Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 3 chapter 2 part 1

[Stage 3-2] The Forbidden Magic Library Underground

This long vacation was a rest not only for Mashiro and the others, but also a very helpful rest for me.
This is because without classes, I can devote more time to my own training.
I don’t mean to say that play is unnecessary. If your spirit is exhausted, the efficiency of your training will plummet. But of course, it’s not good to just play around either.
Balance is important in all things. Those who can turn the switch on and off will steadily improve their skills.
Today, I once again faced off with Alice, fists raised.
” ” ………… ” “
Several minutes have already passed since we locked eyes.
It’s true that even though I want to move, I can’t. That describes the current situation well.
Apparently, once you reach a certain level, you can read your opponent’s movements and nullify them. And if you find an opening, you can strike a keen blow there.
According to Alice, the brain that has accumulated experience can, together with thought, trace the path of attack.
That’s why, since I made her my exclusive maid, I greatly increased the proportion of practical training.
As a result, I am no longer tormented one-sidedly as much as before.
However, I still fall far short of her.
” Fuuu…”
And this was also part of the training to extend the operating time of [Limit Transcendence].
The operating time of [Limit Transcendence] depends on my magical power.
In other words, in order to fight for a long time, I must maximize the efficiency of consumption as much as possible.
Managing magical power while in battle is bone-breaking work.
Therefore, the conclusion we reached was that it would be better to get used to it, even if I lose consciousness.
Imagine the blood flow coursing through the whole body. Interweave magic power there and strengthen the body.
Seek the maximum efficiency with the minimum magic power.
I must not lose focus.
That one moment of distraction becomes a gap, and her flash cuts me down.
” … Magnificent, Lord Ouga. Your reading accuracy has improved dramatically from before.”
” It’s all thanks to Alice sticking with me.”
” No, my assistance was trivial. It is the result of your efforts, Lord Ouga.”
” … I see, thank you.”
Even someone as composed as me becomes flustered when praised by a mighty one like Alice.
When your own efforts are praised by others, especially by the person you look up to, you feel rewarded.
And so, I will train hard again tomorrow, determined to keep improving.
” Therefore, I also intend to raise my level from today onward.”
” …!”
That’s why I can fight without succumbing to the overwhelming violence before me.
Do what you can and try to counter it.
What you have gained so far will not be wasted–
” …Huh?”
It’s understandable that I inadvertently let out a voice.
Despite facing each other, I rubbed my eyes.
Because there were four Alices wielding swords in front of me.
” Lord Ouga, if you can’t read the trajectory, please focus entirely on defense.”
Instantly understanding that the previous signal exchange was useless, I poured magic power into my entire body at maximum output.
” Here I come– [Afterimage Void-Slashing Wind Dust]!”
In an instant, the blades of the Alices who had scattered in front, behind, left, and right all struck my body.



