I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 3 part 2

I see, so we can’t find any, huh. Or maybe there’s some condition we haven’t met for them to appear. At least making this discovery has value in itself. Don’t look so down on yourself, it’s really okay. You don’t have to make that “I want to die” face, I’m serious.
“I want to die…”
“It’s fine, totally fine! Thanks for trying, really.”
I desperately praise Rafine, who looks lifeless from not being able to live up to expectations.
Complete failure. But I expected this scenario as well.
“Then…I really don’t want to, but let’s ask the fairies.”
I explained my other plan to Rafine and the others. Honestly, I’d rather avoid it, but I have no choice.
My idea is to ask the locals who know the area.
In this garden of the spirit tree live palm-sized, human-shaped fairies – “little people”.
Their shapes vary, but most common are those with glittering wings on their backs that allow them to fly. Their cheerful dancing figures in the sky resemble energetic children.
Their personalities are also childlike…no, more like damn brats, with a great love of fun and games. They’re mischievous pranksters.
They don’t usually show themselves to humans, but they love to play pranks and mess with travelers, stealing their food supplies, throwing mud at them, just to mess with them. I’ve had this happen to me several times. I almost lost it. No, I have lost it.
Since they have no concept of age and have lived since ancient times recorded in legend, their knowledge is extremely valuable. There are stories about “fairies who saved my life”, so they can’t be all bad. Even if they annoy me.
As I remembered our rocky past and my anger rekindled, Eve spoke up.
“Then leave it to me. This is my time to shine.”
Eve puffed out her chest a little confidently.
With her spirit pact, she has a strong affinity for supernatural beings, so Eve might be perfect here. She also looks determined.
We decide to leave it to Eve and look for areas where fairies are often seen.
We arrive at a vast lake. The concentrated magical power in the air means they’re probably here.
We let Eve approach the lake shore alone while we watch from the grass.
She faces us and gives a confident thumbs up.
Then she turns to the lake and opens her mouth.
A ball of mud hits her right in the face.
Straight ahead.
“C-Calm down! These things happen! So put that away!”
I desperately stop Eve as she equips the Water Blade and starts swinging it at the lake with a twisted expression on her face. I understand how you feel. I really do.
Looks like the affinity has backfired. On the verge of giving up…
“Hm? What’s wrong, Letty?”
“They’re afraid of us!”
Letty, who had been looking at the lake in silence, suddenly says this.
“Huh, you can tell?”
“Yes! I can’t see or hear anything, but it sounds like they’re scared!”

I don’t really get it, but Letty seems to have noticed something. She wouldn’t lie…but how can she understand anything without seeing or hearing them? Do heroes naturally understand fairies’ emotions?
…Well, whatever. The point is, they’re scared. So…
“Maybe they’ll come out if we do something fun…to show that we’re not hostile.”
“Something fun?”
“Yes. Fairies can apparently read human emotions, so…”
Though elusive, fairies have been known to show themselves and play with pure-hearted children. That means they can come out if we show that we don’t mean any harm.
But only if we’re really enjoying ourselves. Faking excitement won’t work.
“Hmm…should we play a game or something? I have playing cards, but…”
“Ah! Then I have a brilliant idea!”
“Brilliant idea!”
I hold Rafine’s head as she sneaks up close with a whoosh. Um, too close, ma’am.
“We have to have fun, right? Then I’ll be happy and have fun if I can get close to Master Jirei! That should bring out the fairies!”
“I see. In other words, completely legal. No suspicious intentions.”
“Me too! I’m holding onto Shisho!”
Ignoring my protests, Rafine and Eve cling to both arms. Letty’s clinging to my back…hey, stop sniffing and rubbing against me! Cu-cut it out!
Letty’s voice from behind.
“Having fun!”
I can’t see her face, but Letty probably has a pure, unguarded smile when she says that and hugs me tighter.
“I’m…not having fun.”
Hearing Letty’s voice, I unconsciously answer in a slightly softer tone. I shouldn’t be having fun, and yet when I see Letty genuinely enjoying herself, I can’t help but smile a little myself.
Perhaps this strategy was effective, for suddenly wisps of light appear from nowhere – the fairies, it seems.
The bobbing lights gradually change shape and materialize into small winged humans.
The fairies, now in their true form…
[Wow, look at that! The guy with the dark eyes has so many girls!]
[Shh! No talking out loud. He’s probably about to do something even cooler that we can’t say out loud. So don’t interrupt!]
[Slurp slurp lick lick lick yum yum]
All right, time to catch them.


