Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 3 chapter 2 part 2

Furthermore, only a few know that I was rewarded by the King.
And yet, Andraus has invited me. It’s clearly suspicious.
“At this timing…he may be trying to forge a connection, anticipating Ouga’s future potential. But without a doubt, it’s related to the Flone incident.”
“You absolutely must not go. It’s far too dangerous.”
“…I agree with that.”
In our current state, where we still know nothing about dark attribute magic, rushing in would be the action of a fool.
There’s no way I’m going to put my own life on the line for such an obvious trap.
“And the Andraus family…well, you know…”
“Yes. Alice…the noble who was expelled from the Holy Knights Order.”
I remember her name being on the report she submitted, as part of a group of nobles who had broken the law and engaged in human trafficking.
“Then I definitely can’t go.”
I’ll have to be careful not to let this conversation reach Alice’s ears…I see. That’s why she was excluded from this discussion.
“But, is my father alright? Won’t my refusal affect the infiltration?”
I didn’t want a rift to form between my father, who is playing the role of a corrupt lord, and Duke.
I don’t want the position we’ve built up over the past decade to be lost.
I don’t want my father’s life-long efforts to be for naught.
Moreover, the Andraus lands are adjacent to the Vellet family’s.
I still want to avoid the two families becoming hostile.
“Don’t worry about that. I’ve been acting like I don’t get along well with my up-and-coming son lately.”
My father laughs boisterously, making such a joke.
Of course, my caring father doesn’t truly think that way, so I play along and laugh with him.
With my concerns resolved, the answer is clearly [not going].
“But to create such an obvious situation…just what is Flone plotting…?”
“…That person is arrogant, so they may be underestimating us.”
“I hope that’s the case. But optimism isn’t good. For now, let’s focus on monitoring Duke. If you two notice anything, let me know immediately.”
That concludes the discussion about the Andraus family.
Next up, the long-awaited tour of the magic archives.
“As promised, let’s move on to the magic archives.”
“Well then, let’s start preparing for the trip.”
“Hahaha. There’s no need for that, you two. The magic archives are right here.”
The deflated voices of me and Reina overlap.
My father grins mischievously, his plan having succeeded.
“The magic archives are in the basement of this mansion.”

“…You seem to be enjoying yourself, Ouga-kun.”
“Aren’t you getting excited, Reina? You’ll be able to gain new knowledge!”
“Hahaha! Ouga’s always had a bit of a researcher’s mindset. I figured he couldn’t hide his interest after hearing about the unknown attribute.”
The Vellet household has several secret rooms.
Most of them are located in the basement, with entrances on the first floor connecting to the underground.
“…I’m surprised. I had no idea there was a place like this in our own home.”
Guided by my father, we descend the stairs into the chilly air.
“I was supposed to tell you about this after you graduated from the academy, Ouga, but the timing got a bit moved up. It’s a hassle having such a capable son.”
“So there’s a hidden passage in the lord’s office, I see.”
“Exactly. Reina, from now on, you’ll be supporting Ouga. I thought it would be best to tell you both at the same time.”
“…As strange as it is for me to say, is this really alright? I was originally under that person’s…”
“Ouga said he’s making you part of the family. Then you have nothing to worry about. If you try to run away, Ouga will definitely come after you.”
“…I see. You’re right, Dear Father.”
” ………… “
Reina glances at me briefly, letting out a slight chuckle.
I remain silent, not having anything to correct, but somehow feeling a little embarrassed.
“The entrance to the magic archives is here. I’ll leave the key with you so you can come and go freely. Just don’t lose it.”
“Understood. Father, aren’t you coming in with us?”
“I still have regular duties to attend to. And I’ve read through it once before.”
“I see. Then we’ll go in without hesitation.”
“Ah, one piece of advice…”
My father leans in and whispers to me in a volume Reina can’t hear.
“Don’t get too ‘cozy’ with Reina just because no one else is around.”
“Hahaha! Judging by your reaction, I can rest easy. Well then, do your best!”
With that, my father returns to the surface.
Once his figure disappears, Reina tugs on the sleeve of my shirt.
“What did Dear Father say?”
“…It’s better if you don’t know. It’s not an insult to you, just the usual middle-aged man humor.”
“I see. I thought it was a warning not to engage in strenuous activities here.”
“If you already understood, why did you ask…”
“Right, I’ll be more careful about that from now on.”
With a sigh, I inserted the key and turned the doorknob.
The door creaked open with a dull sound, and the warm orange light illuminated the room.
The soft, gentle light shone on the small table in the center and the many bookshelves lining the walls.
Each bookshelf was packed with books bearing the marks of time, and I understood that this must be the forbidden magic archive.
“…Incredible. Although that person has had me read so many of their books, these titles are all unfamiliar to me.”
“The Vellet family controls all the information for the Kingdom of Londism. So it’s not strange that they would be storing such materials.”
“…I see. So the Vellet family has strong ties to the royal family.”
“But that’s not our purpose here. Let’s search for books on dark attribute magic.”
“Okay, I’ll take this side.”
“Understood. I’ll handle the other side. Just place any you find on the table.”
Reina and I efficiently divided the work, carefully scanning the shelves for books on dark attribute magic.
…But we couldn’t find any.
This is the last one. ……?
Just when I was starting to have doubts, I heard a thud as something was placed on the table behind me.


