I am no hero of the shadows! Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 6

Precisely ten minutes.
After separating from Phil heading south, Kahlua arrived at the Lylac Kingdom’s national border.
“Now that I’ve reached the border… “
Spread out in front of her were soldiers wielding swords, engaged in fierce combat.
The clashing of metal and war cries echoed everywhere, portraying a scene where soldiers were boldly fighting head-on.
There was no supply base or commanding officers in the rear; it was undoubtedly the heart of the battlefield, evident to anyone who looked.
Kahlua had reached a slightly distant location — a hill where she could overlook the surroundings.
“Well, it’s not like I can join them immediately, and it might have been better to follow Phil… No, but I really dislike that confined feeling. It’s just so unsettling to feel restrained.”
Now, what should she do?
Kahlua stopped and pondered.
“If we think normally, it would be to join Phil and provide assistance. Whether or not we make it in time, I can still support Phil.”
With Kahlua’s magic, she could quickly join them.
She could move at an unimaginable speed, searching the battlefield thoroughly with minimal losses.
Rather than everyone searching for the enemy soldiers on foot, Kahlua’s range of action was much larger.
On the other hand—
“Phil would probably make it in time. It’s like he has the qualities of a hero, huh? He can come to the rescue in crucial moments. It’s truly strange… but if I believe in that, there’s no need to forcefully join them.”
If Phil encounters those plotting assassination, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to participate.
If they repel the attackers together, the chances of being saved would be high.
However, if possible, she wanted to help not only the Holy Maiden but everyone.
Though not to the extent of Phil, a gentle girl would feel the desire to help the soldiers fighting on the battlefield.
“If we can end the war here, the pretext of attackers taking advantage of the war to kill would disappear. Even if we kill them after the war ends, an investigation into the internal culprits will start immediately.”
Might as well aim to end the war quickly.
Using the time spent searching to defeat enemy soldiers, that would be more efficient.
Having decided on her course of action, Kahlua swiftly descended from the hill to the battlefield.
Her goal was to swiftly end the North-South War.
While defeating enemy soldiers and searching for the commander.
Kahlua, with her initial speed slower than the speed of sound, wouldn’t stop unless she reached a state where she was “barely visible.”
Therefore, starting her movement required the utmost attention. Kahlua landed on the battlefield, where she could barely be followed by the eyes.
And then, she swung her fist towards the enemy soldiers.
“W-What…!? Ugh!”
“You! Where the hell did she come from…!?”
Enemy soldiers and her own soldiers were engaged in a face-to-face confrontation.
The advantage seemed to be with her own side, which had pushed closer to the enemy’s position. So, she decided to start by sprinting to the very center of the enemy’s position, creating chaos in the confrontation.
One soldier muttered,
“Why is a maid in a place like this…!?”
Kahlua’s barely traceable figure must have seemed out of place on the battlefield.
In a maid outfit instead of armor, without a sword, spear, or bow—just a fist.
(Come to think of it, Phil went in like that too. Not just me, but Phil is going to have a tough time later.)
Revealing the figure of the [Hero of Shadows] fighting on the battlefield might make it irreversible.
Thinking of her distant master, who had now become almost invisible unless he stopped, Kahlua focused on her own actions.
(Well, let’s concentrate on what we can do here.)


This is a battlefield. Even if everyone’s movements couldn’t be captured, there’s still the risk of stepping on a rolling sword.
While paying the utmost attention, Kahlua smoothly punched her fists into the enemy soldiers.
As time passed, the sound of her fists changed.
Speed turned into weight, and that pure power increased as time went on.
As Kahlua’s fists gained more speed over time, gradually becoming heavier—
Eventually, just a kick to the torso sent them flying far away.
If things continued this way, the enemy soldiers would be thrown into chaos.
After all, you never know when an unseen artillery might aim at you.
Weirdly enough, the mysterious artillery seemed scarier than the approaching soldiers from her own country.
Of course, no one would willingly want to become an indistinct projectile that loses its original form and gets sent far away.
As Kahlua blew away several soldiers per second, the soldiers from the enemy country began to turn their backs, retreating as if running away.
“Now’s the chance! Push forward!!!”
A voice, presumably from her own soldiers, echoed from somewhere.
It seemed they were trying to advance while Kahlua wreaked havoc and the soldiers from the enemy country were in disarray.
Kahlua, who had aimed for this, smiled faintly.
The plan was successful. If she could reach the innermost part and strike the commander, the war would end immediately.
While targeting the innermost part, Kahlua set a record of blowing away over a hundred soldiers.
However, at that moment—
As Kahlua advanced further into the enemy’s territory, she noticed a blank area in her field of vision.
Even the retreating enemy soldiers intentionally avoided that area, not stepping into it.
However, only one person—right in the center of the blank area, a girl in a pure white dress, completely out of place on the battlefield, stood.
(Quite obvious… a trap.)
It was an obvious trap.
Nevertheless, there was evidence that something was there.
Kahlua approached one of her soldiers, blew him away intentionally into the blank area to investigate.
When the soldier, who should have been floating in the air, crossed the blank area, he fell to the ground.
“Hey, who did that!? Who dropped a man into my territory!? I was trying to maintain a sense of cleanliness in this manly battlefield, you know? You shouldn’t just throw him away like that!”
The girl in the one-piece dress, her waist-length brown hair flowing.
She complained while ignoring the fallen soldiers. Grumbling, she slowly advanced towards her own country’s territory.
(Well, it’s not strange for there to be a magician in this war… but it’s harsh for the soldiers to deal with her.)
Letting out a sigh, Kahlua, who had been accelerating at a moderate pace, stopped her legs.
And then, she stood in front of the girl.
“Huh? Why is a maid here? Since when did the battlefield start offering delivery services?”
“Same to you. There’s no beautiful flower field here. Wouldn’t it be better for you to return before your clothes get dirty with dust?”
“I see, I see… my apologies. It seems I was rude. So, we’re colleagues, huh? When did the battlefield become a place for maid services?”
The girl shrugged her shoulders.
Being out of place on the battlefield—the privilege of strong individuals who seek ideals.
Different from the miscellaneous crowd that can’t survive without blending in.

“Well, then, my opponent is you! Because of situations like this, I’m always a working ant today too!”
“Both of us being tossed around is quite troublesome. Well, I have my reasons too… Let me handle it.”
The magician who appeared on the battlefield faced each other.
To fulfill their respective roles. Kahlua, to assist her master.
[“Haha! You flew nicely, enforcer of justice!”]
[“Th-this evil person!!!”]
At that moment—
“Oh, come on, you’re not even trying to hide… I won’t know anything even if you complain later.”
A girl holding a large hammer appeared on the battlefield, seemingly blown away, and following her, a young man with black arms growing on his back.

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