Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 2 chapter 1 part 5

“Well, in terms of flashiness, you’re in the same league as Kirido.”
While saying that, I turned my gaze back to Asahina-san. She had taken damage from the repeated verbal attacks, but managed to suppress her urge to cough blood and showed a defiant smile.
“Hehe, hahahaha! The table tennis club! In this situation, where You can’t even remember my name, let’s just go ahead and ignore the fact that you can’t even recognize my face anymore! I’ll just pretend I didn’t cry about it in my room! What’s important now is you, Amamori-kun! Your club activity has been revealed!”
Asahina Kasumi was shouting.
She was confident of her victory, while I was convinced of my defeat. I involuntarily averted my gaze–

“Huh? I’m in the table tennis club, but Amamori hasn’t joined!”

At Nishikimachi’s loud voice, Asahina Kasumi froze.
Karasuma, who had been listening, was doubling over in laughter.
Asahina-san remained smiling but rigid, and the clueless Nishikimachi was looking puzzled.
“What?… Could it be! Did Amamori join while I was gone?! Oh, nice to meet you, Amamori! Let’s aim for the Koshien together!”
“I don’t think table tennis has a Koshien. Also, I’m not in the table tennis club, Nishikimachi.”
“Ah, I see! Got it!”
He said that and headed towards Sakuma, laughing “Hee hee hee!” What a complete idiot. Sakuma had a “Here comes this annoying guy again” kind of look on his face, but it’s your responsibility for bringing him into the group. Good luck, Sakuma.
“Hehe, haha! Ah, Asahina-san, just how much does Amamori hate you…? If Nishikimachi wasn’t here, by now… Hahahaha! Pff, oof! No, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to laugh…”
“Don’t worry, Karasuma. This girl has already been fooled once and joined a completely different club.”
Karasuma couldn’t hold back his laughter.
Asahina-san started trembling, clenching her fists.
Her eyes were glistening, and she glared at me intently.
“I… I won’t lose, no matter what!”
With that, Asahina-san took off running.
…Well, I hate to say it, but it sounded like the howl of a defeated dog.
Asahina-san went to the corner and cried loudly, and I glanced at Karasuma.
“By the way, Karasuma. I have a small request…”
“Huh? It’s rare for you, Amamori, to ask me for something… Is this really the first time?”
He grinned at me. I averted my gaze.
“…Well, maybe it is.”
I said that and talked to him about the club I’ve been participating in since yesterday.
“The thing is, I’ve joined the Literature Club, but we have fewer members than the required minimum.”
According to school rules, club activities require a minimum of five members.
If the number falls below that, the student council will deem it “non-compliant” during their monthly meeting. After that, the club itself will be dissolved. Honestly, I don’t particularly care about the Literature Club, but I want to eliminate any factors that could cloud Hoshina-san’s mind.
“…You’re pretty straightforward about revealing your actual club, huh.”
“What’s the big deal? I told you before that you’re a trustworthy person.”
I casually brushed aside his question and asked him again.
“So, I’d like you to select some classmates who you think would be suitable for the Literature Club.”
“That’s such an unreasonable request, man…”
He may say that, but I don’t know anyone better suited to ask for this kind of favor than him. I might have considered Kurashiki, but if I leave it to her, she’ll definitely add some mischief to it.
Given that Karasuma has a wide circle of friends and is relatively trustworthy,
I thought he was the best option.
“Well… Since you’re asking, I’ll help. What kind of person are you looking for?”
“Not someone bad. Also, I don’t want someone too noisy, like Nishikimachi.”
Glancing at the still loudly-celebrating Nishikimachi, Karasuma gave a wry smile.
“Got it. Well, it’s a request from my best friend. I’ll gather a few people in about three days!”
He grinned and went to join his usual group.
Karasuma may look like a flaky guy, and he doesn’t seem very serious, but if he’s nodded his head, there shouldn’t be any issues leaving it to him. That’s what I think.
Based on what I’ve seen so far, my evaluation of Karasuma Tōji is “a man who doesn’t betray his friendship.”
If that’s the case, he should respond appropriately to a friend’s request. …Well, if my judgment is off, then I just don’t have a good eye for these things. I’ll keep that in mind.
“Well then…”
I murmured, turning my gaze towards the window – pretending to, in order to check the front of the classroom in the window’s reflection.
There, Asahina-san was glaring at me with her eyes red.
…Ignored, lied to, and heartbroken. I wonder what kind of action she’ll take.
Thinking about it, unless I open my mouth about the club, the options available to her are limited.
I let out a sigh and averted my gaze from her reflection in the window glass.



