Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

To the bewildered senior officer, the boss laughed and said.
“Because Midori’s in trouble. It can’t be helped.”
Ashella, who turns to shake, looking puzzled.
Taratatt has temporarily believed in humans as a whole. She must believe in me too.
I call her name. She takes a deep breath.
Come to think of it, this shared life was probably to acknowledge this.
And I acknowledged it.
“What is it?”
“I like you.”
I insert it preemptively. This is just momentum.
“What I mean is when you, as Kuri Ashella, appeared before me. Honestly, I fell in love at first sight. Regardless of race or our past as enemies, I like you as a woman.”
Words that I thought might never come out, come out. Strangely, I feel no discomfort in uttering them to this woman.
“I, as Banshoku Green, known as Midori Kusama…
And to Ashella Kuri, the former high-ranking officer of the CLEARED.
I love you.”
Ashella’s complexion seems to be like a fruit that continues to ripen limitlessly, without decay.
“Huh? “
Wh-what’s that emotion in your voice? I wonder as I gaze at her.
“Be clear, Ashella. You’ve been sworn love to.”
A taunt from the boss. She straightens up.
“You were once a high-ranking officer of CLEARED, show some spirit.”
Taratatt and I exchange glances. After closing her eyes tightly once, she turns to face me, her brown skin turning bright red up to her shoulders.
“I-I-I… I too… How many times have I wished that you weren’t Banshoku Green…”
With a face on the verge of tears, Ashella says.
“That’s unavoidable! If I weren’t Banshoku Green, I wouldn’t have met you guys!”
“That’s true, but!”
She yells back, with a desperate tone.
“But that and Lord Taratatt… Huh?”
I grab Ashella’s shoulder as she yells. Look back at her directly.
“So I’ll protect you guys. I’ll use my life to protect you. Will you trust me?”
With an important and protective feeling. Remembering the words from earlier, Ashella holds her breath and thinks.
The contemplation lasted for a few minutes. At the end of it.
I ask back, hearing the short sound leaking out as if she couldn’t hold it back.
“Take responsibility, you. I won’t let you run away.”
“I hope for that.”
I respond immediately, as if in a checkmate.
“Y-yes. I see. So that’s what you want. I see…”
Ashella looks away again. Her face still red. Taratatt stands behind, arms crossed, looking understanding.
For now, we won.



