Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 1

Chapter 4: Selfish Trust

A relentless deployment where I can’t take a break. The absence of our main force making battles tougher. The intensifying enemies. The introduction of new Cleared technologies.
Though there are several pressing issues, I head straight to the Kuri’s residence after returning from the hospital. The crucial news I need to convey to them comes first.
“Because I’ll be away more often, I might not be able to help with breakfast and dinner, and take care of Taratatt as much.”
“You damn Banshokuger… deal with those newcomers quickly, will you?”
“If you use that thing you used to beat us with before, you’d win easily, don’t you think?”
“It’s impossible for us to bring out the Absolute Annihilation Cannon in the urban battle. It would obliterate several city blocks.”
During the post-return dinner, while enjoying the finishing touch of a hot pot, I excuse myself.
“But I did tell you it’s okay to eat without me. It’s already past nine-thirty.”
“Noisy. It’s just too much trouble to warm up everything just for someone like you.”
“This Ashella here, saying something like ‘[I’ll eat later, so you go ahead]’ and all. She’s so cute, I decided to wait too.”
“Taratatt-samaaaaa!? Didn’t you say you wouldn’t mention it!”
While observing the scene of a teary-eyed adult woman clinging to a little girl, I couldn’t help but be moved while shifting my glasses. up.
So, I decided to say it here and now.
“W-What? It’s not what you think.”
I was about to say, “What?” but I held back and said.
“Taratatt too. Let me make the premise clear. You two are important to me. I want to protect you.”
“……….!” “Oh, really?”
A blush on Ailsherad’s face, and a smirk on Taratatt’s. The former is at a loss for words, while the latter finds it amusing.
“So, that’s the premise. Anything else?”
“As I mentioned, the current enemy organization is almost confirmed to be remnants of the Cleared. Moreover, it seems they took something from the underground lab.”
Ailsherad’s expression changes abruptly. Taratatt, on the other hand, maintains her smile.
“Go on.”
It’s clear that she’s enjoying it, and her power right now is almost exactly what it seems, even though she’s still in the brink of life and death.
“…Taratatt, you mentioned before that the Cleared is an organization made up of your offspring.”
“Indeed. The Cleared is an organization formed by my offspring. I have influence over all of them.”
Yes, if that’s the case. If the remnants of the Cleared have fled with the technology, there might be an influence of her power.
“That influence of yours might extend to the technology the Cleared remnants took… right?”
Taratatt shows a slight hint of contemplation.
“Hmm. Now that you mention it, it might be possible. No one bothered to research new technologies purely based on science… probably.”
Probably? Anyway, the logic seems to work.
” ………………………… “
“What’s wrong? You’re being silent.”
It’s difficult to say what comes next. Even if the enemy is the former Cleared leader.
“You think If Banshokuger analyze me, will it open up a breakthrough to defeat the enemy?”
Smoothly, Taratatt anticipated my statement. I let out a heavy sigh at her laughter in response to the content.
I’ve been thrown a lifeline.
“Well… yeah.”
Taratatt’s eyebrows raised slightly.
“Hehehe, you think of interesting things.” “You…!”
Ashella, who had stood up with an expression of anger that made her seem like a demon, interrupted Taratatt’s words, forgetting her previous embarrassment.
“I thought you were somewhat better for a human…! You disappointed me, Kusama Midori…!”
Taratatt, wordlessly grabbing her subordinate’s collar, forcibly pulled Ashella, who was standing up, back down into her seat, with a counter-like motion. Ashella, with her neck constricted, is defeated.
“So that’s the premise. You are indeed kind-hearted. Especially for a former enemy.”
With a troubled expression, almost as if she’s pitying, Taratatt says with downturned eyes.
“There’s one more thing to discuss.”
“Let’s hear it.”
The girl, who was once called a god-like being, doesn’t regret her past actions. With her current values, she’s undoubtedly a dangerous entity for humanity.
“As I mentioned before, Cleared’s actions were for the protection of humanity.”
“Yes. Human society is too unstable. It’s like continuing endless group gymnastics. Only increasing in weight. An exercises that will eventually make it collapse”
If it were to collapse in the present era, it could lead to ruin.
Hence, eternal domination by rulers who never decay, ensuring absolute control.
“To be honest, even in a state where thoughts are not reinforced in that direction, there are people who might agree with your ideas. Maybe around ten percent—or, no, about twenty percent.”
“Yeah. And? “
As always, with a smirk, almost enjoying… no, actually enjoying it, this transcendent being talks about how humans respond to the questions posed to them.
“Still, you know, your control is not suitable for humans.”
“Why is that?”


