Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 1

2 Study Session

Special event, whether it was truly overlooked or not, time passed without a way to confirm the truth.
” Yes. There’s another twenty pages left for the governance test. Since the range will finish just before the exam, make sure to prepare well in advance.”
As the class was about to end, Raze marked the range mentioned by the teacher in the textbook.
With the eagerly anticipated long vacation ahead, Raze awaited the periodic exams.
For students whose main focus is academics, the nerve-wracking exams were about to begin.
In this academy, the top ten students in all subjects would have their scores posted in the main corridor.
(I’m a scholarship student after all. I can’t afford to get low grades…)
Although Raze didn’t aim to become a scholarship student, there were perks such as exemption from tuition fees, so as someone pretending to be a commoner, Raze should strive for the top.
(Maybe I’ll aim for the tenth position. I have to work hard as if I’m aiming for first place.)
Saint Riole boasted many outstanding students. I couldn’t afford to let my guard down. Getting poor grades would jeopardize my position in various ways.
Raze packed her things and headed out of the classroom.
“Raze-chan, are you heading to the lab today as well?”
“Yeah, I was summoned by Professor Dieter.”
“You seem busy. How about dinner together tonight? I’ll be waiting in my room.”
After informing Folia, who had been waiting to ask what Raze would do next, she headed towards the Tower of Time, which was the domain of the faculty.
Unlike the school buildings and dormitories, the tower exuded a sophisticated atmosphere, housing the private spaces of the adults who worked here. Having obtained permission from Dieter, i made her way to his laboratory, feeling somewhat out of place, and knocked on the door.
“You’re here! Come on, take a look at this quickly!”
Before Raze could even introduce herself, the door opened, and Dieter stuck his head out.
“What do you think, Major?”
“…Professor, that title is a bit…”
Ever since her true identity was revealed, she had been reluctantly dragged into Dieter’s research.
“It’s just a formality. By calling you that, it means there’s no one around who shouldn’t know.”
“That’s true, but…”
Harrens has placed a magical binding to prevent other from revealing to outsiders the information that she is a military person.
However, Raze is not comfortable being addressed as “Major” just because other people knows about it.
Even though she has left his military status behind, being treated like a soldier by the teachers is a complicated feeling.
But Raze resigns herself to it, as the same could be said for her teacher Dieter, who was also a former soldier.
Upon arriving, Raze peered into the prepared microscope and looked through the materials placed beside it.
“This is research on crossbreeding plants from Baluda with those from Ordiana to enhance their efficacy, right? Is this the result after crossbreeding? It looks like a new species different from Kanakzura.”
“Correct. I finally succeeded, but this is the only one that worked out.”
The man’s gaze was fixated on Raze.
she had a bad feeling.
“I guess it’s almost time for the periodic exams to start.”
Trying to change the subject, she said.
“After the exams, we’ll have a break, right?”
“As a scholarship student, I have to study hard. I might not be able to come to the lab as often from now on.”
“I don’t mind that. So, Major, are you going back to the military during the long break?”
Asked by the teacher in a white coat, Raze thought of a researcher she knew.
(Why are there so many clingy researchers around me? Is it because they’re researchers?)
She grimaced and stole a glance at him.
“I have other obligations, so I’ll be busy during the long break. It’s ironic that I can’t rest even during my vacation.”
“That’s right. If you’re really busy, you can rely on your subordinates.”
Dieter, who handed her a piece of paper on the required creatures, said.
“If you’re really busy, you don’t have to force yourself.”
“I’ll be fine. If you give me the samples, you won’t have to come to the lab for a while…”
“That’s pretty harsh, isn’t it?”


