Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 2 chapter 1 part 4

The one in the library was a petite girl.
She has a fragile, delicate atmosphere, as if she would break if touched.
Her slightly pale hair color is unreal, and combined with the atmosphere of this place, it’s as if I’m facing a fairy. Well, I’ve never seen a fairy before, though.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Amamori. I’ve come to join the club.”
“…Ah, I’m Hoshina… Um, you’re Amamori-kun, right? I saw you fighting with Class A… it was amazing.”
Ah, the conflict request with Class A. That was done publicly on the grounds, so all the students here must have seen it. Since she’s not in Class A or C, she’s probably a Class B student, so it’s not strange that she knows about me.
However, there’s a slight sense of discomfort. Everyone should be paying attention to the Kurotsuki, so… is it normal for her to remember the name of a mere opening act like me? Well, it doesn’t really matter.
“Thank you. I’ve done a bit of martial arts since I was young… but I’ve gotten tired of it all. I’m interested, so I thought I’d join the literary club in high school.”
“I see… When Amamori-kun came, I was worried you might have gotten the club wrong… but I’m glad.”
Saying that, Hoshina-san smiled happily.

–The next moment, I was in a forest.

The chirping of birds, the sound of the wind rustling the trees.
The warmth of Mother Earth, the beauty of the distant sky.
A refreshing wind blows against my cheeks. Sunlight filters through the gaps in the trees.


It felt like I had returned to the place where I should be.
–And with that realization, my eyes opened.
Hurriedly looking around, it was just the ordinary library.
Illusion…? A level of illusion that can affect me?
Huh, did she use some kind of supernatural power?
With a mix of surprise and caution, I stare at her, but there is no goddess standing in the forest, just Hoshina-san smiling like a goddess in the library.
Seeing that sight… for some reason, I recalled a scene from the past.
It was when I was still a child, facing off against a certain man.
I won’t specify who, but I’ll go ahead and say that he was my enemy at the time.
The overwhelming murderous intent directed at me then, that sharpened quality was clearly a scene of [death] that occupied my mind. In that moment, I envisioned a non-existent hell.
Why am I recalling that now, I shudder as I understand.
…It’s because the [current scene] she projected was the same as that.
However, what she directed was not murderous intent, but a pure, innocent, kind smile.
The [goodwill] that a person naturally has towards others.
Yet, her smile had not even a trace of darkness.
She was like a newborn baby. Like an ignorant child.
She scattered an extraordinary [pure innocence].
That whiteness made me feel an impossible scene.
Despite saying it myself, I’m at a loss, unable to comprehend the meaningless situation, and my cheeks twitch.
…How much.
How little malice must she know to be able to live so purely white.
She probably doesn’t have a speck of malice.
No matter how deeply I delve into her, I doubt a single blemish will surface.
That level of purity. An unimaginable [way of living]. I shudder at a certain madness.
Or rather, is it fear?
It’s been a while since I’ve faced a [monster] that is beyond my control. That’s the kind of feeling it is.


