Commoner-Origin Officer Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 3

“It’s not a lie. I presented a highly unlikely assumption to get you to question the director, not because I can see the future. “
“Isn’t that what you call lying!”
Since I don’t have god-like abilities, I can’t know the future for certain. So I simply proposed a future that was likely wrong – what you would call a fraudulent act.”
“F-Fraud…? That’s even worse!”
“I told you, I don’t tell lies. I want to be a trustworthy person, which is why I kept my promise.”
“Waah! I don’t understand a single thing you’re saying, so can someone please translate for me!?”
Yan cried out, but the 8th squad continued to pretend not to notice. After a while of crying and shouting, the girl spoke up again.
“So? What were you trying to say?”
“One thing was that you need to improve your negotiation techniques. Don’t get caught up in emotions, discern the other party’s compromise point, and try to get at least 80% of your hoped-for amount.”
“…Isn’t aiming for the highest amount the best?”
It seems objections give way to questions. Children whose curiosity outweighs their moral compass tend to thrive.
“The highest and lowest are a hair’s breadth apart. There is a high risk of the negotiation table itself collapsing. Unnecessary risks should be avoided.”
“…But what if Norwege asked 100 gold coins? In a case where I have absolutely no intention of selling.”
“I sentenced the criminal to exile for the crime of consorting with barbarians. Afterwards, I took you as a slave – the end result is the same.”
“H-How can you so calmly say such a monstrous thing!?”
The pink-haired girl stares at him with a stunned expression.
“Of course. Consorting with barbarians could easily raise suspicions of espionage. Of course, there’s an exception if you cooperate with the military, but otherwise you’d be punished according to military regulations.”
Yan murmurs with a dark expression.
“I’m not lying.”
“That doesn’t mean you can do anything you want just because you’re not lying!”
“Well, I didn’t want to resort to this method either. It’s going to take a lot of time. If it could be resolved with money, that would be ideal.”
“B-In this case, time should be the lowest priority, don’t you think!?”
“And here’s another thing. Why I told you your true value.”
“…I suppose it’s some underhanded reason, right?”
“No. You undervalue yourself far too much. I consider that amount to be the bare minimum value.”
“You have growth potential. At least 100 times more than the amount I proposed.”
Yan was silent for a while, then peered up at Hazen.
“By any chance…”
“What is it? “
“are you trying to encourage me?”
“Eh!? It’s not that?!”
“What were you listening to? A single gold coin as a down payment and 2 silver coins monthly is unacceptable. 5 gold coins as a down payment, 3 gold coins monthly. Thereafter, a third raise in pay with each promotion. You’ll need to work at least 10 times that much.”
“Waaah! Someone, please! Even a slave trader would be better, someone help me!”
From then on, Yan cried uninterruptedly until they returned to the military fortress.
Back at the fortress, the Kumin prisoner was incarcerated in the dungeon. The final treatment would be decided by the military, but until then, the captured 8th squad would be responsible.
“Yan. You will communicate with him and gather information. You will also be in charge of his daily care, such as serving meals.”
“I understand, but where am I supposed to live first?”
“Eh? In my room, of course.”
Hazen answers matter-of-factly, but Yan looks bewildered.
“I absolutely, wholeheartedly hate that idea!”
“I don’t understand the reason at all!”
“Hmm. I don’t quite get it, but is it something maiden-like?”
“No, it’s not that!”
“Well, your wishes don’t really matter. This is not a proposal, but a decision.”


