Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 7 part 4

It must be a joke, of course, but Luna Maria’s smiling face had a strange power. Was there really a sense of danger in the union of Miroslav and her?

Certainly, since Miroslav had joined us, the number of times I slept with Luna Maria had been reduced by half… But no, no, it couldn’t be. Luna Maria wasn’t that kind of person.

And if I asked her what kind of person she was, I think she would have trouble answering.

Seal also gave me a seductive look every night, which had become something strange.

The number of targets for soul devouring was growing as I wished, but if things went too smoothly there would be a certain fear. I anticipated a possible backlash.

“…But well, regardless of the backlash, you reap what you sow~” I murmured quietly, making sure no one could hear me. Anyway, if I believed that everything was my responsibility, I could find conviction.

I nodded to myself, hiding my inner fear.

As I looked to the north from Kurausora, the first thing I saw was a defensive line consisting of Canaria soldiers.

There were three moats and fences built to block the road. There was even a simple tower. It had been constructed too quickly for human hands, so they must have employed magic.

As Kurausora flew over, the soldiers below looked up at the sky in awe, and after a brief pause, cheers erupted. The applause wasn’t for me, but for Kurausora, who was immensely popular among the residents of Ishka.

—Although I knew it, I couldn’t help but feel invigorated. After all, since becoming an adventurer, I had never received such praise.

Equipped with valuable experience, I proceeded further north and soon spotted rising dust ahead.

Occasional flashes of red indicated magical fire explosions. If I focused my gaze, I could see individuals brandishing their weapons amidst the dust.

Observing their equipment, it was clear that they weren’t regular soldiers, as their attire lacked uniformity. They were likely the adventurers Elgart had dispatched. Some had anticipated their arrival. A certain number of them was present.

Apparently, they were slowly retreating while reducing the number of monsters through the use of magic, bows, and arrows.

It was a battle in retreat, challenging even for a well-trained army. From what I could gather, the adventurers were under immense pressure.

Seeing that, a smile formed on my lips.

“Let’s go, Kurausora! We’ll provide some extra assistance!”

Raising my voice to be heard above the roaring wind, I received a resolute response from the dragon, “Puiiii!”

Kurausora seemed excited by the earlier cheers as well.

The two of us, in sync, dashed into the midst of the dust like a gust of wind.

Then, I would unsheathe my katana and swiftly eliminate the enemies—or so I had thought.

It was not that simple. Even if I swung my katana from the back of the Wyvern, I wouldn’t reach the enemies. According to Astrid in the royal capital, the Canaria dragon knights used long spears and crossbows as their standard equipment.

Originally, I should have followed suit, but in my case, I possessed long-range attacks with my energy and the fire magic I learned from Luna Maria and Miroslav. I deemed it unnecessary to employ unfamiliar weapons.

Above all, leaving it to Kurausora proved to be far more destructive than my own attacks.

I just needed to be careful not to disturb Kurausora.


Roaring, Kurausora landed in the center of the frenzied monsters—or rather, collided.

As I mentioned before, a Wyvern doesn’t solely rely on the strength of its wings; it also utilizes the magical power within its body for flight. Vertical takeoff, landing, and aerial movement are all achieved through this power.

At that moment, Kurausora increased its strength with magical power and crashed through the ground at nearly full speed. The impact could be compared to rocks hurled by a catapult.

A deafening roar resonated, and the monsters that were there vanished without a trace. The surrounding area was filled with floating clumps of earth, as the impact sent the monsters flying and mixed their splattering body fluids with the raised soil, dyeing the ground scarlet.

The monsters that had been attacking the adventurers became motionless, as if in a daze. It wasn’t just the adventurers; the entire area fell into an eerie silence in the face of this fierce and deadly battleground.

Seizing the opportunity, I spoke loudly.

“Adventurers! This place is now under the control of the ‘Bloody Sword’!”

As I spoke firmly, I felt a tingling sensation in my nose.

—Leave it to me, go ahead!


Although the language was slightly different, it was something I wanted to say at least once in my life. It wasn’t something I should be thinking about at that moment, but I couldn’t help but feel a little happy.

But there was no time to relax. The horde of monsters began to move.

