Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 2

Surprised, Wagatsuma looked up at me, but she didn’t try to escape.
I looked straight into her dull eyes and conveyed what I’d been thinking.
“You were talking about your own worth, right? I’m really happy and excited to be spending time with Wagatsuma like this. I know I’m saying something terrible, but let me say it—I think Wagatsuma’s value is amazing.”
With a determined expression, I said it… but thinking rationally, it’s like I’m saying Wagatsuma has value just because I happen to like her.
And I can’t stop myself from saying more.
“It’s a despicable thing to say, but seriously, Wagatsuma is great. She has such an amazing body, and she’s made me so excited and happy. So don’t leave me prematurely… If you keep thinking you’re worthless, live for me.”
“Masaki-kun’s …… For you? “
“Yeah! Because I think you’re necessary!”
“Necessary… to you?”
The more I ask, the more despicable I become.
But unfortunately, this is my true feelings, and if possible, I want to continue having my way with Wagatsuma like this in the future!
“Needed… I’m… needed…”
Wagatsuma mumbled while looking down.
Although I was a little scared because she was under hypnosis, I’m so excited right now, and I’m acting more recklessly than usual, so it’s a fair trade.
“When this hypnosis wears off, Wagatsuma won’t remember anything, but I’ll say it anyway. Don’t worry about trivial things. I don’t know how far I can go, but I’ll try to do something about it.”
Well, this is similar to what I did with Aisaka.
I tried to do something perverted, ended up discovering her darkness, and now I’m allowing her to reciprocate by letting her do something like this.
“I’ll help Wagatsuma.”
“Then continue to heal me in the future.”
I can’t promise that I’ll be able to do something, but even if I can’t, if I can resolve this issue and feel refreshed, then surely, just like with Aisaka, I should be able to do whatever I want with Wagatsuma without any guilt.
“So please, don’t do anything irreversible.”
Hmm… Should I pat her head too?
Since she’s under hypnosis, it should be fine, right? I thought so as I patted Wagatsuma’s head.
“…Your hair is really smooth. Beautiful black hair.”
Women really do have beautiful hair.
Aisaka’s bright-colored hair is also nice, but the silky smoothness of Wagatsuma’s black hair, which reaches her waist, looks like it’s been meticulously cared for.
“It’s quite different from my spiky hair… Huh?”
Although Wagatsuma, whose shoulder I was hugging, kept looking down, I noticed that she was trembling.
Wondering what was wrong, I leaned in to look at her face… and she was crying.
I thought she didn’t like it that much, so I was about to back away, but Wagatsuma put her hand over mine and held it, so maybe she wasn’t upset but happy?
“Don’t cry. You’ll be surprised later when your eyes get red, you know?”
I took out a handkerchief and wiped her eyes, and then I suddenly checked my phone.
“Oh no, I only have five percent left!”
Phew, that was close… If I hadn’t noticed, it would have been bad.
I moved away from Wagatsuma and picked up my things… then Wagatsuma muttered softly.
“…Are you leaving?”
Although she said it expressionlessly, her words sounded lonely, so I stopped in my tracks.
If she says something like that, I want to say I won’t leave, but it’s impossible for me to stay because my life would be over.
“I’ll still have my way with you, Wagatsuma, so rest assured. And I’ll say it again, don’t rush, okay? I’ll definitely do something about it… So trust me, Wagatsuma.”
Seriously, what am I saying in this situation?
Wagatsuma trying to reach out to me as soon as I moved away was incredibly cute, and at the same time, I don’t know why she’s being so friendly, but it’s actually a plus for me.
I left the house and walked for a while, taking a break after releasing the hypnosis.
“Wagatsuma’s body… was amazing. I wonder if I can do whatever I want with Aisaka too.”
I definitely have to think about this.
My partner can activate on up to three people… hypnotizing Aisaka and Wagatsuma, having them accompany me on both sides like the king of a harem, embracing them… I can’t stop fantasizing!
“…What am I doing?”
“I don’t know… Hey, let’s hurry.”
I chuckled to myself, but a passing middle school girl looked at me squarely.
Feeling like I was being viewed as a dangerous person, I suddenly felt embarrassed and quickly hurried home.