Yan again has a stunned expression, which is understandable. Even at a remarkably low cost, it’s still a major expense that takes up most of her pay. She doesn’t have the luxury of extravagance, and it’s convenient to have her constantly under his direct supervision.
“Lei Fa will also be assigned as Yan’s escort from now on. Especially if I’m away, prioritize Yan over me.”
“I don’t mind that, but aren’t there also enemies around Hazen?”
“Enemies? You mean the spies lurking in this fortress? I haven’t identified them yet, but did you notice them before me?”
It’s hard to believe. Lei Fa excels in martial arts, but lacks any aptitude as a civil servant. It’s unlikely she would be able to detect the presence of skilled infiltrators.
As Hazen regards her with a skeptical gaze, the silver-haired girl lets out a heavy sigh.
“I didn’t mean that. I mean, the non-commissioned officers are one thing, but the other officers, like Lieutenant Mospitza, are completely hostile towards Hazen.”
“Is that so?”
“Of course! Why don’t you understand?”
Though she says that, if he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t understand. Soldiers have a duty to carry out their missions without being swayed by personal feelings. While it might be understandable for a non-commissioned officer, it’s hard to believe an officer of higher rank like Lieutenant Mospitza wouldn’t grasp this.
Even Lieutenant Mospitza is not an exception. If they were to engage in combat with the enemy, they would naturally be expected to cooperate. The Empire is a mature military state with a long history. As a senior officer, he should be well-versed in such basic military discipline.
But it’s true that Lieutenant Mospitza does display strong emotional fluctuations. His daily conduct is also heavily influenced by personal matters, so Lei Fa’s concern in that regard is not unreasonable.
“Well, I understand what you’re saying. But I have no need to waste even a second’s thought on small fry like Lieutenant Mospitza. I’ll resolve any issues with him the moment they arise.”
“…I figured you’d say that, but I guess my worries were unnecessary.”
The silver-haired girl sighed in exasperation, then gently embraced the young girl.
“Nice to meet you, Yan.”
“Wow, the beautiful older sister is so pretty!”
Yan happily buried her face in Lei Fa’s bountiful chest.
“I-I’m pretty? I’ve never really been told that before.”
“Really? Among everyone I’ve met, you’re the most beautiful by far. I’ve always wanted an older sister.”
“Hehe… I’ve also always wanted a daughter.”
“Huh? How old are you, Lei Fa?”
“Hmm? I’m 19. The Zexan people usually have children around 14 years old.”
As they chatted warmly, a cold voice suddenly spoke up from nearby.
“Don’t spoil her too much with your motherly love. She’s mentally 13 years old, after all.”
“Tch… What a horrible personality.”
Yan stuck out her tongue in disgust.
When they returned to the room, Sergeant Baz was there, putting one book after another onto the bookshelf. These were not for Hazen, but rather educational materials for Yan. At Hazen’s home (his stepmother’s house), there were mountains of general knowledge and basic magic textbooks that he had learned in the Empire, but it would take around 40 days to transport them.
Since they couldn’t just let Yan play around until then, they decided to cram her with books in fields other than what was available at home. These included language studies, biology, medicine, and business.
What Hazen especially wanted to teach her was business. No matter how much money Hazen had, it would never be enough to achieve his goals. Therefore, this girl would have to procure the necessary funds.
As a military man, Hazen couldn’t do it himself, nor was he suited for it. On the other hand, Yan had already been involved in trade from the beginning, so she already had the natural skills for it.
“Thank you. This is a reward.”
Hazen handed Sergeant Baz a small copper coin.
“No, you don’t have to do that…”
“This is for my own personal use. I don’t want to abuse my authority, but I don’t have any other reliable acquaintances. However, it would be difficult to refuse a request from a superior officer, so at least let me pay you a gratuity.”
“…Understood. I gratefully accept it. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do.”
“Thank you.”
Sergeant Baz left the room happily, and Yan murmured while observing his actions.
“He seems to be well-liked by his subordinates.”
“Liked? It’s just the normal relationship between a superior and a subordinate. That’s all.”
“But he thanked you happily for the reward, didn’t he?”
“That’s just flattery, a technique to smoothen the conversation.”
Sergeant Baz was a quite useful man. After Hazen left the squad, he planned to promote him to sergeant, and he would be able to maintain around 70% of the current combat power.
“…You should learn a little from him, Hazen.”
“I think I’m well aware of it and putting it into practice.”
“No, not at all. In fact, it’s the opposite.”
“Haha, you’re quite amusing. You have a good sense of humor.”
“I’m not joking around!?”

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