Aristocratic Daughters Volume 2 Chapter 3.5

At that same time… 
In a certain room, the sound of a book’s pages being turned could be heard. 
It was ten minutes later when she turned the next page.  
She was reading at a pace several times slower than usual, but she wasn’t actually taking in the contents. The words weren’t registering in her mind.  
She simply couldn’t concentrate on her sole hobby. 
A deep sigh escaped Luna’s lips.  
With a feeling of [“It’s no use”], she placed the book down on the desk and closed it by inserting the bookmark she had received as a gift, putting an end to her reading session.  
Luna had been in this state for quite some time lately. And there was a definite reason for it. 
(The meeting day is coming up soon, isn’t it…?) 
This was what occupied her mind – the upcoming meeting between Elena’s father and Berret.  
If it were just an ordinary meeting, it wouldn’t affect her this much.  
However, she had come across shocking information – the line in Berret’s invitation that read: [“If there is time left after the meeting, how about discussing a potential courtship?”]  
Those words had burned themselves into her brain. 
“The main topic of the meeting is clearly a courtship proposal……” 
There was no inconvenience in communicating via letters. With Elena from the same class acting as an intermediary, they could exchange messages daily.  
The fact that a formal invitation was sent to arrange a face-to-face meeting meant the other party wanted to inspect the potential groom.  
In other words, it was proof that a courtship was the central focus.  
With the whole situation clear to her, Luna gazed up at the ceiling with half-lidded eyes. 
“…..Berret Centford. I wonder what kind of response you will give.” 
The mumbled words made her eyes waver.  
Despite voicing it aloud, she knew in her heart that  
he would give a positive response.  
Elena, the prospective courtship partner, was from an outstanding noble family, practically the top of the counts. On top of that, she was beautiful like a doll, with an excellent figure and looks that drew countless suitors.  
There was no reason for him to refuse the courtship proposal. Even Luna, as another woman, thought so. 
(If I had any redeeming qualities over her, perhaps this feeling would be a little easier to bear……) 
The fault lay with the other party. That realization tied directly to her answer. 
“…..If only I could have gotten involved with him sooner…..No, I wanted to get more involved. Truly…..” 
If the courtship were to be decided, one-on-one interactions would have to be limited.  
Being of lower status, she would have to avoid catching anyone’s eye. To not incur resentment from many nobles.  
With her keen intellect, she understood that they would no longer be able to enjoy leisurely outings together from now on. That promise may no longer come to fruition. 
“I envy Lady Elena…..I really envy her so much……” 
Having acutely felt the barrier of social status this time, Luna gazed at the bookmark Berret had gifted her and unconsciously let words slip out.  
It was at that moment— 
“Lady Luna. Your meal has been prepared.” 
There was a knock at the door, followed by the voice of a servant. 


“Lady Luna? You must be reading. Your meal has been prepared.” 
With no response, the servant called out again. Luna came to her senses and replied. 
“Ah, Sara. Do I have time right now?” 
“Of course you do.” 
“Then come in. I’d like you to listen to me for a bit…” 
“Understood. Excuse me then.” 
Accepting the unusual request without issue, the servant turned the knob, opened the door, and entered the room.  
After taking a couple of steps, she prompted Luna: 
“What seems to be the matter, Lady Luna? Is there a particular book you desire?” 
“No, it’s not that. I want you to listen to my grievances.” 
“Y-Your grievances, you say?” 
“I-I see.” 
The servant’s eyes widened and her voice rose in surprise as she straightened her posture even more than usual.  
This was the first time Luna had said such a thing. 
“You see, Sara. There’s someone I’ve been concerned about.” 
“Just thinking about that person makes my heart race, and the thought of them talking with another woman makes me feel vexed.” 
“Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I like them. I just enjoy being with them.” 
“I…I see.” 
Somehow suppressing the words [“Doesn’t that mean you have feelings for them?”], the servant provided a different response. 
“Are these grievances regarding that gentleman?” 
“I don’t have any grievances with that person. They’re a really good person. Kind, and very reliable. Despite their high status, they treat me as an equal. I respect them, too.” 
“I see.” 
“But……it seems that person is about to receive a courtship proposal. Just when I wanted to become better friends with them.” 
Luna didn’t hold back, venting all her feelings to the servant. 
“I knew this would happen eventually because of our difference in status. But it happened so suddenly……It’s unfair. We even promised to go out together again.” 
“Because that gentleman is so wonderful, someone ended up obstructing your path.” 
Nodding slightly and clenching her tiny fists, Luna squeezed out the words [“It’s unfair”] once more.  
A sense of resignation filled the heavy atmosphere in the room. However, the servant had an indulgent smile. 
“Fufu, is that so? It seems Lady Luna has reached that age where one awakens to romance.” 
“Don’t tease me. I said I don’t like them.” 
“My apologies, but I cannot believe that. You’re so concerned about that gentleman’s courtship that you’re unable to focus on your reading.” 
Glancing at the desk, the servant gave a broad smile.  
Luna’s routine was to stack the books she intended to read on the right of the desk, and the ones she had finished on the left. Yet today, there wasn’t a single book stacked on the left side.  
She had been found out by inviting the servant into her room. 
“There is still more evidence.” 
“You’re lying.” 
“You sleep while holding the bookmark that gentleman gifted you.” 
“I have frequently witnessed you muttering things like [‘I want to play again’] or [‘I wonder when we can play next’].” 
“Th-That’s enough.” 
With those words, Luna hung her head,  
not wanting to show her face, not wanting to be seen. 
“Lady Luna. The more wonderful a gentleman is, the more likely someone will try to obstruct your path to him. Of course, if you remain passive, your desires will simply be crushed.” 
“What are you trying to say?” 
“You should already know in your heart. It’s important to muster your courage and take action.” 
The servant conveyed her words concisely yet forcefully. 
“It is thanks to that mindset that I, despite our status difference, was able to have my current household.” 
Having provided solid proof rather than just arguing, the servant carefully chose her words to sway Luna’s heart. 
“In every aspect of life, it is a competitive world. You should act as your heart desires, lest you lose that wonderful gentleman.” 

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