After taking a bath and having dinner, I lay on my bed in my room and looked at the photos I saved on my phone.
The photos showed Wagatsuma and her parents.
They were photos that Wagatsuma had left behind and I took as is, but knowing their faces makes a big difference.
Violence… abuse, huh? It’s an issue that never seems to go away, always in the news, but it really is a societal problem, isn’t it?
Even newborn babies being subjected to violence to the point of death is something you see in the news.
For someone like me who hasn’t been exposed to such environments, it feels like a distant world, but it’s true that Wagatsuma is experiencing that harm in a place close by.
…Even though she’s in a hypnotic state, I’ve seen Wagatsuma shed tears.
It was the same with Aisaka… The reason I got close to Aisaka and Wagatsuma was because I wanted to do naughty things.
I want to touch breasts, bury my face in them without clothes in the way.
I want to do even more extreme things, and I want to do things that can’t be put into words if she’ll listen to any command… But in the end, I haven’t been able to do those things, I just wanted to do things like I’ve seen in manga.
Because I wanted to do something about it.
I’m not just intruding into their homes, I’m making them do things they don’t want to do out of my own desires… And then I think of myself as a villain.
I don’t care… I don’t care what happens to them.
As long as I can enjoy their bodies purely, that’s all that matters. If I could just accept that, how easy would it be… At least, it seems I can’t become that much of a villain.
Well, never mind. Let’s organize the current situation first.
“If Wagatsuma’s grandparents are taking care of her, I’m sure they’ll help… But if not, we’ll have to resort to force. But from the grandparents’ perspective, I think they’d find their granddaughter’s presence precious.”
It was true for us too… My grandparents was like that too. They passed away from illness, but they really doted on me and my sister, and they even made a point to come visit us on our birthdays.
…But why am I getting sentimental?
Whether or not I can somehow connect Wagatsuma with her grandparents… Regardless of today, it’s important to evacuate Wagatsuma from that environment starting tomorrow.
I’ve thought about the flow for that, and it should be fine… I won’t worry, I’ll tell myself it’s fine… And I have my partner with me.
“We can do it… I’m sure we can.”
First, tomorrow, I’ll prepare for the first stage of the operation… And the day after tomorrow is Saturday, so I’ll entrust everything to that.
…Phew, should I go to the bathroom?
I get up from the bed and leave the room for the bathroom.
After relieving myself and coming out of the bathroom, I think I’ll have some cold tea in the living room, where I find Dad watching TV.
I pour some tea into a cup and stand next to Dad.
“Kai? What’s up?”
Why… did I come over to Dad?
I gaze at Dad and naturally the words come out as I think about what Wagatsuma told me about her parents.
“Dad, what do you think about parents who use violence against their children?”
“What’s gotten into you all of a sudden…? Well, I suppose… I think there must be some reason for using violence, but at least from my perspective, I think it’s the lowest thing you can do. To hurt the very existence you should protect as a parent is something I can’t even imagine.”
Despite being surprised by the sudden question, Dad answers like that.
Smiling at his words as I expected, I tell him I love him and leave the living room.
By the way, I met Mom on the way, who had just finished bathing, and asked her the same question as Dad… and got the same answer. I also told Mom I love her.
“Oh, Kai, what’s wrong~♪”
“What are you doing?”
“Kai said he loves Mom~♪”
“Huh…? And I get nothing?”
“…I love my sister too.”
“Very well.”
…Please, let me go back to my room!
Feeling embarrassed because of my own actions, I rush back to my room without caring about making a loud noise.
…Ah, my face is burning.
Well, though… I should be able to sleep comfortably tonight after feeling that warmth.
I’m still not very sleepy, but I lie down on the bed and close my eyes, intending to sleep early for tomorrow… But I can’t sleep!

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