Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Extra 2 part 2

The magicians were a more prestigious existence than knights, the lynchpin of Faloon one could say. The magicians took pride in that fact. However strong Frau was, they did not readily accept surrendering to her forces.
The veteran magicians exchanged glances, communicating their intent, then began chanting magic in unison.
Not unchanted, but their chants were swift, the spells simplified, requiring almost no time to invoke them.
But Frau raised both hands, firing thin streaks of lightning from her ten fingers at the magicians.
The number matched exactly the magicians who tried to defy Frau.
Struck by lightning that moved as if it had a mind of its own, they were left speechless, their spellcasting forcefully interrupted. The power of the magic itself wasn’t significant, but the lightning, perpetually emanating from Frau’s fingertips, made it challenging to escape the damage from the spell.
After a while, Frau exhaled softly, halting the spellcasting. The ten wizards who had been continuously struck by lightning collapsed to the floor.
And then Frau spoke again.
“Got it?”
No one dared to oppose her anymore.

Currently, the wizards of the Mage Guild floated around Frau as her subordinates.
While the young wizards were confident, those with some age under their belts looked at the armies of nobles below with a sorrowful gaze. Despite their abuse of power and violence against the common people, sympathy couldn’t be completely forbidden.
(Likely, most of them will end up dead.)
They had known Frau since she was a child.
Frau had been a girl with no interest in anything but magic. Naturally, she had no interest in humans, and by extension, no interest in monsters. In other words, equal treatment for both was inevitable.
Frau had thoroughly exterminated monsters. The armies of nobles would meet a similar fate.
Whether news of the Mage Guild turning against them had spread, or the armies of the nobles had launched arrows, arrows were effective tactics when facing spellcasters.
While the Mage Guild had never fought against humans, they were quick to deploy a wind defense magic, effortlessly deflecting the approaching arrows. With ample combat experience, they were accustomed to adapting to situations on the fly.
Frau ascended to a height beyond the reach of arrows and began chanting a spell slowly.
Despite her usually robotic and monotonous speech, her spell incantation flowed like a beautiful song, rich with colors.
“Freeze the breath of life from the abyss of darkness. Dark, unleash your power. The winds of death blow, corroding everything. The severance of souls, the limit of life’s end, may the melody of apocalypse be played…”
(Isn’t this a lightning spell? What is this!)
Someone among the wizards shouted, and everyone turned their attention to Frau.
What she chanted was not a thunder spell but a dark magic spell. Moreover, it was a forbidden and evil magic specialized for dealing with humans.
“Frau-sama, is this?”
When someone among the wizards exclaimed, the spell was complete.
A pitch-black void, like ink spilled on paper but far from being a mere shadow, spread at the feet of the nobles’ army.


scene transition


The soldiers noticed the anomaly spreading at their feet.
“What’s this?”
“Is it an enemy spell?”
“But there’s no damage…”
The soldiers were puzzled by the sudden darkness underfoot, which showed no apparent effect.
Then, in the next moment, thirty percent of the entire army suddenly collapsed.
“Hey, what’s happening!”
“Don’t sleep! Wake up!”
“Huh? Are they dead?”
A sudden feast of death erupted. Frau’s incantation didn’t inflict guaranteed death but instead induced a probability-based demise.
Amidst the panic of the nobles’ army, Frau began chanting another spell.
“Unleash the power of the underworld, summon the breath of life. By the command of the king of the netherworld, rise, revenant. Manipulate the decaying flesh, control the thread of death, obey the magic. Bring forth the dominion of death…”
A chill ran down the spines of the wizards. Frau, their new leader, had just chanted a spell that manipulated undead. It was a wicked magic that forcibly awakened and controlled the dead.
The controlled entities were the corpses of the soldiers who had died moments ago due to the dark magic.
Suddenly, those who had experienced unreasonable deaths rose. Faces pale, eyes unfocused.
The living soldiers, bewildered by the transformation of their former comrades, were at a loss.
Then, the resurrected dead, without saying a word, grabbed swords, spears, and bows and began attacking the living.
It became a hellish scene.
The dead attacking the living. Even those without weapons tried to assault. The living soldiers resisted desperately, but inflicting mere scratches on those who were already dead was not enough to deter them.
Someone shouted. Whose shout it was couldn’t be determined. It was a chorus of countless screams, perhaps from the living soldiers or those being manipulated among the dead. The battlefield, or rather, the now-lifeless ground, resounded with this deathly choir.
At the hellish scene that manifested in this world, the mages under Frau averted their gaze.
Some of them looked at Frau.
In this hellish manifestation on earth, Frau’s face, shadowed against the sun, appeared to be smiling, for some inexplicable reason.