I respond, sharing the realization gained from recent experiences.
“In today’s human society, it’s built on ‘trust.'”
In others. In the law. In society. It all starts with “trust.”
If someone betrays that, it is dealt with by law and punishment.
To deny the idea that everything goes through the law of the jungle, humans have created laws and societies.
But before all that, there’s “trust.” That’s why there’s freedom for people.
Trust is fundamental. For us.
“Yeah… that’s true. I can agree with that. That’s why it’s imperfect. As long as there’s a possibility of that trust being betrayed.”
Agreeing but discussing its vulnerability, Taratatt talks about the weakness. That’s right. Societies built on the foundation of “trust” always carry the possibility of collapse.
I gently grasp Taratatt’s hand, which was placed on the table.
It was probably unexpected. Taratatt raised her voice for a moment.
I envelop her small palm with my hand, and we clasp each other’s fingers.
“What’s the intention behind this?”
With a slightly embarrassed face, Taratatt asks while looking at our intertwined fingers.
“I trust that you won’t push my hand away.”
With the relationship we’ve developed in our daily lives, that’s all it takes.
The transcendent being remains silent, gazing at the held hand.
“In extreme terms, that’s it. Human society is based on ‘trust.'”
To believe is to commit one’s selfish perceptions to the other.
In response to my words while holding hands, Taratatt calmly replies.
“Such a thing is only natural to be betrayed for one’s convenience.”
“Yeah, probably. But, it’s precious when both parties agree. Not just because coincidence, but a mutual understanding.”
Ultimately, that’s the reason for human relationships, the existence of today’s society. If the sole purpose of humanity was just to survive and continue existing, humanity would have achieved global equality and peace long before Cleared appeared.
But it hasn’t happened. Why?
“trust, being believed in. Accepting and being accepted feels good, probably. That’s what humans are like.”
Taratatt. Silently digesting my words for a while.
(Will she really think seriously about this?)
Once a transcendent being, once called a god or a devil.
Listening to such trivial and probably absurd stories of a single human being.
(Yeah. Taratatt. I believed she would do that.)
“Why is human society unstable because humans themselves are unreliable? Even if it includes the fear of betrayal.”
To the returned question, I nodded. Just a little, I put more strength into the fingers holding hers.
She, with a little squeeze, returns the grip with her small fingers. I smiled.
“Just like that. It felt good to me.”
Thinking that it sounded like a crime, I said it. And for the sake of trusting Taratatt, I uttered the final words.
“Do you believe in humans─and in me?”
“Absolutely. You’re quite the character.”

What’s the use of trying to seduce me?

Saying that, Taratatt smiled as if recalling a distant past.
“Yeah, that’s right. Come to think of it, in the distant past, the first emotion that connected humans and us was that.”
trust. Uncertain, and you never know when you might be betrayed.
Yet, humans once believed in them.

scene transition

“Hehehe, Midori managed to made me understand….”
Somehow, Taratatt placed her free hand on her cheek and smiled.
“Let’s not talk like that outside the house..”
Taratatt, with a cat-like face, just shakes her head left and right, not promising anything. Seriously, stop it, okay?
“I’ll believe you this once, humans. Just once. Trusting the words of a warrior who tried to kill me.”
With that, she shrugs, loosening her grip on her finger. She looks at Ashella, who is still dizzy next to her.
She smiles slyly.
“What just happened is a secret. I don’t want to make her cry.”
“I don’t want to be killed by Ashella either.”
With that, they laughed together, trusting each other to keep their secrets.

Several minutes later, Taratatt told Ashella, who had just woken up.
“We’re going to the Banshokuger headquarters.”
“Huh, w-what?!”
Ashella, with wide eyes. It was a bolt from the blue for her.
“I’ll expose my true identity and let them study me. Well, then we can deal with those monsters who keep showing up.”

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