Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 7 part 3

“…So it’s a nightmare reminiscent of twenty years ago.”

“Twenty years ago?”

My interest piqued, I inquired further, and the guildmaster of Ishka let out a sigh.

“This country experienced a stampede in the past. It happened twenty years ago when I was younger than you. The difference this time is that the anomaly occurred at Mount Skim, not Tittis Forest.”

Elgart mentioned that the stampede had devastated numerous cities and villages.

He also shared that when he was an adventurer back then, he faced the stampede with a group and lost two companions.

The city of Ishka couldn’t escape the damage either. It seems the strong walls currently in place were built as a lesson from that incident.

I furrowed my brow and asked, “Do we know the cause of that incident?”

“It was speculated that increased volcanic activity caused a drastic change in the monster ecosystem.”

…Was it simply a whimsical act of nature?

It might be easier to think that it was caused by someone’s malice, but either way, it’s a disconcerting story.

However, now is not the time to dwell on the past. Based on the conclusion drawn from Elgart’s story, the Tittis Forest is currently undergoing an event similar to volcanic activity.

The question is, what exactly is the anomaly?

I accepted the guild’s invitation simply because I wanted this information. Information and connections. In these two aspects, the guild doesn’t compare to “Bloody Sword.” That’s an undeniable fact.

…Well, if the guild were to discover the anomaly, they wouldn’t need to bother listening to me, so I can’t assert it fully from that perspective.

However, it’s possible that they possess clues that could lead to the anomaly, I pondered.

And this supposition became clear with Elgart’s subsequent words.

“It’s unknown if there’s a direct connection to this matter, but there’s a worrisome piece of information. The plague seems to be resurfacing in a village upstream of the Kale River.”

“Master!? That information hasn’t been confirmed yet!”

Upon hearing Elgart’s words, Liddell exclaimed in surprise and impatience.

Elgart responded calmly, “It’s alright, Liddell-kun. This is what information sharing means.”

“Y-Yes. I’m sorry, I spoke without thinking…”

She wasn’t convinced. Liddell lowered her head and fell silent. I could discern the message conveyed by her actions.

As I mentioned earlier, the Tittis Forest serves as the water source for the Kale River. In other words, if we were to rephrase it, the village upstream of the Kale River would be “a village closer to the Tittis Forest than the city of Ishka.”

Elgart mentioned that the plague is resurfacing in that village.

The plague refers to the incident when the venom from the putrid sea contaminated the Kale River.

If the poisonous disease, which was almost eradicated by the Jiraiya Oaks fruit antidote, is resurfacing, then…

“Has the antidote lost its effectiveness?”

“It appears so. We’re not sure if the venom has become more potent, rendering the medicine ineffective, or if the medicine itself has diminished in its effects. This information reached the guild this morning, and our staff is heading to the village to investigate,” Elgart explained.

“I see.”

“There is no need to say that this information is confidential. The people who were relieved by the creation of the antidote could be disturbed again,” Elgart said.

I nodded at his words. I had no intention of revealing anything, even if he hadn’t told me. I hadn’t intended to put the guild under such pressure.

However, I couldn’t help but think about the significance of this information.

When I went into the depths with Suzume, there was no sign of another foul sea. In other words, it’s unlikely that a new basilisk has appeared.

Regardless, are the symptoms of the poison returning? Is there a level of poison that renders the Jiraiya Oaks ineffective?

Furthermore, the poison is diluted by the river water. It can be speculated that it is an extremely potent toxin.

If this disaster in Ishka was caused by that dreadful poison…

That’s when it struck me.

The room door was violently knocked, and a tense woman’s voice came from outside.

“May I come in? Master, I have an urgent report!”

“Come in.”

Elgart’s voice granted permission, and Parfait, the informant, entered the room. Her expression was serious, unlike before.

“The smoke signal appeared in the Tittis Forest. The colors are white, black, and red!”

Upon hearing that, Elgart’s eyes gleamed intensely, like a blade. Liddell also displayed extreme tension.

Perhaps Elgart was observing the situation in the Tittis Forest both as an adventurer and as a guild staff member.

And now, they received contact in the form of a smoke signal. The expressions of the three individuals clearly indicated that it was the worst possible news.


That day, an emergency decree was jointly issued by the Ishka administration and the Adventurers’ Guild to all residents of Ishka.

The decree stated that a horde of monsters overflowing from the Tittis Forest was heading towards Ishka.

In response, the adventurous city of Ishka went into high alert, and the atmosphere was filled with bustling activity.

