Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 2 chapter 1 part 6

“The only exits from the boys’ restroom are the window in the back and this entrance. Your blessing is said to be the highest in the school, right? With such power, you’re telling me you can’t even catch a single student who’s fled into the restroom?”
At my words, she clenched her fist.
And I was certain, I’ve won.
“……Yes, yes! Of course, Amamori-kun! I am a hero of justice! Then, catching a single student is child’s play for me! No matter where you run, I’ll definitely catch you!”
“Alright, then bring out your best. It might take a while, but please wait for me.”
“Wh, What do you mean by ‘best’…!?”
Leaving the flushed Miss Asahina behind, I entered the restroom.
And, activation! Transformation ability!
I transformed into a non-existent male student and casually exited through the main entrance, even wiping my dry hands with a handkerchief.
Looking up, the flushed Miss Asahina was standing in front of the boys’ restroom with her arms crossed. From the outside, she’d look like a pervert.
Murmurs could be heard from the surrounding area, but I ignored them all and waited for her to continue her vigil.
Well done, Miss Asahina!
Please wait in front of the boys’ restroom until nightfall!
Overjoyed at having eliminated the troublemaker, I headed to the library in high spirits.
Alright, time to get my daily dose of healing from Hoshina-san!


–And a few days later.
As usual, having shaken off Miss Asahina’s pursuit, I was holed up in the library.
“Oh, it’s Amamori. What’s up?”
The reason was that there were unfamiliar faces in the library that day.
……No, not exactly unfamiliar. They were people I knew very well.
In fact, they were fellow classmates from Class 1-C.
“Ah, Amamori-kun…!”
The troubled forest fairy……no, I’m mistaken, Hoshina-san smiled at me relieved. As expected of Hoshina-san, her adorableness is as consistent as always.
Just seeing that smile makes me feel like it was worth the effort of playing with Asahina today.
And I think I’ll try my best to continue playing with Asahina tomorrow as well.
If Hoshina-san’s smile could make this world, wars would disappear from it.
As I walked along, feeling elated, I saw four familiar faces.
“Ah, Amamori-kun was in the Literature Club too!”
“Ishino, what’s everyone doing here together?”
The four of them were an unusual group.
One was the boy, Ishino Makoto, who had treated my injuries in the previous battle.
His name may sound feminine, and he certainly looks like a girl,
but he is a man – a being that embodies the mysteries of the world.
“Oh my, Amamori. I thought the library was a treasure trove of manga and light novels, the 2D realm, but it seems there are 3D people here as well. … Well, as long as I have my waifu, it doesn’t matter where I am.”
And there’s the unforgettable Manabe-kun. As always, he’s an amazing person.
What’s so amazing, you ask? Don’t be so nosy.
He’s just amazing. That’s the only word that comes to mind.
“Hey, Manabe. Show some manners to Amamori and the Classr B students. … Sorry about that, Amamori and President. This guy has a few screws loose. You can just ignore him for the most part.”
And then there’s our classmate, Higarashi Chacha.
A cool-looking girl with reddish long hair.
She’s quite tall, and can be intimidating up close, but… if you talk to her, she’s surprisingly nice. She has an aura of being a bit of a hassle, but she’s not a bad person, or so I’ve heard.
“Oh, Amamori-san! Were you also an explorer seeking the dragon veins that lie dormant in this land? But beware, for when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also upon you… The eternal azure of the celestial heavens, shrouded in darkness. You must not approach with a careless resolve!”
And lastly, the fourth person, Tendou-san.
The class C embodiment of chuunibyou. The one who gave me that weird nickname before.
By the way, what exactly is this “eternal azure of the celestial heavens, shrouded in darkness”? I’d like some clarification on whether it’s black or blue, but chuunibyou is inherently a bit vague like that.
Just feel it, don’t think about it, right? I kind of understand, even though I really don’t want to.
In summary, we have a male-female, 2D otaku, a hassle-prone girl, and a chuunibyou. … What connection could they possibly have?
“Hoshina-san, what are these people?”
“Ah, um, they said they want to join the club.”
…Join the club? Could it be– as I was thinking that, Ishino mentioned a certain someone’s name.
“Uh, well, we were actually referred by Karasuma-kun. We don’t have particularly combat-oriented abilities, and we don’t really want to fight much, so we were looking for a cultural club when we were approached.”
I see, so it was Karasuma after all. I had wondered why I hadn’t heard from him since then, but it seems he’s been working behind the scenes. … Well, whether his choices are any good is debatable.
“Eh, Karasuma-kun?”
“He’s the class playboy. I forgot to tell Hoshina-san, but our club was short on the required number of members, so I asked him to look around.”
“Eh…there was a required number?”
Hoshina-san had a look of utter bewilderment on her face, so I quickly averted my gaze.
Since she didn’t seem concerned about it, I had thought maybe… but it seems that was the case.
Hoshina-san… a club can’t really be sustained by just one or two people.
It’s either unconventional or pure, I’m not sure which. It’s reached the point where I’m starting to worry.
…Probably, someone needs to support her, or she won’t be able to keep going.
Hiding my deep concern, I spoke to her.
“Hoshina-san. … Well, since Karasuma chose them, I don’t think they’re all bad people, but as the club president, what do you think? The final decision is up to you, as the president.”
“Eh? Me?”
Hoshina-san looked up at me anxiously. Gosh, she’s so cute, I almost ascended to heaven.
As I mentally knelt before her, she stepped forward nervously to face the four.
“Um, I’m Hoshina Tsubomi from Class B. I’ve been the club president.”
“Ah, pleased to meet you. I’m Ishino from Class C. And this is Manabe-kun, Higarashi-san, and Tendou-san.”
“Ah, no, the pleasure is all mine…”
“Not at all! Not at all…”
A divine goddess and a mysterious male-female, an incredible pairing.
Is this a dream?
Isn’t it strange? That goddess-like girl is just a normal girl, you know?
And that person who looks so feminine is actually a guy with… you know.
The world is full of wondrous things.
“Um, well… I really want as many people as possible to discover the joys of books. So I’m really happy that you all have come.”
As Hoshina-san smiled, the four of them opened their eyes wide.
After a moment of being frozen, they gradually regained their senses.
“…What an amazing girl.”
“…Hmph, the 3D realm hasn’t been abandoned yet, it seems.”
Higarashi-san and Manabe-kun said something. Tendou-san seemed completely stunned, while Ishino had just now returned to his senses.
“…! Y-yes! I’ll do my best!”
“Hehe, just read the books you love, however you like. That’s the essence of the Literature Club.”
Saying that, Hoshina-san welcomed them with the brightest smile of the day.
“Welcome to the Literature Club. I’m glad to have you all!”
And so, the Literature Club gained new members.

…But, there’s something that’s bothering me.
After entering the library, I noticed something off about the girl standing next to me, Hoshina Tsubomi.
Jokingly to myself, I observed her closely, trying to pinpoint what it was.
I narrowed my eyes and looked at her cheek.
Peeking through her hair, I could see her cheek was reddened, as if she had been struck.
In that moment, I felt a very unpleasant foreboding in my chest.
I fervently wished it was not the case. But…

A few days after the new club members joined,
I witnessed Hoshina Tsubomi being bullied.

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