My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Epilogue + Afterword


The day after the incident.
“Hello, Saito.”
“Hi, Lily.”
Even though it was a school day, Lily and Saito didn’t come across each other until after lunch,
as Lily had been re-questioned about yesterday’s events at the police station.
“I’m glad Haruki is okay!”
“We were really worried! Seriously.”
“Whoa!? Hey, you two, that’s too tight! My bones are creaking!”
Lily, placing her bag down, looked at Haruki, who had come to school with them. He was being tightly embraced by his childhood friend Mizuki and senior Koyuki, screaming in discomfort.
“Want to join them? You were saved too, right?”
Seeing Lily laugh at her ex-boyfriend’s suffering, Saito, who was behind her, grinned and asked if she wanted to join in with the teasing.
The reason he said that was probably due to the rumors he heard on the way to school.
While Lily had resolved the incident yesterday, the time she spent restraining Makabe was brief, and a teacher took over midway.
As a result, few knew that Lily had repelled Makabe.
As a result, various speculations circulated. Due to Lily’s delicate physique and the fact that Haruki helped Koyuki, and Mizuki when they were about to be hit by a car or drowning, rumors spread that Haruki defeated Makabe. The rumor also suggested that Lily joined the harem because she was saved by Haruki. However, these were all false speculations.
If it were her first life, these rumors would certainly have some truth to them, albeit with slight variations.
After the events concluded, in previous life Lily was indeed a part of the circle with Haruki, Mizuki, and Koyuki.
Before the time leap, without a doubt, she would have been one of the main heroines in Haruki’s harem.
“There’s no way that could happen. Because—”
She dismissed Saito’s mischievous joke with an exasperated tone, knowing it was impossible.
But this time was different.
Lily had solved the incident on her own, and Haruki had not helped her at all. There was no romantic interest whatsoever.
Moreover, Lily knew Haruki was a scumbag who would cheat on her, so he was never going to be a romantic interest.
Joining Haruki’s harem was out of the question.
Above all, there was someone else Lily had met—
a person she genuinely wanted to become the main heroine for.
Meeting that wonderful childhood friend who vividly painted the once gray world with colors happened a few years ago.
“─I’m Saito’s childhood friend. There’s no way I’d leave Saito behind.”
With a beaming smile, she said, and Saito widened his eyes, eventually laughing with a look of disbelief. “You’re an idiot. With that attitude, you’ll never get a boyfriend for your whole life.”

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Nice to meet you, I’m 3pu.
First of all, thank you very much for picking up this book.
Let’s talk a bit about this work, “My Childhood Friend Seems to be the Main Heroine.”
The inspiration for this work came from questioning whether true happiness awaits beyond the happy ending.
After all, it’s unrealistic for the indecisive romance comedy protagonist to graduate from high school and still not be popular.
Because, naturally, the protagonist has that level of charm.
Also, it’s hard to imagine other heroines giving up just because they were rejected once.
After all, the feelings they have for the protagonist shouldn’t be easily dismissed.
Even after the story ends, there will surely be heroines who continue to approach the protagonist without giving up.
Confronted by such charming heroines, will the indecisive protagonist be able to refuse?
No, he probably won’t be able to.
After all, the other party is a beautiful girl.
If she says something like, “Just once is fine,” or “Think of it as helping me,” he might end up agreeing.
Well, I’m a pure love advocate, so I would definitely refuse even if such things were said to me.
Character-wise, it’s not impossible, isn’t it?
So, what would happen if such a situation occurred?
That’s the question I tried to explore in this work.
To be honest, when I posted it on the web, I didn’t think it would be read so much.
It’s not a long title for the web, and it doesn’t have a light and easy-to-read gag taste.
I thought a heavier story might not be well-received. But winning first place in the romance comedy weekly rankings and receiving the grand prize in the romance comedy category of the 8th Kakuyomu Web Novel Contest.
I honestly couldn’t believe it.
Or rather, even as I write this afterword, I still can’t believe it.
I question every day if it’s a dream.
“But the fact that this book is in everyone’s hands is not a dream.
I truly feel relieved, yet at the same time, I’m anxious to know what impressions you all have.
If you found it enjoyable, I would be delighted.
Hoping to meet you again in the next volume, I will conclude for now.
Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Editor A and Illustrator Bcoca for their tremendous support in publishing this book.
Thank you very much.
Well then, goodbye. See you again.

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