The Suspects of Necromancy Volume 1 Chapter 3.5

Episode 2

Luna’s mornings start early. Ever since her time at Mason’s mansion, she’s had the habit of waking up with the sunrise.
Her day begins with preparing breakfast. While she commands the skeletons to fetch water, she heads to the garden to pick herbs and vegetables
Incidentally, it was Luna who started growing the herbs and vegetables. The garden was nothing but weeds before Luna arrived.
Returning to the dining room, Luna uses magic to light a fire and heat an iron pot, usually containing last night’s stew or porridge.
She slices bread, arranges it in a basket, and adds chopped herbs and vegetables to the meal. Occasionally, she includes fruit or cheese.
Luna knows her master, Khan’s preferences and dislikes, carefully selecting and presenting the food. With a colorful breakfast spread on the table, Luna heads to Khan’s room.
Khan never wakes up on his own in the morning. As a necromancer, he spends most of his nights studying magic.
Initially, Luna worried about disturbing her master by waking him up,
but when she asked him directly, he replied, “It’s not a problem,”
so now she does so without hesitation.
Standing outside Khan’s room, she bangs together two metal dishes, creating a piercing noise.
This always works, and soon a grumpy Khan appears at the door.
Seeing her disheveled master with stubble, Luna greets him with a bright smile.
“Good morning, Master. Breakfast is ready.”
Khan nods lazily, and Luna gracefully returns to the dining room with Khan sluggishly following her to the table. As soon as he sits, Luna ties an apron around his neck, and breakfast begins.
During breakfast, Luna does most of the talking, usually about her current progress in learning magic.
Khan, on the other hand, remains silent, eating slowly, seemingly uninterested in her chatter.
However, once he finishes his meal, he gives short but important instructions based on Luna’s progress, offering insights if she’s stuck or assigning new tasks if she’s progressing well.
Luna listens intently, sometimes asking questions to ensure she doesn’t miss anything.
The same routine occurs after dinner, cementing their mentor-student relationship.
Outside these times, they rarely talk. Khan stays in his room, while Luna is busy with chores like cleaning, laundry, and shopping.
Luna uses the little time she has to practice magic and, based on advice from Khan, which she receives after dinner, she spends the time before bed studying magic.
This may not seem like a lot of time for Luna to devote to magic, but Luna is always thinking about magic, even while doing housework. By reworking spells that did not work in her mind and going over the causes of her own failures, she was able to study magic quite efficiently.
Despite limited time for magic, Luna’s thoughts are always on it, analyzing spells and her mistakes, making her study efficiently. Khan’s precise teachings also accelerate her learning, making her progress faster than a typical apprentice.



Khan’s life improved dramatically after Luna arrived, though he was initially unaware of it, as his interest was solely in magic.
He only thought it was somehow “more convenient”.
Gradually, he began to appreciate the clean mansion – a pleasant place to live.
and the delicious fresh meals prepared every morning.
Though he wasn’t fond of talking, Luna’s company wasn’t unpleasant.
Watching her grow and work hard brought warmth to his heart.
(Am I really okay with this?)
Khan began to wonder if he was being consumed by unnecessary emotions.
He had dedicated his life to magic and had no regrets.
He had taken in the girl from the Asra tribe out of necessity,
but Luna seemed to have become valuable beyond that.
Was this good or bad for his magical pursuits? He couldn’t tell.
However, the daily mornings where Luna greeted him with a smile didn’t seem like a bad thing.
When Luna asked, “Can I grow herbs and vegetables in the garden?” he was taken aback.
He had always thought vegetables were for farmers and had no place in his life.
The idea of turning the garden into a farm initially met with some resistance, but the garden was already neglected, so he let Luna have her way.
Khan had never thought about how vegetables grew, let alone considered cultivating them in his mansion.
Luna skillfully used the undead to prepare the garden and planted seeds she had somehow acquired.
“You don’t need to care for them meticulously. Just water them enough to prevent them from drying out and pull the weeds occasionally, and they’ll grow on their own.”
Luna said she had experience growing vegetables while working for a human trafficker.
“Freshly picked vegetables are so delicious! Even a vegetable-averse person like you will enjoy them, Master!”
Indeed, Khan wasn’t fond of vegetables, disliking their raw taste.
Every day, Luna diligently tended to the garden.
Khan would occasionally watch from the window of his room, but there was something warm about watching a small child work so hard to grow plants.
The plants in the garden grew quickly. I thought it would take more than a year to harvest them, but in less than six months they bore fruit.
Khan looked at the plants in the garden with wonder, wondering how plants could grow so easily.

“Finally, they’re ready to eat!”
One morning, Luna served vegetables from the garden. They weren’t perfect in shape, but Luna looked pleased.
“They’re freshly picked, so they must be delicious!”
That means Luna probably didn’t eat them.
Moreover, she is encouraged to bite into the whole vegetable that has just been washed.
Considering the possibility of poison, he thought Luna should taste them first, but he couldn’t say that.
Though he didn’t want to eat them, he was curious about the vegetables grown in his garden.
Khan took a bite.
…It wasn’t particularly delicious. It was fresh but not extraordinarily tasty.
“How is it?”
Luna looked at him with mixed anticipation and anxiety.
“It’s edible,”
Khan replied honestly. He could eat it, thinking it was grown in their garden.
Luna’s face lit up with a smile as she started eating the vegetables herself.
“They’re delicious! Especially because we grew them ourselves!”
(That’s more about feelings than taste.)
Khan thought but didn’t say it.
From that day on, vegetables and herbs frequently appeared on the table, reducing the disliked ingredients in Khan’s diet, albeit unintentionally.

Luna was smart and efficient. Being from the Asra tribe, she had abundant magical power and progressed steadily in her studies.
Her approach to magic was very practical, rooted in daily life.
The first spell she learned was a fire spell because it was useful for cooking.
Next, she learned a water spell to water the plants.
The third was a wind spell to blow dust off pots and other items, though it initially blew the pots away too. Luckily, a skeleton caught the pots, preventing any damage.
“That was close! It’s always good to be prepared.”
The skeleton had actually cracked a bone catching the pots, but Luna ignored it,
elieving it would heal eventually. If not, she planned to replace it with a new one once she became proficient.
“You’ve got a knack for this.”
Khan acknowledged Luna’s talent.
She learned ancient texts quickly and aimed to learn spells with clear purposes, which was very effective.
Most importantly, her extensive use of skeletons as a necromancer was commendable.
“Thank you!”
Luna blushed with joy.
Her smile when praised for her magic was genuinely happy.

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