The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 2 chapter 4 part 1

Chapter 4 – Crying Brings Troubles 

In the drawing room of the Gilbert estate, 
there were four men present. 
The atmosphere was far from amiable – it was ominous, as if the opening of a war was imminent. The air was oppressively tense. 
“Welcome, Earl Lennox. So, what business do you have with me? Heh, or should we start with greetings first?” 
“…That’s unnecessary, Count Gilbert.” 
While outwardly composed, Earl Lennox’s irritation and hostility were palpable. Yorand, who was also present, observed this with a thin smile. 
(Hmm, I can understand why Count Gilbert summoned me. This is quite suspicious. What on earth could the influential noble of the King’s faction want?) 
“There is a private matter I wish to discuss…but why is a member of House Lonsdale here?” 
“You must know the relationship between House Gilbert and House Lonsdale is no different than that man standing by your side. Speak your piece.” 
“…Very well.” 
Though he said that, Earl Lennox’s insides were seething. 
For someone who is usually treated with respect, Claude’s arrogant behavior was simply unbearable. 
“Let me be direct. What are you plotting?” 
“What do you mean by ‘plotting’?” 
“Don’t play dumb with me!” 
Lennox slammed his hand on the table and stood up, clearly angry. But not even a flicker of change could be seen on Claude’s expression. 
Rather, he seemed to find it amusing, his thin smile suggesting as much. This only further grated on Lennox’s nerves. 
“I may not have fully grasped your intentions yet, but I’ve noticed your odd movements! It can’t be a coincidence that many are switching to the noble faction lately!” 
“…And so?” 
“Even if I was behind this, what can you do about it?” 
Lennox nearly let slip a rash statement, but managed to swallow it back. Still, his unabated anger led him to pull out a letter from his chest and thrust it towards Claude. 
“This must be your doing as well!” 
“…What is this?” 
“A letter! From my third daughter [Mia], who attends the Aslan Magic Academy.” 
“Ah, I see.” 
In an instant, numerous possibilities flashed through Claude’s mind. But no matter how he thought about it, nothing came to mind. In other words, this was something he had not anticipated. 
Claude glanced sideways at Yorand, but Yorand simply shook his head slightly. 
“…So you still insist on playing dumb?” 
Roughly retrieving the contents, Lennox pointed to a particular part. There, it was written: 
“–I intend to devote myself to Luke.” 
The moment he read that, Yorand instinctively covered his mouth. He had let slip a distorted smile, which he didn’t want to be noticed. 
(Magnificent…! Luke, you are truly magnificent…!) 
The following text stated that if this was not accepted, she would leave home. 
Mia understood. She knew how valuable she was to House Lennox, being a wielder of the three attributes. She had that kind of strength. 
Of course, Earl Lennox would not readily accept this, and in his fury, he had come to the one he believed was the root cause – Claude. However, his purpose was not just that. 
“It’s been less than two months, and she’s already talking about ‘devoting herself’? Damn it! Mia was being courted by the First Prince and the heir of the Dumont House! If she leaves home, my standing will be ruined!” 
Claude inwardly sneered at this display. 
(What a truly incompetent man. To show such a weakness to me, the noble faction. …But still, my son is indeed remarkable! To have even captivated a noble daughter from the King’s faction? Well, that’s only natural. For Luke, who has surpassed even me, to receive the affections of such a one, it is simply the natural order of things.) 
If this were not a formal meeting, Claude’s face would have surely broken into a broad grin. But as someone who never reveals even a sliver of vulnerability to others, he maintained his composure. His thoughts calmly continued to turn. 
What is the most advantageous choice in this situation? 


And Yorand, too, was trembling with delight. He was convinced that the world was smiling upon him. 
(Count Claude is an excellent person. He’s sure to reach the same conclusion as me. –Now, I can certainly bring House Lennox over to the noble faction.) 
If he could bring in the influential noble of the King’s faction, Yorand’s plans would take a huge leap forward. For him, the world would become even more interesting. 
He had planned to first solidify the noble faction, but he couldn’t afford to miss this opportunity. 
(Even so……I wonder how Luke did it. To captivate [Mia] this much in just two months……I can’t do that. Haha, you really do entertain me, don’t you──) 
As Yorand was lost in these thoughts, the dejected Count Lennox suddenly looked up. 
“……But that’s already settled. The reason I’ve come here today is not to discuss such matters.” 
Count Lennox couldn’t help but let out a sigh. 
The previous talk was like a rant that had slipped out due to a momentary lapse of composure. 
So what is the true purpose that brought him to Claude’s place? It is── 
“──I would like you to accept Mia as the wife of your legitimate son, [Luke-Wizaria-Gilbert].” 
Yes, he has come for an arranged marriage proposal. 
In contrast to Claude, Count Lennox is a person who hardly has any affection for children. If they are capable, he will raise them for the sake of the family name, but if they are incompetent, he will disown them without any hesitation. ──That’s the kind of person he is. 
But precisely because of this ruthlessness, he can think in the most rational way, and that is also the reason he has attained his current status and power. 
Mia grew up without knowing a parent’s love. Therefore, she has an unconscious need to prove her own worth. To be needed by someone. To be noticed by someone. 
That’s why she competes with Alice and is so obsessed with being “needed” by Luke. 
“Kukuku, so in other words──you’re switching your allegiance to the noble faction?” 
“Yes, it’s better to make the decision quickly. If I lose my position, my value will decrease. And this isn’t a bad deal, is it? You’ve already brought in several nobles from the royal faction, haven’t you? I don’t have a complete grasp of what the Marquis is planning, but I do know that much.” 
Yorand had a hard time suppressing the urge to burst out laughing. 
(It’s going too well, it’s almost scary. To be able to draw in Count Lennox to our side this quickly) 
A development far exceeding his expectations. If there were no one around, Yorand probably would have been rolling on the floor laughing. 
Claude has not yet given an answer. But even without being told, it’s clear. There’s no way he would refuse this── 
“──Hmm, I will consider it.” 
This was a shock that even made Yorand inadvertently let out a surprised exclamation. For Count Lennox as well, it was far beyond his expectations. He was so taken aback that he was left dumbfounded. 
“……I-I’m not asking you to make her your son main wife. She can be a concubine, you know?” 
“Yes, that’s why I said I’ll consider it. Don’t make me repeat myself.” 
“Wh……at! What is there to consider?! Enough with the mockery! Even after I’ve gone this far to humble myself and bow my head!” 
“Don’t misunderstand. The reason I said I’ll consider it is not for that purpose.” 
“Then what is it?!” 
Claude elegantly sips his tea. 
This sight only further irritates Count Lennox, but he has no choice but to wait for Claude’s words. 
“I’ll have to ask Luke about it. ──I’m not so foolish as to repeat the same mistake.” 
This was a statement that Count Lennox, with his lack of affection for children, simply could not comprehend. 
Why would he need to ask his own child? It made absolutely no sense to him. 
Count Lennox had already considered switching allegiances to the noble faction the moment Luke manifested his rare dark attribute. It was all too easy to imagine that the appearance of the dark attribute would give the noble faction significant power. 
However, precisely because he is a terrifyingly rational person, he never imagined that Claude would hesitate to give an answer. It was not out of arrogance, but because he recognized Claude’s abilities and calmly evaluated his own worth. 
But it’s only natural that he can’t understand it. Claude’s thinking is the furthest thing from rational. 
His priority has been clear for the past fifteen years. At the pinnacle of that priority──is Luke’s happiness. 

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