“A demon?”
Hearing their circumstances, I couldn’t help but blurt it out in shock.
“That’s right. A wounded demon recently escaped here into the lake. We don’t know when it will wake up, so everyone is on edge.”
“The annoying part is that the kids who went to check it out haven’t come back yet.”
“Scary demon eating them.”
Trapped in a humble transparent bottle, the fairies conveyed this by using their tiny bodies for exaggerated gestures.
They summarized their story:
Several years ago, an injured demon escaped and apparently created a “maze” deep in this lake.

They tried to expel it immediately, but were unable to reach the master demon himself. The fairies sent to investigate were eaten by the demon’s relatives, leaving them at a dead end.
For the past few years, everything had been fine, but a few days ago, the demon’s magic in the lake began to move strangely, meaning that it might be awakening, which frightened them.
“A demon…”
Eve makes a bitter face.
No doubt it reminds her of something she’d rather forget – the title she was once called. Even more so, if that’s the case.
In a word, grotesque monsters.
Born from the evil thoughts of humans, demons are said to be extremely cruel and powerful in battle.
In addition, some possess high intellect and can even use human tools.
Unlike magical beasts born of mana, demons only harm humans.
Therefore, it is standard practice to kill them immediately upon discovery. Otherwise, they’ll absorb human desires and mana to become even stronger.
There are those who are aware that demons can speak human tongues and lend power to their hosts, attempting to make treaties with them.
But all who do so face personal ruin.
Unlike contracts with spirits, which are mutual, demon contracts are one-sided, and yet people invariably fall for their honeyed words.
I, too, have a dark history of trying to make a deal for certain reasons… or rather, a pitch-black history.

At the age of 13, not knowing anything about demons, I naively tried to summon one to make a deal. Looking back, it was incredibly dangerous.
But the summoned demon had such an annoying attitude that I got pissed off and instead of making a deal, I forcefully subdued it and sealed it in my right arm.
But really… the only reason I wanted to contract was because the markings that appear on body parts that host a demon looked cool with bandages wrapped around them. I regret it all and have no other reasons.
And since the demon was screaming and thrashing around in my head, I suddenly grabbed my arm and thought:
[Oh, you think so too?…Don’t mind it. Just the Abyss in me talking…].
Or something like that. Ahhh, so embarrassing.
Even though I completely incinerated and buried the demon after I matured past those teenage hormones, the scars left on my heart will never heal. I’ll probably convulse in bed whenever I think about it. I hate it, it makes me want to die.
“I see. Then we’ll kill the demon.”
Remembering it just irritates me. Now I’m fully motivated to beat the crap out of that demon. Well, it’s totally my fault, but I have to blame something else for my mental health.
My words make the fairies happy and they cheer “Really! “Yay~” and “What a nice guy.”
“But in exchange, after we kill him, I want you to tell me about the Spirit Grass. That’s the condition.”
“Of course! I’ll tell you everything!”
After settling the original destination, we parted ways with the fairies and began preparations.
“But it’s hard to believe that a demon is in there…”

Rafine crouches at the edge of the beautifully clear lake, dipping her hand into the water here and there.
“Yeah, you wouldn’t know if you weren’t told…Oh, that should be enough.”
“Huh? You’re done already?”

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