portion yet.

In other words, besides living expenses I have 12 million credits cash on hand presently.

Realizing this, I want to deposit it at the bank ASAP.

En route, I get an unexpected call – my dad.

“Hello Dad? What’s up so suddenly?”

[Where are you now?]

“At the guild … Read the rest

The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 6

The first time I met him was on my way home from shopping.

He had blond hair, blue eyes, was tall, and his face wasn’t bad, but he had this annoyingly confident look. You know the type, right?

He was standing arrogantly in the middle of the road. Beside him was a slightly younger boy with black hair who looked obedient and a bit apologetic. Both were well-dressed.

The arrogant blond called out to me.

“Hey, girl, want to have a chat?”

…What a nightmare. Even kidnappers have better pickup lines.

So, I decided to ignore him.

I moved to … Read the rest

Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 2 chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2 – The Ruler of Class 1-B 

“Hey, Amamori, isn’t Asahina becoming useless?”  
One day, Kurashiki voiced her discontent. It was after school on a Wednesday. 
The feast… Saturday nights are the usual time for the Sabbath. 
But Saturday is a holiday. Working on a holiday is the height of foolishness. 
So, on Wednesdays, I slips away from the Literature Club and shows up for this gathering. 
…Though, the members are still only three. 
“Yeah, lately she’s been so obsessed with chasing you that she can’t see anything else. Maybe we should just … Read the rest