However, only a small portion of the population truly felt the gravity of the situation.

For those living in Ishka, a renowned city of adventurers, the presence of monsters was part of their daily lives. Conversations about which monsters had appeared and who would defeat them were common topics. The residents were often notified about such cases.

Furthermore, there had been no instances of monster hordes breaching or scaling the city walls.

The damage caused by the stampede that occurred at Mount Skim happened before the completion of Ishka’s walls. After the walls were built, Ishka became impregnable.

The residents who were aware of this remained far from feeling threatened.

They held an optimistic outlook. No horde of monsters could enter Ishka. Even if some managed to enter, it would only be a small portion, quickly defeated by soldiers and adventurers.

As I returned home from the guild, I couldn’t help but curl my lips at the city’s reaction.

I didn’t intend to scorn the residents’ optimism as “peaceful idiots.”

Ishka had been able to maintain its normal urban functions even during emergencies because the residents fervently believed that “everything would be solved somehow.”

Accustomed to the presence of monsters and trusting in the soldiers and adventurers who defended them, the residents remained calm and optimistic, devoid of panic. That was likely their strength.

—And yet, I found it ironic.

It reminded me of the time when I was expelled by the guildmaster, Elgart. He understood the current situation.

If the shameful behavior of “falcon Sword” were exposed as I intended—”Adventurers fleeing from monsters, using civilians as bait”—some residents would undoubtedly apply it to the current situation.

They might question whether the adventurers intended to abandon Ishka to protect themselves, using the residents as bait.

If that were to happen, the situation would worsen even more than it already had.

Considering that, Elgart’s response at the time was correct—well, one could say he wasn’t entirely wrong.

“It’s a troublesome matter,” I muttered in my room, exhaling through my nose. It didn’t matter. Everyone had their position, their decisions. Just because Elgart wasn’t wrong didn’t mean my resentment at being expelled lessened.

Once the monster problem was resolved, I would execute “The Way to Fight Peacefully with the Guild (Climax)” firmly.

In connection to this plan, I could even remove Liddell from the guild by whispering to her, “Your decision will protect the guildmaster.”

That receptionist, with her hostility and wariness towards me, resembled the previous Miroslav. She could be identified fully as an “enemy.”

While negotiating with her would be futile, by hinting to her that her decision would safeguard the guildmaster, there was a chance of success.

Lost in my thoughts, I prepared to depart.

My destination was the Tittis Forest—or rather, the upstream village where the plague was said to have resurfaced.

I didn’t believe that all the monsters overflowing from Tittis would head towards Ishka.

It was reasonable to assume that some monsters would target the nearest human settlements.

Plans were in place to urgently send soldiers and adventurers to those settlements, but none possessed the mobility I had as a Dragon Knight.

Elgart requested my assistance, and I accepted for two reasons. Firstly, it was an opportunity to enhance the reputation of the “Bloody Sword” clan. Secondly, I was intrigued by the poison that Jiraiya Oaks can’t cure.

The current antidote circulating in Ishka was produced by the slave trading association using Jiraiya Oaks fruit. In other words, it had been diluted and mass-produced.

Was the antidote’s failure due to the “antidote” itself or the Jiraiya Oaks? This was something I needed to confirm without delay.

Older individuals may be able to handle the new poison in the current situation, but drastic measures will be necessary for more recent individuals.

There was a speculation regarding the characteristic Luna Maria mentioned earlier. If my body fluid is similar to that of a dragon, using it with the antidote could lead to drastic changes in its effectiveness.

“That’s why I’m relying on you, Miroslav,” I said.

I chose Miroslav over Luna Maria because I believed this experiment would work better with a mage.

Miroslav had already spent nights with me and experienced the improvements using my bodily fluids, so she nodded to my words without hesitation.

“Understood. I will certainly live up to the master’s expectations.”

“Yes, I’m counting on you. Luna Maria, Seal and Suzume, bring the food from Kurausora’ stable here.”

The stable outside couldn’t be used due to monster attacks. The Ishka administration, through Elgart, granted permission for the wyvern to cross the city walls.

Fortunately, my large house had enough room for one or two wyverns.

However, I didn’t think Kurausora would be comfortable in an open garden, so temporary shelter might be necessary. I assigned this task to Luna Maria as well.

“Whether you hire people or not, that’s up to you. You can use the money as you see fit.”

“Yes. Leave it to me, master.”

“I’m not your master anymore, do you understand?”

“In that case, my dear -“

“Just call me Master.”

Feeling uncomfortable that the elf said that with a straight face, I immediately retracted my previous statement.

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