“It seems the relevant books were gathered here.”
“…I see.”
Reina had found three old, leather-bound books.
None of them had titles printed on the covers,
but each was nearly as thick as my forearm.
“Should we consider this a lot, or too little?”
“I quickly skimmed through them, and they are filled with information on dark attribute magic throughout.”
“Then three should be sufficient.”
“Let’s start reading then. Time is limited.” She gestured for me to come over.
“Sorry, and thank you.”
“Not at all. Excuse me then.”
” ………… “
As I sat down in the chair Reina had pulled out for me, she sat down on my lap.
Looking closely, there was only the one chair.
“Ouga, shall we turn the page?”
“…Ah, yes, knowing the content is the priority right now.”
For now, I set Reina aside and began reading through the books.
But the text was faded, making it a bit time-consuming to decipher.
“Shall we skim through and just focus on the key parts?”
“No, let’s read through it carefully from the beginning. This could be a field where our knowledge is completely useless.”
So I started reading the first page thoroughly,
and Reina silently did the same beside me.
I’m not sure how much time passed,
with only the sound of me turning pages and our breathing filling the room.
By the time I finished the first book, my whole body was stiff.
“Mmh… Nnnh…”
Reina stretched on my lap,
Perhaps it was because she had been in the same posture for a long time, but she was leaking out a coquettish voice every time she relaxed her muscles, which was not good for my mental condition
Maintaining my composure, I shared my thoughts on the dark attribute magic.

scene transition

“…How terrifying, this dark attribute magic.”
“Yes, they were all truly abhorrent, with no regard for human dignity.”
I felt ashamed of my previous fantasies involving using dark magic for depraved purposes like creating a harem, as the magic we read about was horrifying.
The core of dark attribute magic is to manipulate the target’s mind

–essentially brainwashing them.
There were also spells that could make someone experience the illusion of their own death.
And the most extreme was…
“—[Possession Reincarnation]. If one can control another’s mind, then their own spirit would be no issue, is that the idea?”
“Yes. I had thought the idea of transferring one’s spirit to another body was impossible, but dark magic makes it feasible.”
This is what Flone was attempting

–a spell to transfer her own spirit into another, younger body.
Precisely, it is a reincarnation of the spirit.
What is most terrifying is that the original spirit that fit the vessel is overwritten and disappears from this world.
Despite being alive, it is dead.
That being manipulates Reina’s body with such a terrifying magic, simply because “I just want a young vessel”, and now it is targeting Mashiro.
Just the fact of this brings up a surge of anger.
It is precisely because she does not care about other people’s lives that she can conceive of and carry out this feat.
If I hadn’t asked Alice and my father to look after Mashiro, the thought is chilling.
“Her moral standards are simple – it’s either her or everyone else. As long as she’s satisfied, the fate of others means nothing to her.”
“Perhaps that’s why she excelled on the battlefield.
Without caring for allies or enemies…”
She likely had no interest in either side’s lives,
only in killing the enemy and satisfying her own desires.
“…Heh. The one who first hailed her as a hero must have been blind to her true nature.”
“Exactly. She is no hero – just a deranged monster.”
We are in full agreement.
That monster may use any means necessary.
With the invitation letter , we must remain vigilant and focused.
“Alright, let’s head back now. We can continue tomorrow.”
“Yes, I’m starting to get hungry too.”
“Then let’s adjust the menu to focus on hearty meat dishes. It’s good to have a day like this once in a while.”
“That sounds lovely. I’ll make sure to eat well today.”
Carrying the books, we exit the forbidden archive.
Just as we do, I spot my father approaching.
He doesn’t seem hurried, but I wonder what’s happened.
“Father, is something the matter?”
“No, I was just coming to call you two for dinner, since you hadn’t returned yet. Did you find what you were looking for?”
“To some extent, but we’re still not quite finished.”
“I see. …By the way, you two…”
“Yes, Father?”
“Were you truly enjoying yourselves down here?”
“We weren’t doing anything like that!” / “We were not!”
Our shouts echoed through the underground corridor.

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