…Well, even if she’s a monster, she’s the complete opposite of me.
If I’m the true evil, then she is the true embodiment of goodness.
“Ugh… it’s dazzling.”
“…? Ah, shall I close the blinds?”
Scurrying towards the window, Hoshina-san.
Her every movement, a carpet bombing of pure innocence.
Scattering innocence indiscriminately, a pure white machine gun.
Ugh, it’s agonizing! The malice within me is being purified…!
“Does such a human really exist?”
I can’t help but doubt if she’s ever even had a conversation with anyone, this girl.
Without any jokes, I genuinely suspect that. Her whiteness is on that level.
Seriously, just being around her is enough to feel cleansed.
My heart, no, not just my heart – it feels like my whole body is about to disappear.
To someone as tainted and rotten as me, she seemed like the only true enemy.
As I tried to steady my breathing, she came back and closed the blinds.
“If Amamori-kun joins the club, then there will be three of us – me as the president, Amamori-kun as the vice president, and one other member!”
She was smiling so brightly, it was almost blinding.
I’ve only ever seen Kurashiki and Asahina as oddities lately, so this was a huge shock to my mind and body. I almost fell for her.
I finally understood why an old friend of mine said they loved “literary girl types”.
“As for the club activities… well, I haven’t really thought about it. You can just come when you want and read your favorite books. Amamori-kun, do you like books?”
“Yeah, I’d say I like them quite a bit.”
At my response, the worried look on Hoshina-san’s face brightened up.
That smile I want to protect. I clutched my chest and took a deep breath.
“I-I see! That’s great…” She smiled happily from the bottom of her heart. “You see, I’ve never really had many friends, and it’s always been my dream to talk about books with friends…”
Hoshina-san smiled reassuringly, her expression full of kindness.
Her expression is always gentle and ……I turned to face her.
I realized that she is the complete opposite of “evil”.
Even though I called her my “only enemy”, she could never truly be an enemy. She has such pure goodness and innocence, it’s almost too easy to be deceived by her.
She’s like a baby, in a way.
A beautiful, pristine map
that will never be stained by any color.
This is a person I’ve never encountered before,
someone I’ve never even imagined.
She easily surpassed all my expectations.
I smiled inwardly.
She returned my smile like a goddess and extended her hand to me.
“So, please take care of me from now on, Amamori-kun!”
Suddenly, I realized I was feeling something akin to “expectation”.
It’s been a while since I’ve encountered the unexpected like this.
I have high hopes for this girl.
I wonder what kind of scenery she will show me.
“–Ah, yes, please take care of me as well, President Hoshina.”
With that, Hoshina-san and I shook hands.
This club activity is going to be much more enjoyable than I initially thought.

But that pleasant time was just a fleeting dream.
“Amamori-kun? What happened yesterday? I submitted the application to join the Art Club, but I only saw Kurotsuki-kun there.”
“First of all, who are you?”
“I am Asahina Kasumi.”
The next day, after the reassuring encounter with Hoshina-san, I was in a good mood for homeroom.
But the moment it ended, Asahina Kasumi suddenly appeared,
with Kurotsuki standing behind her with a dissatisfied expression.
“Asahina Kasumi…? I don’t know that name. Who are you?”
“I’m in Class 1-C, student number one, your classmate, the one who originally sat next to you.”
“…? I don’t remember.”
I stubbornly maintained my “I don’t know, I don’t care” attitude.
As Asahina-san clutched her chest, Kurotsuki stepped forward in front of me.
Oh, could it be that this guy wants to pick a fight with me?
“I… well, I don’t really care about Amamori, but since Asahina keeps talking about him, I’m curious. Apparently, you two made a promise to join the Art Club together.”
(Amamori-san! That’s so cruel! You promised to join the Art Club with me! I got all excited and was completely fooled… Clearly, you’re trying to hook me up with Asahina-san!)
Both his spoken voice and telepathic message came at me.
I glared at Kurotsuki fiercely.
Instantly, a scream came through the telepathic link.
He became expressionless and left without a word,
sitting down at his desk like a statue.
It was a one-hit KO.
“Kurotsuki-kun…!? Ah, Amamori-kun’s countermeasures are so straightforward! It seems it won’t be that easy!”
“Not just straightforward – it’s impossible, even with a thousand attempts.”
At my words, Asahina-san faltered.
“I just want to live freely without interference. You’re just a random stranger, not someone I’d bother telling my real club activities to–“
“Hey, Amamori! What club did you decide on?”
“Table tennis, but what’s up, Karasuma?”
“You’re not telling him, aren’t you?”
Karasuma, who happened to be passing by, called out to me.
I answered without hesitation, and Asahina-san burst out.
The completely clueless Karasuma was confused, and I was also puzzled.
“…What are you suddenly–“
“Th-that! You just said you weren’t going to tell, but you told Karasuma-kun so easily!”
“Well, Karasuma is a scatterbrained but trustworthy guy. You, on the other hand, are a mysterious woman who is far from trustworthy. And by the way, who are you, the one talking to me just now?”
“Hey, Amamori? Do I really look that flashy?”

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