What’s the point of such an unlikely trade-off?
Raze furrowed her eyebrows.
“Please. I have no other choice. I need your help. Think of it as saving a poor shut-in researcher… Ah!”
It seemed like Dieter had come up with something and suddenly raised his head.
“Come to think of it, my friend gave me a pamphlet for ordering sweets from a high-end hotel.”
Dieter remember there were lots of sweets made with plenty of fruits, so he recalled, glancing at Raze.
“Professor… So? How many creatures do you need?”
It only took a moment for her to give in.
“Well, I’m asking you for this much, but if you’re really busy, you don’t have to do it.”
Dieter, who had written down the creatures he needed, handed her the paper.
“If you’re short on time, I can ask subordinates for help.”
Raze chuckled wryly at the concern.
‘Speaking of long breaks, there’s the Star Festival, but I suppose you won’t be participating?’
‘If there’s no mission, we usually hold a drinking party every year. It depends on work, you know. We always manage to book a delicious restaurant, but this year, I haven’t prepared anything yet.’
When it comes to festivals, the way Raze spends her time is to be noisy and lively with her subordinates.
Money that has no use can be spent on times like these. Raze is getting on in years, so in the beginning, when she tried to treat them, they were hesitant. But recently, they cheerfully express their gratitude. As a result, it seems she has been receiving more things in return.
“Drinking party…”
Dieter, who has sensed Raze’s real military life, feels a renewed sense of discomfort towards her.
‘Well, you have friends this year, don’t you? Usually, students go out with those they’ve become close to, for outings or dates. like the Prime Minister’s son?’
Feeling like she was being led into a trap, she blurted out what she had intended to say.
Raze was taken aback by the unexpected turn of events as Addis was brought up out of nowhere.
‘Why are we talking about Zarth at this point?’
She couldn’t understand how the conversation had taken such a turn. She seemed genuinely perplexed and bewildered.
‘Well, because, during the last class, when it was mentioned to retrieve magic stones from demons, Zarth raised his hand because you were specified, right? Even after the incident, he made sure you were taken to the infirmary. Are you two close?’
“That’s just his usual behavior. He’s always considerate of others.”
“Oh…? Is that so? Well, I don’t really get it, but if Granoli says so, then it must be true.”
With a nod, Dieter seemed satisfied.
Feeling oddly pressured, Raze let out a small sigh of relief.
She didn’t mind being used to elevate Addis’s status, but she didn’t want any misconceptions about them being particularly close.
“Did you hear? There’s been some trouble in that idol group’s fan club.”
“It seems the long-time and new fans are at odds. It’s cute how even idols get caught up in things unrelated to themselves.”
Memories from a past life flooded Raze’s mind.
(That’s right. Female conflicts are terrifying even in the rough military…)
She could easily be ganged up on by “Blue Noble” fans. It was truly terrifying.
Imagining being caught up in it, she shuddered. Unlike Ruben, who has a partner that everyone has to agree with, Addis, as a free noble without a specific girlfriend, which is why the passion of some of his fans is frightening. So far, Addis was a top contender among the freshmen.
Although they claimed to have enrolled in Saint Riole for their excellent academic background, Raze was confident that there were daughters of noble families looking for marriage partners in this school.
Despite the numbness from events in romance games, this school was conscious of the social scene. Dressing up for the freshmen welcome party. Renting out the hall for the prince’s birthday party is permitted, after all.
The purpose of participating in such events for students was to deepen connections with those they were interested in. The atmosphere made it easy for romance to bloom.
So, for Raze, whose purpose was to guard, the atmosphere was subtly uncomfortable.
“Well, you’re a student now. It’d be nice if you could enjoy it a bit.”
‘Yes… This year, I’m so busy that I can only drop in during my free time for work. I wonder if I can make any promises…’
Her schedule during the military’s absence was already full due to the mission that only she could fulfill.
“I guess being a [Wolf Fang], you’re busy. Isn’t it easier being a student here?’
“Well, actually…”
Pointing out what she always thought, Raze chuckled wryly.
“You’re not planning to reveal your identity to the students, are you?”
Dieter sensed her pride as a soldier in her words.
“That’s right. I didn’t plan to tell the teachers either. I’m expected to attend this school as just a student.”
Actually, it wasn’t something she was proud of that Dieter would know her true identity.
From her perspective as a spy, the incident the other day was a demerit.
She doesn’t forget mistakes because there’s little she can do that’s special.
Dieter understood her pride as a soldier.
“Got it. Then, I’ll stick around.”
“Stick around?”
Raze looked puzzled.
“Let’s produce some good research together, my excellent student.”
He grinned, and Raze smiled softly.
“While I’m honored to hear you say that, I’ll be focusing on studying for exams for a while. Excuse me.”
“Ugh. I was about to discuss my thesis.”
“I’m sorry . I’m keeping an angel waiting.”
Folia was waiting for her return. This was something she couldn’t compromise on.

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