Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2: Sasami and Michiba
Sasami runs again today.
The morning run is solo. There’s no time to feel lonely.
She stretches thoroughly, focuses on her form, and runs lightly. She gradually increases her speed, continuing to run even as her breathing becomes labored.
The pain is nothing compared to the anguish of hurting her senpai–
The guilt is far more painful.
When her form starts to falter, she imagines her senpai’s face.
Her senpai, who never really noticed her–yet still spoke kindly to her.
So she cherishes everything her senpai taught her.
I’m an idiot, so running is the only thing I can do…….
I love running because it keeps me from overthinking. It’s the only time I can feel my senpai close.
I was able to win the recent small competition. ……But I couldn’t report it to my senpai.
I’m scared to go see him. I’m afraid of that look in my senpai’s eyes.
So I can only thank him in my heart.
–Senpai, thank you. Thanks to you, Sasami was able to win.
In the clubroom after school. After the competition, today’s practice is just a light run and a meeting with the coach. Discussing future plans, then it’s over quickly.
Igarashi Senpai and Sasaki Senpai are chatting happily. ……Those two should just start dating already. They look like they’re really enjoying running together. I used to look down on them for being slower, but I was the one who was mistaken.
In the track and field club, I don’t have any close friends. I know that I’ve been the target of whispers and rumors – they say I’m a disgusting girl who’s been sucking up to Shimizu senpai, trying to suck up to him.
Even my classmates and upperclassmen hate me. But still… I thought that if I could just win a championship, it would be okay. …Honestly, even when I did win, I wasn’t really happy about it. Because the person I wanted to be most proud of me – I couldn’t tell him.
It’s been so painful. Suddenly, Igarashi-senpai noticed me and came over. That’s really unusual.
“Hey, Sasami, congratulations on your win! Haha, you’ve been so intense lately, haven’t you?”
“Ah, yes. Thank you…”
I didn’t know what to say, because Igarashu senpai should know about me and senpai.
“Huh? You don’t seem energetic. You should have more of a shameless air about you. Hey, did you report it to Toudou?”
What is he talking about? There’s no way I could report it.
“…I didn’t.”
“You idiot! You should report it, because I’m sure he’d be happy. Speaking of which, he got moved to the special class, you know? That’s amazing!”
I had heard the rumors. I had assumed senpai was transferred to the special class because of his track and field skills. After all, senpai…was on a whole other level, even for a high schooler. It wouldn’t be strange if he became an Olympic prospect.
“I-I’ll think about it–“
Just as Igarashi-senpai was about to say something else, Shimizu-senpai showed up.
“What’s this, Sasami? Hanging around with the rejects again? Sasami only won because of me. Igarashi, you should stay away from the rejects like her.”
“…Tch, Shimizu, I don’t feel like dealing with you. See ya.”
Igarashi-senpai went back to where Sasaki-senpai was.
“Sasami, you won, but why didn’t you follow my training regimen exactly? You’re running with a different form than what I advised. What’s going on?”


Shimizu-senpai’s training regime is just dogma. What he always says is different.
If I had listened to that kind of advice… my body would’ve been destroyed. When I stayed silent, Shimizu-senpai raised his voice angrily.
“Hey, Sasami, are you listening? I’m telling you this for your own good!! Geez, have you forgotten the favor I did in saving you from Toudou’s clutches? That disgusting man is getting close to Hana-san again… I have to go save her…”
Now is not the time for that kind of talk…
And senpai is friends with Hanazono-san. It’s strange that he can say those words seeing their relationship.
…But… I also called senpai a stalker… The guilt weighs heavily on me.
I’m the worst. I’m even worse than Shimizu-senpai.
That’s why–I’ll just focus on running. That’s the only way I can repay senpai.
It would be easy to just flatter Shimizu-senpai, to suck up to him, and smooth things over.
The act of blushing, the act of sucking up – I don’t want to do it anymore.
“Shimizu-senpai… Your leg is injured, isn’t it? I can tell you’re favoring it. That’s why you failed to qualify in the preliminaries. …You should fix your form. And Toudou-senpai isn’t disgusting. It was all my lie. It was all my fault… So please don’t speak badly of Toudou-senpai.”
Ah, something that had been bottled up in my heart came spilling out.
I don’t want to cry, but the tears are coming. Because–I can’t bear for Shimizu-senpai to speak badly of Toudou-senpai. It’s all my fault.
Shimizu-senpai’s face turned bright red. His anger was swelling.
Compared to Toudou-senpai’s gaze, this isn’t scary at all…
Shimizu-senpai was about to throw a punch at me, but Igarashi-senpai stopped him.
“Hey! Shimizu, that’s going too far! You damn fool! Cool your head!”
“Shut up! Let go of me! This bitch mocked me! She mocked me, the ace, me the great one! You’re expelled, you’re expelled!”
“Idiot, you don’t have that authority! Sasami’s been working hard, hasn’t she? She won thanks to her efforts, didn’t you praise her in secret before? Why can’t anyone be honest?”
I thought, maybe it’s enough. I love track and field, but I can keep running even outside the club. I’ll just get faster and faster.
“Ah, it’s okay. I’ll quit the club.”
The words came out easily.
I can run anywhere. There are plenty of open meets.
Quitting the track club is my way of making amends. A step forward for me. It won’t absolve my sins, and the guilt won’t fully go away, but… it’s a necessary ritual. Because I betrayed Toudou-senpai. It’s only right that I face the consequences.
“Hey, Sasami! Don’t say you’re quitting!”
“C-Come on, Sasami, that was just a joke. You don’t have to quit. You’re like a little sister to us, right? We worked hard so the track club could-“
When I look at Shimizu-senpai, I feel disgusted. It’s like looking at myself. I see, Shimizu-senpai and I are similar. I really hate myself.
“I really want to change, I truly do…”
“Thank you so much for your guidance, Shimizu-senpai!”
Suppressing the welling emotions, I gave a slight bow and tried to leave.
But then a hush fell over the sports field.
A girl from the special class and someone else were running on the track.
Students in the special class don’t belong to any clubs. They exist in a separate category from us – ah, I’m not in the track team anymore, but we’re still in different groups.
They’re supposed to practice at the sports center, not the school’s field. It’s very rare for them to use the regular campus facilities.
–It’s Toudou-senpai.
“Hey, isn’t that a student from the special class? Their running form is beautiful.”
“Who’s the one next to her?”
“In the school uniform with sneakers… he’s got some serious form.”
“As expected, they’re on a whole other level than us. They’re beyond high school level.”
“Wait, something’s off? Their level is way above normal, isn’t it?”
“Wow, their uniform speed…”
Senpai was running. Just watching him made my heart… so happy…
I can only observe from a distance — my chest is pounding, and I can’t stop the guilt.
The warm memories of being with him won’t leave the back of my mind.
Senpai was like an older brother to me, and just being praised by him made me so happy. There was a family-like affection. I realize that now.
This realization cuts deeper into my chest–
Yet, I can’t tear my eyes away from senpai’s beautiful stride. Imprinting their graceful form in my mind.
I couldn’t stand still any longer.

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