Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 51

Mob #51 [Ground Support Unit, can you hear me?! I am Tony-Ikorai! The son of Jack-Ikorai, the Count!]

The next morning at 6 a.m.
The alarm I had set rang, signaling it was time to wake up.
I brushed my teeth, washed my face, changed clothes, and fixed my bedhead before stepping outside the ship.
There, remnants of the barbecue from yesterday’s gathering were still scattered around.
In other words, it was a mess of charcoal, empty cans, paper plates, plastic forks, and knives.
Cleaning this up was no joke, so I decided to ignore it and head to the cooking tent for breakfast.
Without meeting anyone I knew, after finishing breakfast and returning, I found the sunny folks arguing with the Count’s private soldiers.
Ignoring the argument, I decided to check my ship.
Checking fuel and ammunition levels, verifying the radar’s operation, testing each thruster, and so on, I was interrupted.
“Hey, you creepy fatty! You should be the one cleaning up here! You’re the one who caused all this mess!”
One of the sunny girls spouted something incomprehensible.
“Yeah, right. We didn’t make this mess, so we don’t need to clean it up.”
The guys with her were saying similarly nonsensical things.
Clearly, they were blaming me for the mess they obviously created. Why would it be my responsibility?
In essence, they seemed to genuinely believe that cleaning up after themselves was not something they should do.
Back in my student days, I’ve dealt with similar people causing trouble, so I understood well.
However, it seemed they had forgotten that the Count’s private soldiers were present in this situation.
“Don’t say nonsense and clean up after yourselves! You’re the only ones who left a massive amount of garbage until morning! And the commotion you made yesterday has been confirmed by everyone around, including myself! Don’t shift the blame onto others!”
The leader of the Count’s private soldiers scolded them, and even the people around them glared at them.
It seemed that while I was busy listening to various things yesterday, they had caused quite a bit of trouble in the surrounding area.
Unable to withstand the stares from those around, and perhaps because, despite being private soldiers, their opponent was of a higher rank, they obediently began cleaning.
However, uncertain about what they might do out of spite, even after the inspection was over, I pretended to continue inspecting until their cleaning was complete. With the Count’s private soldiers keeping an eye on them, once the cleaning was done, they quietly returned to their own ship.
The woman who initially spoke gibberish to me went back to her flashy ship parked next to mine.
Having successfully completed the inspection, I equipped a parachute-equipped survival backpack in case of ejection and sat in the pilot’s seat. It was then that a simultaneous communication was directed only to the members assigned to the ground support mission.
“Ground support team, can you hear me?! I’m Tony Ikorai! The son of Count Jack Ikorai!”
I couldn’t help but exclaim.
The person who identified himself as Tony Ikorai on the screen was none other than the noble son I saw at the gun shop the other day.
I never thought he was Count Ikorai’s son.
Count Ikorai didn’t seem to have a bad reputation, but when it comes to the son… Many nobles have reservations.
Curious about what kind of nonsense he would spew, I prepared myself, and then he continued,
“This time, I’ll be giving you orders as your commander! Well, I don’t plan to interfere at all, so just move as you see fit in response to the requests from the ground forces! But, you better not forget to update the map with the current situation and report it to my old man! I won’t tolerate living with the wealth that could allow me to play for eternity being robbed! That will be mine someday! So, try to avoid destroying the plants as much as possible! Got it? Supplies and rewards are generously prepared! Crush those terrorists who dared to try to steal my future fortune and kill the future citizens of mine! Do it efficiently!”
He exuded a somewhat half-hearted arrogance and a hint of affection for the local area.
“Alright, my old man has something to say soon. Everyone, direct your gaze to the screen or the sky.”
When the count’s son spoke, a hologram appeared in the air.
Reflected in the hologram was a man in his fifties who seemed quite rugged.
This man was likely Jack Ikorai, the Lord of the planet Teura.
Certainly rugged, more like the boss of a pirate or mercenary gang than a noble, he had a wild air about him.
Did he resemble his son in any way?
As the hologram appeared, everyone nearby turned their attention directly to it, and the count began his speech.
“Mercenaries, garrison troops, private soldiers, and militia! Thanks for gathering here! I’m Jack Ikorai, the lord of this planet Teura, inheriting the title from my old man. These damn terrorists have barged onto my planet Teura, demanding we hand over the Tridium ore vein we finally discovered, along with part of the energy plant they’ve occupied! I can imagine which bastards they are, but they’re nothing but thieves! We prioritized the evacuation of our citizens at first, but now that it’s done, there’s no need to hold back! We’ll kick their asses so hard they’ll regret ever crossing us! Thankfully, the Imperial Fifth and Seventh Fleets are deployed in orbit to prevent their escape. With that encirclement, not even a speck of space junk will get away! Now, let’s go kick some terrorist ass! Don’t lag behind!”
After delivering a suitably wild speech, the count himself boarded an armored vehicle that had arrived nearby.
What? Is he really going to the front lines himself?
Well, he looks like he’s ready to go…
Following the count, ground and air units began to depart one after another.
Since jumping out into the crowded place might cause a collision, they took off slowly after the ships around them had flown away.

It would take some time for the ground support units to reach the energy plant, unlike the aerial assault force focused on regaining air superiority.
As I recalled part of the count’s speech just now…
I was surprised to learn that both the 5th Fleet and the 7th Fleet were surrounding the planet Teura.
They definitely have no intention of letting the terrorists escape, nor do they plan to allow reinforcements for them.
I’ve dealt with the 7th Fleet before, but the 5th Fleet is new to me.
Well, I doubt I’ll ever come face to face with them.
But from what I’ve heard, the 5th Fleet is quite something.
According to the search engine “Sirabe-Rocas Sensei,” the commander of the 5th Fleet is
Major General Lunaris Bloodwell.
She’s a rare female commander, holding the title of Countess.
Beautiful and competent, but ruthlessly rational, she shows no mercy to enemies, subordinates, or superiors.
Rumors say she even yelled at Supreme Guard Commander Kierlect Erndibar, or something like that.
Under her command, her troops, whether nobles or commoners, are calm and disciplined, never engaging in inefficient actions.
Rumor has it that those who used their status and rank to bully or harass others were labeled as “inefficiency producers” and turned into target practice during shooting drills. There are even stories of them being riddled with bullets.
While it may be a relief for commoners to be free from discrimination or bullying, there are reportedly few volunteers due to the incredibly rigorous training.

Anyway, with those fearsome fleets backing us up, there’s no need to worry about reinforcements coming from space or the terrorists escaping. We can focus on executing the operation with peace of mind.

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