Two days later, rearranging schedules, at the Banshokuger headquarters’ operation room.
Akashi, who somehow got out of the treatment acceleration pod, had his mouth wide open.
Ao, with her eyebrows raised as high as possible.
Karasu, with deep wrinkles between his eyebrows.
Nadeshiko, smiling but with slightly tense cheeks.
(Well, that’s how it goes.)
I nodded calmly.
Above is the reaction of everyone after I brought Taratatt and Ashella to the Banshokuger headquarters and received an explanation.
“Ha, so this is the face you guys had! I can tell the color of your souls, you know!”
“These guys are Banshokuger…”
As for the ones I brought, the Great Leader has sparkling eyes, and the High Executives are glaring at each of them.
I had informed the headquarters a few hours ago that I would bring Cleared’s Great Leader and High Executive Ailsherad. The four Banshokuger members hurriedly rushed here.
Akashi’s arm is in a cast, but I can still see bandages here and there. He turned his face and said.
“Is it really these women?”
“Indeed, when we adjusted the age of the recorded Great Leader, there are multiple points that match.”
“High Executive Ailsherad also matches in terms of the height, body shape, hair, and skin of the monstrous body.”
In response to Akashi’s question, the Banshokuger operators who had already compared Taratatt and the others with data provide answers. The group looks at the two of them again with renewed horror.
“Midori-san, is this… could it be related to that time?”
Karasu says, pressing his forehead. That time, of course, refers to the story about the widow next door that I consulted once.
“Well, in a way.”
“What are you thinking?”
“I only knew later.”
I desperately try to justify myself. Actually, that’s the reality, so there’s no help for it.
“What are you doing, Midori-ojisan!”
Ao hides behind Akashi—probably scared of Ashella, who once engaged in a fierce battle—shouting.
“Mom told me! She’s worried that you won’t make a girlfriend forever and might fall for a bad woman!”
“What are you talking about, sister?
She growls, showing her teeth in a threatening manner.
“Bad woman…”
Ashella herself has an indescribable expression.
“I think love is free, you know, Midori?”
Nadeshiko-san has already regained her composure with a perfect smile, but her eyes are not smiling at all.
“You know about my past? And yet you come at me like this?”
“I remember. It must be a frustrating story for you, Nadeshiko-san.”
Nadeshiko Raven. She originally is a refugee from Cleared’s dominion. Her family is still in a foreign country, separated.
“Oh well. If you understand, it’s fine. I thought you forgot.”
Her smile doesn’t change at all, but it’s frightening, Nadeshiko-san.
“You’re saying whatever you want… Well, can’t be helped.”
“Taratatt-sama, behind me.”
The two behind me are still behaving quietly.
In the midst of all this. The last person to call my name is the leader, Akashi Homura. His expression is already stern, and his eyes, filled with strong light, pierce through us.
“I told you before. ‘What if the High Executive survived?'”
Everyone stiffens. I nod.
“Do you remember my answer at that time?”
“I remember, but I brought them. The reason is as I mentioned before.”
Without responding to this, Akashi smoothly brings one arm in front of his chest.
Transformation—He is transforming into banshokuger. The other three follow suit after taking a breath. Non-combatant Banshokuger personnel who had been watching the situation around us hurriedly start evacuating.
“Oh, oh, oh…!”
Taratatt watches it with interest. Ashella, who instinctively readies herself, is held back by Taratatt’s hand. I speak up.
“Wait, everyone.”
“I won’t wait. Midori-san, you too, transform!. Let’s defeat them for good this time.”
(This is crucial.)
I think so. In negotiation, timing is everything. Even if you have the same cards, the result can differ depending on the order you play them.
“If you’re going to attack them, who aren’t resisting, I won’t cooperate.”
The expression of my niece, as if saying she was betrayed, hurts my heart, but I continue.
“You know their power. Will you do it without me? Moreover, inside the headquarters.”
The Karasu san groans. The memories of the previous battle are fresh in the minds of my comrades. The unexpected damage we suffered without my boost. And now, facing not only the formidable former Top Henchman Ailsherad but also the Supreme Leader Taratatt, who is vastly superior in defense and all aspects compared to the recent mysterious figure.
(Without me… no, even if any of the five were missing, we couldn’t have beaten them.)
Furthermore, Akashi is injured. Also, the Banshokuger side is unaware that Taratatt and others have lost their powers.
(They might not be fully recovered… but ignoring this uncertainty seems like a risky gamble.)
Honestly, I can’t help but wonder which side I’m on. But now, if the Banshokuger would just come to the negotiating table…
Just when I thought that.
“Hehe, don’t get so worked up.”
With a bewitching smile, Taratatt approaches me.
(Taratatt! Don’t provoke them! Nadeshiko’s smile disappeared for a moment!)
Seemingly unexpected for Ailsherad as well, she hurriedly grabs her superior’s shoulder. Taratatt lightly taps Ailsherad who was trying to pull herself back.
“Banshokuger, I lost to you. I don’t intend to oppose you now. No need to be cautious.”
While Karasu and others exchange glances, Akashi responds promptly.
“That’s impossible. How can you say that unless you guys stop causing trouble?”
“Oh, well. Hmm, that’s true. Let me explain.”
“Ah, w-wait!”
Taratato grabbed Ashella’s hand, which was trying to pull herself back, and instead pulled her forward. Hey, what do you think you’re doing?
“Gonnnya-gonnnya. ……” “What, huh??!”
What are you making her say, seriously?
“I, I am—”
“The Great Executive Ailsherad…!” “is that her real face…?”
Not only Akashi and the others, but also the operators in the rear, feel renewed tension.
(That makes sense. She defeated us once about half a year ago and was powerful enough to fight Milliokala.)
I recall the havoc of the final battle. Despite her current appearance resembling that of a young wife, I’ve never seen anyone with a more direct destructive power than Ashella.
“S-so, um, that’s… right! Ha!”

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