Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 64

Mob #64: “Sorry, I am a mercenary, so I can handle basic self-defense like this.”

Though Investigator Royman said we’re all clear, that just means we didn’t commit murder, he still suspects some as accomplices.

Trying to move my shuttle would undoubtedly get me immediately arrested.

Work is obviously cancelled too.

I’m worried about the pay, but that’s trivial compared to being labeled a murderer.

No idea if it’s forensic science or the detective’s deductions, but I hope they catch the culprit quickly.

With nothing to do though, I was absently watching TV with a carbonated drink in a lounge area when an unfamiliar woman spoke to me.

“Mind if I sit here?”

“…go ahead.”

A sexy beauty, didn’t seem like a mercenary.

I instantly entered alert mode.

A bombshell approaching me out of nowhere – it’s either a sales pitch or a honey trap.

Then she abruptly says,

“Hey, can you lend me your ship?”

“…I refuse. You know the situation.”

For a moment I couldn’t comprehend her words, but somehow responded.

“But I wanna see the deduction show they’re doing over there! The detective might be a hottie!”

She made an ingratiating expression.

Does she not get leaving the colony = becoming a suspect?

No, she’s likely the murderer’s accomplice.

Probably snuck in during the raid, or even earlier, then slipped into the target’s room amidst the chaos.

Something prevented her from using her own ship, so she picked a random person who’d easily lend their ship to an appeal from a beauty like herself.

“Anyway, I won’t lend you my ship. If you must go, ask the investigator to take you.”

When I reject her, she makes a displeased face.

“…Nevermind. Trash who won’t indulge a woman’s selfish whim! Ew, creep!”

And yells that loudly before leaving in a huff.

The others split into:

The group further away who only heard the last line and are whispering “Of course a gross otaku would be like that.”

The group nearby who overheard her and are frowning, thinking something’s off with her.

And the group pretending not to notice, just downing their non-alcoholic beers – Uncle Bernard, Molyze, and Dan.

“That girl’s messed up right? I’m not thirsty so don’t care.”

“Pretty shady. Not the perpetrator, but still.”

“No way a merc would casually lend their ship. She doesn’t get mercs.”

Enjoying fake beer, octopus skewers in soy sauce, and peanuts, the three nonchalantly chat away.

Anyway, I should inform the investigator just in case.

He was quickly found after asking staff.

“I see, very suspicious. She likely tried deceiving you because she has some issue with her escape plan…”

Here with a can of coffee, wrestling with documents and footage.


“But then why not just silently steal it instead of trying to deceive me?”

“If she lacks the skill to unlock the ship, deception is more certain.”

Stealing wouldn’t require deceiving me, but if she can’t unlock the ship it makes sense.

“Anyway, thank you for the information. I expect the culprit will soon be revealed, so please bear with it a while longer.”

Scratching his head, Investigator Royman lowered his apologetically.

Returning to my room, I recall finishing the light novel I brought.

No such annoyance if I stayed on my ship, but that might be deemed suspicious flight attempt.

I’ll be doubted just going to grab it, so I inform the dock attendant before heading to my ship.

There the woman from before sticks a gun in my face.

Why’s everyone sticking guns in my face lately?

“What can I do for you? Don’t have much cash…”

“Hand over your ship.”

I raise my hands indicating I don’t have cash, not that it matters to her of course.

“I already refused, remember?”

I reiterate my earlier words, and she responds,

“Hey, don’t you think the world’s unfair nowadays?”

And begins some speech.

“The Empire gained power by militarily annexing various nations. Resulting in clear discrimination between royalty, nobility, citizens, and colonial subjects.

Especially the nobility and royalty – the worst. They’ve casually committed all kinds of sins.

Haven’t you suffered terrible treatment too?

They become mindless lust beasts when seeing a beauty.

The noble killed this time was quite radical even among the anti-imperialists.

Don’t you think being able to bury such scum is a great feat?! Lend a hand to that hero!

Let’s bring down the iron hammer of justice on the oppressive royalty, nobility, and citizens!”

Pretty drunk on her own words, but clearly one of those independence activists.

“I understand nobles treating you terribly. I’ve suffered all kinds of ill treatment.

A noble brat framed my father, saddling him with debt.

But I’m currently satisfied with the current Emperor, so I can’t lend you my ship.”

In response to her impassioned speech, I give my honest opinion, and she looks at me incredulously.

“Why?! Eliminating royalty, nobility, and citizens would end the suffering!”

“Even without them, similar replacements would just emerge.”

Like wealth disparity, or whether someone was a revolutionary or not.

Of course that’s not the response she wants, so

“I see. Then there’s no helping it. I don’t want comrades like an ugly otaku anyway.”

She looks at me with disgust, tightening her grip on the gun aimed my way.

“But I don’t wanna die either. Here, my shuttle key!”

I toss the shuttle activation key her way.

The instant she’s distracted by it, I squeeze the trigger of my laser pistol aimed at the hand holding her gun.


While she drops her gun, I dash to retrieve the key and charge at her, shooting her leg next.


My laser pistol’s power is set low, so her limbs remain intact.

But it’s still quite painful, leaving the woman who doesn’t seem like a mercenary or agent paralyzed on the ground.

After securing her gun, I aim my pistol at her.

“Sorry, I am a mercenary, so I can handle basic self-defense like this.”

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