After this tragedy, Frau, using mental magic to manipulate the surviving exhausted soldiers, instigated further infighting.
The sight of a soldier attacking his comrade while crying out, “Stop, please!” would have likely evoked sympathy even from demons.
The army of nobles quickly surrendered. Rather, they prostrated themselves, begging for mercy.
Frau’s subordinates, in an attempt to give the enemy soldiers a chance to surrender, all joined in persuading Frau.
“Despite this opportunity…”
Slightly expressing dissatisfaction in her flat tone, Frau allowed the surrender of the enemy army.
The soldiers who surrendered and miraculously survived thanked the heavens, but afterward, they started having recurring nightmares of the hellish events, struggling with trauma.

When Frau forced the surrender of the noble’s army, Mars had just defeated an A-rank adventurer party in the royal castle, putting an end to this battle.
Upon returning, Frau reported to Mars with a simple “defeated them.”
Mars, looking tired for various reasons, casually thanked Frau as he patted her head.
Frau, not used to receiving praise or direct physical contact due to her talent, blushed slightly, her snow-white skin turning a faint shade of red.
(Not bad)
Frau thought to herself.



Thank you for picking up “When the Monster Meat I Ate Led Me to the Throne.” This story was the first one I posted on the novel submission site called “Become a Novelist.”
It was released simultaneously with “Who Killed the Hero” (Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko), but I actually wrote this one first. I had the idea for both stories, but I thought, “This dark story might not be well-received,” so I decided to write something easy to understand and interesting first, which led to the creation of this piece.
After serializing it for about a year, I received no feedback, no appreciation, and feeling discouraged, I decided to end it (although I did receive reviews after it ended).
I actually entered various contests but never made it past the first round. It was quite tough. It was essentially a judgment of “completely hopeless.” Naturally, it felt like my effort and what I considered interesting were completely denied.
When my next work, “Who Killed the Hero,” took first place in the rankings, I thought, “I’ve seen that title somewhere,” and to my surprise, it was my work.
Due to the recognition of the hero, attention was drawn to this work as well, but rather than feeling “happy,” I felt a kind of anger like, “What’s the point now?” When I heard about the book adaptation, I even thought, “Are they not mistaking it with the hero’s story?”
However, as the book adaptation progressed, a wonderful illustrator named Shibasen was chosen, and seeing the first time my work had illustrations, the lingering feelings of disappointment gradually lifted. The cover illustration is especially fantastic. It gave me the motivation to continue writing. I hope to have Camilla drawn in a cool way for the cover of the second volume.
So, I want to proudly say:
“When the Monster Meat I Ate Led Me to the Throne is interesting!”
There may not be tears and emotions, but there is laughter and enjoyment.
It may sound like self-praise, but “Who Killed the Hero” turned out well. However, I can’t read or write only that kind of story. What’s sought after daily is something simple. It’s okay to be straightforward. Thinking too much is tiring. I hope this story is read with ease and enjoyment.
Now, about the continuation from the second volume onwards, if it happens, a significant amount of new content is planned. About 30% of the second volume and around 70% of the third volume should be new material (although I didn’t say that to the person in charge). The WEB version was discontinued due to the lack of response, and I sent the ending as a digest, but I might be able to properly conclude it in the book version.
I want to see this story, my first submission, through to the end, so I would appreciate your support.

Translator Note : Volume 2 English translation will start when the green bar above hit 100%. While waiting, I implore you dear readers to read 2 masterpiece novels that also written by the same author : Who killed the Hero? and The Suspects of Necromancy. That’s all from me, see you again in volume 2, hopefully next week!!!

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