A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Extra 3

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Deputy Holy Knight vs. Fei-kun

Fei is running around the capital on his hands. He always puts in his best effort to train himself.
There are those who reevaluate him, those who oppose him, those who suspect him, those who simply observe him with interest, and various others.
However, no matter how much he is evaluated or watched with curiosity, he doesn’t change.
(I’m the protagonist after all! Today, too, I’ll put in all my effort and train! The principles of the protagonist are effort, friendship, and victory!)
Fei may have a super cool expression on the outside, but on the inside, he’s more lively than anyone else. He’s a crazy man who finds joy in effort.
After finishing the perimeter of the capital, Fei took a breath. Then, someone approached him from behind.
“Long time no see.”
“You are…”
“I am Constantine, Vice Commander of the Round Table Knights.”
“… ” (Who is this again…)
The moment Fei saw the woman introducing herself as Constantine, he questioned who she was. She had bandages wrapped around her face, but only one eye was visible.
“… ” (Who is this? I feel like I’ve met her somewhere… but saying I don’t know here goes against the image of being a cool protagonist who knows everything… I’ll try to show that I know everything.)
“Do you remember me?”
“Yeah, you.”
“It’s unusual for someone like you to speak like that to Vice Commander Constantine.”
“… ” (I remember! She’s the woman covered in bandages from head to toe who was next to Sir Lancelot when I defended Master Yururu!)
Fei remembered. Constantine is the top of the Round Table Knights. And she was the one who stood next to Sir Lancelot during the recent Yururu-Galestia incident when I negotiated directly.
She is the top of the top among the knights. It would normally be presumptuous for the lowest of the low, Fei, to speak to her.
(Well, even though I’m a protagonist, there’s no one higher than me in terms of rank as a knight… The protagonist can be said to be the center of the world.)
(Alright, now that I know she’s the Vice Commander, I’ll respond with a cheeky attitude.)
“What do you want from me?”
“I’ve been a little curious about you.”
“Oh… “
“Just an ordinary knight, and a newcomer at that. But there’s something about you that doesn’t seem ordinary. You’re willing to risk your life so easily for Yururu-Galestia… that’s not ordinary.”
“Of course, I’m different from those guys.”
“… May I test you? I’m interested in your abilities, Fei.”
“I don’t mind.”
Constantine drew her sword. Fei’s black eyes, like an abyss, gleamed in response, and he drew his sword as well.



Constantine moved first, swinging her sword down from above. Fei countered while deflecting it, but she stopped his counter with a knife in her other hand.
“It’s an unusual combination of weapons.”
“Yes, a sword and a small knife. This combination is unique to me.”
Fei quickly distanced himself, but before he knew it, she was behind him.
Constantine wins.
“… Let’s go one more round.”
Fei, being competitive, immediately requested a rematch.
(I’m a protagonist of effort, so I won’t give up over something like this! I’ll keep going until I win!)
“Constantine is a First-Class Knight… but even if you’re a Twelfth-Class, I think it’ll be tough for you no matter how hard you try.”
“So what? I’ll keep going until I win.”
Three times, their swords clashed, but Fei was the one who lost. If it were any other knight, it would be clear who would win against a newcomer like him.
However, he kept challenging over and over again. His eyes were not dead, but rather, they were full of fighting spirit.
“You’re different. Most knights would feel overwhelmed and hesitate if they felt such a huge gap. But you seem happy.”
“If there’s a strong opponent in front of me, I can’t help but want to surpass them.”
“… You’re really different.”
Fei gripped his sword and charged again.
“… Haha, what an interesting kid.”
Constantine smiled faintly as she watched Fei.

Constantine, the holy knight, doesn’t prefer much interaction with people. There’s also the fact that there aren’t many beings approaching her in the first place…
“Con… this is the first time someone has cared so much about me…hehe”
She was resting Fei’s head on her lap, who had fainted from training too much. No matter how many times he loses, no matter how many times she’s beaten down, he sends her a burning, fiery gaze.
A madman swinging his sword while sneering.
But regardless of their positions, she looked upon Fei, who approached her straightforwardly, with affection.
“Hehe, this is like a friendly thing. This is…the first time I’ve made a friend…”
She lightly stroked Fei’s head, who was fainting on her lap. Fei’s eyes were rolled back, but…from the outside, the two didn’t look entirely unlike a couple in a good relationship.
And there was someone secretly watching them.
It was Yururu-Galestia, who brought lunch for Fei. She had been secretly watching over Fei all along, but she never thought that the Holy Knight, one of the top figures, would be interested in making contact with Fei.
“W-What should I do? I’m interested in Fei-kun…but if I approach him carelessly…the other person is the Deputy Holy Knight…no, but, I have to go…”
Slowly, hesitantly, she approached the two. After taking a slight breath, she spoke to Constantine with a trembling voice.
“Um, thank you for your hard work…”
“Thank you.”
“Um, my disciple has been in your care…”
“Come to think of it, this person was your disciple, wasn’t he? You have a good disciple. This one will grow.”
“I feel that way too.”
“I suppose so.”
“So, um…I’d like to ask you to return my disciple soon…keeping him on your lap for too long might be impolite…”
“Con doesn’t mind.”
“Eh, really?”
Unintentionally, Yururu made a troubled expression. She intended to ask him to return Fei subtly and to stop the headrest, but it didn’t seem to get through at all.
(She seems…a bit like Arthur-san when she talks…)
The way she talks, her tone of voice. Slightly mechanical reactions. These made her feel somewhat similar to Arthur, who she had been teaching swordsmanship until recently.
“Oh, he’s awake.”
As they talked, Fei, who had fainted, woke up, finally freed from her lap. Seeing that, Yururu felt relieved, and Constantine stroked Fei’s head, which had disappeared from her lap, with regret.
“Fei-kun, Constantine-san has been taking care of you.”
“I see, sorry to trouble you.”
“Well, I should properly thank you too…I’m sorry, thank you too.”
“No need to apologize.”
“If it’s okay with you, would you like to have lunch together? I made too many sandwiches.”
“…Then, I’ll gladly accept.”
Yururu had brought a lot of ham lettuce sandwiches that Fei liked. She spread them out and offered them to the two. Fei and Constantine both started munching away.
Fei ate normally…but Constantine ate from the gaps where the bandages were slightly removed.
(Huh? Does she really resemble Arthur-san after all…?)
Seeing her, Yururu still felt that she resembled Arthur. But more than that…
(…But, more than that, I’m glad that Fei-kun is eating a lot!)
She was overjoyed to see her disciple eating.

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