And the bad feeling I had became a reality in the afternoon of that day.
After the final homeroom of the day, the bell signaling the end of school rang.
I enthusiastically slung my bag over my shoulder, ready to head to the library.
But a few minutes later, I stopped in my tracks without turning back.
“……It seems I am being followed.”
I did not look back, but as I stopped, I sensed another presence stopping about ten meters behind me. It was the after-school rush of students. Hiding in the crowd, but the target you are stalking is too bad, Miss Asahina.
……Well, now that I’ve realized it, what should I do?
Going straight to the library is out of the question. Miss Asahina will undoubtedly go there as well.
Then, should I give up on going to the library today? That’s also out of the question. Changing my plans just for Miss Asahina’s sake is somewhat irritating. I’ll go to the library no matter what.
Deciding that, I said to myself,
“Alright, let’s shake her off.”
As soon as I muttered that,
I started running through the crowd of students heading home.
There’s no rule against running in the hallways.
It’s so obvious that it wasn’t even made into a rule, or perhaps there was another reason.
The answer is unclear, but if running is allowed, then I’ll run.
Soon after I started running, the flustered-looking Miss Asahina also accelerated.
Her speed was much faster than mine.
That’s no surprise, as her ability is [Aegis of the Thunder God].
Miss Asahina rarely had the opportunity to use her ability……but judging from her speed when she mediated the fight between Kirido and Asahina, her speed with her ability is dozens of times that of an ordinary student.
……The more I think about it, her acceleration ability seems almost unfair.
The expelled [Self-proclaimed Fastest] starts to look pitiful in comparison.
“Tch……She’s fast.”
As I was dashing through the school building, I looked back, and Miss Asahina was already right in front of me.
“Oh, what a coincidence, Amamori-kun! Are you going to the club? I’ll come with you!”
“Damn stalker……”
Hey, is it okay for a hero of justice to be a stalker?
No, it’s not okay, that’s just absurd. A hero of justice and a stalker are complete opposites. I silently spat that out in my mind.
Why don’t I say it out loud? Because she probably wouldn’t listen, and she’d likely not admit to it.
“A, a stalker? No, Amamori-kun! I’m a hero of justice! I don’t want to be lumped together with a criminal like that!”
“Go look in a mirror and try again.”
I continued running for a while, but there was no sign of being able to shake her off.
Frontal assault……Escaping from Asahina Kasumi is impossible.
Concluding that, I took a deep breath and stopped running.
As I stood still, Miss Asahina happily approached me.
“Heheh! You were completely mistaken if you thought you could escape from me, Amamori-kun!”
She said with a beaming smile. But if she’s under the illusion that [I’ve given up on escaping and will now tell her the real club I’m going to], then she’s gravely mistaken, Asahina Kasumi.
I’ve given up on just normally escaping from you. From here on, I won’t be held back by means.
With all my might, I’ll shake you off and go meet Hoshina-san!
“Oh, is that so?”
I said that and headed straight for the boys’ restroom!
Instantly, Miss Asahina blocked my path.
Her face was flushed red, and she frantically spoke up.
“Th, that’s……Isn’t that cheating!?”
“I see, so on top of being a stalker, you’re also a pervert. Trying to manage a stranger’s [privates]……This is a despicable and creepy pervert. Just the thought of it is disgusting.”
In response to my caustic words, she gritted her teeth, embarrassed.
–This is my chance. I’ll attack her with words.
“And you, despite not being able to catch even one person, you’re aiming to be a hero of justice?”
“Th……, That’s–“

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