Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 65

Mob #65: “I saw her ask you to lend a ship. Also, being beautiful and charming don’t always come together.”

After confirming she still couldn’t move quickly, I called Investigator Royman.

It looks bad out of context, but she aimed her gun first and tried to shoot – please show mercy.

[Hello, this is Royman.]

He swiftly picked up, so while aiming my bracelet camera at her I reported our status.

“Sorry, I was attacked at the dock. She’s immobilized and I’m keeping watch.”

[I see. She must be the impatient accomplice. I’ll come apprehend her so don’t let her escape.]


After ending the call, I switched to record mode.

Despite the pain twisting her face, she glared at me resentfully.

But suddenly looking as if she might cry,

“Help, he’s killing me!”

She suddenly screamed.

Damn it.

Likely after spotting someone approach the dock.

Hopefully it’s Investigator Royman, but if anyone else shows up first, I’m clearly at a disadvantage.

She might even escape.

Aware of that, she grins and screams again,

“Hurry, help!”

Hearing her screams, someone slowly approaches, and she hastily lies,

“This creep suddenly demanded my ship key, then shot me when I refused! Catch him quickly!”

But rather than be shocked into rescuing her, the person says,

“That’s weird. Weren’t you asking him to lend you a ship, Miss?”

“Dan?! Why…?”

It was Dan.

While taking out a comb to fix his hair, he vigilantly watched her.

“I saw you heading to the dock. You were probably aiming to steal some careless guy’s ship.”

Enraged at Dan’s failure to act as she expected, she exploded.

“Why are you taking that creep’s side over mine?! Isn’t siding with a beauty like me when she’s collapsed just common sense?!”

Seems quite confident in her looks, biting into Dan.

And despite her gunshot wounds likely being painful, she sure is chatting away.

Perhaps anger is releasing adrenaline, dulling the pain?


“I saw you ask him to lend you a ship. Also, being beautiful and charming don’t always come together.”

Dan smiles nihilistically, denying her beauty in response to her outrage.

That fans her anger.

“Don’t mess with me! What part of me isn’t charming?!”

She yells loudly in protest.

Didn’t the pain prevent you from moving…?

She seems ready to flee so I’ll be vigilant.

“Sorry I’m late. Where’s the culprit?”

Investigator Royman arrives with officers in tow.

Seeing them, she screams, seizing the chance,

“Help, they shot me! They’re the culprits!”

As the officers approach her accusations, she makes a triumphant expression.

But rather than rescue her, they restrain her.

“Hey, why am I being restrained?! That creep there shot me, and that guy with the slicked back hair is his accomplice!”

She protests as expected, but

“Unfortunately, you will be arrested and detained. His bracelet footage and audio were recorded. Checking all cameras including the dock when you were reported, we quickly found footage of you aiming first. And evidence you’re the murderer’s accomplice over there. No use denying it.”

Investigator Royman’s calm yet cold gaze and tone make her flinch.

When she falls silent, he turns to me with a tired expression unlike her accomplice.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Seems they also apprehended the perpetrator, so martial law will soon lift.”

With that, the anti-imperialist cell member Mary Dilivan was arrested.

And though I assumed the famous detective solved it, seems forensic science won out.

The wandering detective present was apparently vexed.

The police left with the arrested criminals, and the noble guests returned home, scattering like spiders this time rather than arriving en masse.

Understandably unwilling to remain after a murder.

In the post-event briefing after all the guests left, the delightful security head Dortos Tsuil informed us

the client promised full pay plus a raid fending bonus.

After finishing work and most mercs departed, I left the colony.

18 hours by warp gate from Planet Latocath’s colony.

Arriving at Planet Its after that long, I skipped the receptionist and headed straight home by taxi from the guild building.

I immediately slept upon returning late at night.

I spent the next whole day cleaning, shopping, and watching anime,

only going to the guild a few days later to finalize paperwork.

“Sucks getting caught up in nasty business. Still dumb nobles who readily frame commoners if one’s killed.”

Uncle Roanz muttered while processing my payment.

“I’m thinking of having an exorcism or something…

With guns aimed at me so often recently, I’m starting to think something evil’s possessed me.”

As I’m pondering that,

“Oh right, about Miss Anchovy…”

Uncle Roanz mentions the woman who started it all.

According to Uncle Roanz, during interrogation she spouted absurdities like

[That lowly commoner man who defied me is at fault]

[Why is it an issue for me, a noble, to aim a gun at a commoner?]

[It’s natural for commoners to offer everything they own to nobles].

But when told she’s no longer a noble and shown a copy of the revocation decree the Emperor issued, she reportedly flew into a rage.

Imprisonment is certain, but depending on circumstances, she may be committed to a psychiatric institution in the capital.

“So here’s your payment this time. Good work.”

He finishes at the same time.

The amount isn’t the initially promised 360,000 credits, but 450,000.

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