Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 2 Prologue


The intense midday sun reflected off the luxurious white carriage, making it sparkle.
Delicate patterns were carved into the corners of the carriage, adorned with jewels. The roof was arched, with intricate designs etched into it as well. The carriage was pulled by magnificent horses with sleek, shiny coats.
Inside, the floor and seats were covered with rich crimson carpets, separated by expensive silk curtains. Soft cushions with gold embroidery adorned the seats.
The decoration was clearly excessive. Even royalty wouldn’t ride in such an opulent carriage. The extravagance might alienate the public, and it was too flashy to go unnoticed.
Yet, the woman inside the carriage lounged comfortably, unconcerned about appearances. Even if they were traveling through a crowded city, her demeanor wouldn’t change.
Her long, wavy purple hair and deep, clear emerald eyes were striking. The white dress revealed glimpses of her sensuous, pale skin. She was undeniably beautiful, but something about her unsettled those who saw her.
A maid sitting beside her gently fanned her with a feather fan.
“So boring,”
the woman said, making the maid tremble. She didn’t know how to respond. One wrong word, and she could incur her mistress’s wrath with unpredictable consequences.
“Maybe I should have come alone?”
the woman continued without waiting for a reply.
(If only she had, how much better it would have been,)
the maid thought bitterly.
Upon returning to her mansion from the castle, the woman had abruptly announced,
“I’m going to Faloon.”
Naturally, the maid and the servants were unprepared. Nevertheless, the woman the woman did not care about them and refused to listen to them, insisted on departing immediately.
It was utter chaos. But if they didn’t comply, they knew they’d suffer her wrath.
The servants hastily gathered what they could and loaded the two carriages following behind with various items—clothes, cosmetics, jewelry—most of which were unnecessary for travel. But leaving anything behind would surely anger the woman.
Her anger was the most terrifying thing of all.
Carmilla, one of the Five Heavenly Kings of the Dorsen Kingdom, was renowned for her power,
rumored to decapitate with just a flick of her finger.
The maid knew the rumors were true, having witnessed Carmilla casually demonstrating her power by slicing through objects in the mansion. Although she’d never seen Carmilla behead anyone, she knew better than to doubt her mistress’s capability. Despite being her mistress, the maid wished to avoid getting too involved with Carmilla.
“Hey, do you know what Faloon is like?”
Carmilla, bored, asked the maid.


“…Rumor has it that King Zeross seized the throne by force,” the maid replied cautiously.
“Isn’t it natural for the strong to take the throne?”
Carmilla said with a sly smile. The maid understood that her mistress was asserting her own strength and right to power.
“What else?”
“They say Faloon has powerful warriors called the Hundred. They usually fight in the arena, but when war breaks out, they become berserkers. It’s said they played a significant role in defeating our army at Brix.”
“That’s just the loser’s excuse,”
Carmilla said coldly, making the maid flinch.
“How could a bunch of outlaws who fight in an arena be that strong? Anyone can see that’s nonsense,”
“I agree, but since our army was soundly defeated at Brix, that’s the talk of the town. Even two of the Five Heavenly Kings, Lord Mateus and Lord Dante, were killed.”
“They were just pretenders who got exposed,”
Carmilla sneered at the deaths of her colleagues.
“They only held their positions because there was no one better. They tried to act grand, and that’s why they died, right?”
“Yes, exactly as you say,”
the maid replied, though inwardly she mourned Mateus and Dante.
Both were true knights and popular with the people.
Mateus, in particular, was known for his handsome, refined appearance and impeccable conduct, making him the envy of women throughout the kingdom. Compared to him, Carmilla had no popularity.
Though she possessed extraordinary beauty, her infamous bad temper kept men away. Her strength, known for its tyranny, made her more of a monster than a person.
Most likely, the people wished Carmilla had fought at Brix instead of Mateus.
Not because they wanted her dead, but because they believed she could have won the battle.
“There’s also a rumor that the king of Faloon gains his power by consuming monster meat, and the Hundred might have similar demonic strength…”
The maid didn’t believe the rumor much but wanted to defend Mateus somehow.
“How ridiculous,”
Carmilla scoffed.
“If eating monster meat could make you strong, no one would struggle for power. Listen, true power comes from the right bloodline. Commoners eating monster meat would only get food poisoning. They’re probably just going berserk from the poison. Such reckless warriors might be troublesome, but they’re no match for me.”
Carmilla looked down on the Hundred as country bumpkins.
“Of course, no one can match you, Lady Carmilla,”
the maid said, trusting her mistress’s strength, especially in violence.
Carmilla, pleased by the flattery, peered out at the scenery through the curtains.
In the distance, a massive structure came into view. It must be Faloon’s arena, as rumored.
“What a vulgar building,”
Carmilla said, narrowing her eyes.
The carriage continued down the road to Faloon.

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