While many monsters were surprised, confused, and hesitated due to Kurausora’ sudden appearance, the same couldn’t be said for the monsters coming from behind.

The monsters that had been halted were now pushed and crushed by the new wave of monsters. In fact, a considerable number of monsters seemed to have trampled over their own kind.

I urged Kurausora, and we took to the air. If we were surrounded by monsters on the ground, our mobility would be severely limited.

“Kurausora, let’s continue. This time, without landing, we’ll make our way through the horde of monsters.”


In response to my instructions, Kurausora spread its wings wide.

However, since we had come to a stop, we needed to make a sharp turn and regain maximum speed. Considering the speed of the new monsters, they would undoubtedly reach the adventurers before we completed our turn.

Tch, I clicked my tongue.

It was a mistake to impulsively engage this horde. I need to be more aware of my immaturity as a dragon rider. Duke Dragnote and Astrid would have approached this situation with greater efficiency.

“Well, there’s no use in lamenting. Now I have to stop the enemy—’Fire-sucking flower. Wrapped fruit. Ripen, bulge, and fall.'”

I attempted a new fire magic I learned from Miroslav. It’s a second-grade magic—a spell to halt the enemy.

“‘Burst in succession—Glowing balsam.'”

Several bell-shaped fruits materialized in the air, each the size of my head. There were thirty in total. As they gathered together, they made a splashing sound, as if unable to support their own weight, and fell to the ground.

The fruits exploded upon impact with the ground. Flames erupted from within, rising like columns of fire, and fragments of flames dispersed.

The sudden heat that spread in an instant was enough to scorch human skin.

Hm, this is more useful than I thought. It may not be powerful enough to annihilate the monsters, but it provides substantial support. Furthermore, the incantation is not overly lengthy, allowing me to skip it without losing power. The strength can be increased by infusing it with energy, and if I utilize it while riding the dragon, the enemy won’t have a chance to gather.

I have to express my gratitude to Miroslav for finding and teaching me magic that proves beneficial as a dragon knight.

“I suppose it would have been better to start with this.”


“N-No, I’m not blaming you. This attack, combined with the previous one, was effective!”


“Yes, that’s right!”

So cheer up. After encouraging Kurausora, we were nearly finished with our turn.

Looking down, I could see that most of the adventurers had already retreated. Unlike regular soldiers who follow orders from their superiors, adventurers act at their own discretion. They possess flexibility, for better or worse.

In this case, with a few more pushes, they should be able to retreat far enough.

I’m also concerned about the village where the plague has resurfaced, so I’ll put an end to this once and for all.

As I pondered that, leaning forward in the saddle, preparing to charge once more.

After witnessing the retreat of the adventurers, I proceeded to the village upstream of the Kale River as planned.

The river’s surface was now filled with double the number of boats. These must be the refugees escaping from the monster frenzy. It’s only natural for the evacuation to utilize the waterway when the roads are overrun by monsters.

When those in the boats saw Kurausora, they screamed, thinking it was a monster attack. However, when I waved from the dragon’s back, their screams turned into cheers.

Perhaps they mistook me for a dragon knight from the royal capital who had come to rescue them. It was a misunderstanding, but there was no need to correct it.

Despite that, I arrived at the village as planned.

As expected, it seemed that an attack had taken place here as well. However, the scale of the attack appeared to be so massive that the guards and villagers could only fight back. Most of the villagers had evacuated in boats sent by the Ishka administration afterward.

However, a few people remained in the village, and officials were struggling to treat them. They were dealing with how to handle the sick individuals who couldn’t even move due to the poison.

I informed them that I had brought an item that was more effective than the currently distributed antidote, but the officials’ expressions remained unchanged.

The situation had reached a stage where medicine was no longer effective—the words of the official echoed in my mind as I entered a hut where isolated individuals were kept.

Even with the cloth the official gave me covering my nose and mouth, I immediately detected a pungent odor.

The interior of the darkened hut was eerily silent, devoid of any groans or voices.

Instinctively, I frowned. For some reason, my legs refused to move. I couldn’t explain why, but it felt as if the air in that hut rejected the presence of the living.

Still, I couldn’t retreat. Making up my mind, I forced my frozen legs to move forward.

Approaching one of the beds, I looked at the person lying there.

And I looked… and regretted it.

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