” As expected, Lord Ouga. To have withstood all of that… This means that the number of those who can hunt down your life has decreased considerably.”
” If I had been knocked out, it would have been meaningless…”
” No, that is not the case. You maintained your consciousness, did you not?”
After finishing the practical training, I had Alice treat my injuries.
While strengthening the body and avoiding cuts, damage accumulates in the body.
Especially Alice’s attacks, just receiving them is tremendously shocking.
Today, I took the final blow head-on, and I had bruises on my body.
” At the very least, I unleashed that technique with the intention of mowing down your consciousness, Lord Ouga. How did you receive it?”
” …It’s an application of [Limit Transcendence]. By limiting the flow of magic power to a part rather than the whole, I was able to increase the intensity even further.”
So far, it had been as hard as steel, but I think I’ve obtained an even greater hardness. Even in normal times, if I use full-power, I can block the [Superconducting Lightning Cannon], so naturally, if I concentrate it in one place, it would be effective.
However, as I realized now, concentrating in one place is not necessarily a good thing.
The reason my arms are throbbing with pain is not just Alice’s attacks. It seems the burden on the body becomes greater, compared to the usual method of spreading it throughout the body.
However, there is also the merit that even a small amount of power can defend against Alice’s attacks.
” So by applying [Limit Transcendence] to just my arms and guarding the vital points by instinct, I managed to face the hit. It was probably just a fluke. If I can’t reproduce it, I won’t call it a success.”
” As expected of Lord Ouga. You always maintain a wonderful attitude of never forgetting your high aspirations.”
…I think Alice will make a good tutor in the future.
When your achievements are praised, it is indeed pleasing.
It gives me the motivation to work even harder and continue my efforts.
” Then, it’s my turn to ask a question. …What’s the mechanism behind that last technique?”
“Is this ‘Lingering Afterimages’? It’s a technique that utilizes one’s killing intent and the limits of human fear.”
“Killing intent?”
“Yes. To be precise, it’s a technique that inflicts killing intent upon the opponent, inducing hallucinations and robbing them of sound judgment. Humans, when sensing a threat to their life, vividly imagine the worst-case scenario. Due to fear, that image becomes manifested.”
“…So the scene I witnessed earlier—”
“Was your own worst-case imagination, Lord Ouga. The actual attacker was just one person…By the way, what kind of scenario did you see?”
“…Alice attacking me simultaneously with four of her clones.”
“I had planned to show you five. In other words, Lord Ouga, you exceeded my expectations by a single person. You’ve grown impressively strong.”
“And yet, I still couldn’t defeat the real one very well.”
“As Lord Ouga’s sword, I must not be outstripped either.”
So, the killing intent directed at me with that ‘Lingering Afterimages’ earlier was not at full force.
If she had truly intended to kill me, Alice would have been far more numerous than just four.
The restrained killing intent led me to assess that I could handle four targets.
“…The world is vast, isn’t it.”
“I believe that Lord Ouga is the one destined to bring this vast world under your control.”
“…Haha. You say such pleasing things. Do you see me as that capable a man, Alice?”
“From the day we met, always. …I believe it’s because Lord Ouga has trusted in me, and seen the accumulated history in the sword I wield.”
Indeed. At first, I had chosen her based on her credentials and standing.
But after that, it’s been different. I trust her because I’ve directly witnessed Alice’s abilities and the incredible power of her sword.
“…And you, without a shred of doubt, have believed in me since that day, haven’t you?”
“Precisely the same. Every day during our training, I’ve engraved in my heart the traces of Lord Ouga’s efforts, the strength of your conviction, and the feelings you’ve poured into it. That’s why I can declare with a loud voice that Lord Ouga is the one who can save the world.”
…Perhaps it’s because of that trust that I’ve been able to persevere through such arduous training.
I don’t want to betray that trust.
Deep down, that desire is likely what’s fueling my motivation.
…How ridiculous. Just when I thought I had been tainted by evil, it seems the core of a person isn’t so easily changed.
“Being able to witness Lord Ouga’s growth process up close has been the most fulfilling experience for me.”
“…Then, Alice. Keep watching until the end. See just how far the man you believe in can go.”
“Yes, I promise without fail.”
…Heh, her unwavering response is quite pleasing.
“After breakfast tomorrow, I have a meeting with Father regarding Flone. Please accompany Mashiro and Karen so they don’t feel lonely.”
Without a single complaint, my loyal servant bowed her head.

Savoring the pleasant ache, I finished my breakfast and headed with Reina to Father’s office.
However, Father was glaring intently at an invitation on the table, and the air in the room was stifling.
According to Father’s investigation, there was one lone noble who had not lost their memory of Flone.
His name was Marquis Juke Andraus.
The Andraus family has long been a financial pillar supporting the Kingdom of Londism, but lately, ominous rumors have been circulating about them.
While not a duke, their power is said to rival the Four Great Duchy Families. In fact, Father has confirmed that they are a central presence in the rot within the kingdom.
The difference between the Andraus family and the Four Great Duchy Families lies in their war achievements in the past conflict. But in terms of their current financial contributions, they are more than equal.
And it is this veteran Andraus family’s current head, Juke, who alone has retained his memories of Flone.
What’s more, he has reached out to me through Father, clearly setting a trap for us.
“…It’s a trap, isn’t it. They’re waiting with mouths open for us to stick our necks in.”
Apparently, Juke is hosting a party in a week’s time and would like me to attend.
As I have a reputation for being magically inept, I’ve never been invited to such parties in the past.
The noble children likely see the “failure” that I am as a waste of their time to ingratiate themselves with.
Many nobles are aware of my involvement in the “Lightning Flone” incident. But it’s hard to imagine their long-held assessments would change so easily.

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