A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Extra 2 + Afterword

Newly written extra story 2

Recently, there was an event where Maria was crying, so I decided to sleep with her. As the protagonist, who was also a virgin in his past life, I was a little nervous.
Maria, who has potential as a heroine, is cute. Even when sleeping next to her, she had a strangely pleasant smell, and I couldn’t sleep well.
Since I’m the cool type and don’t show such gestures outwardly, I pretended to fall asleep, but I was wide awake.
However, while I was asleep, Maria grabbed my arm, held my hand, and even buried her face in my chest.
Was it a lovey-dovey time between the protagonist and the heroine, or was Maria just a bad sleeper? Only Maria knows the truth.
However, I don’t intend to ask her about it. It would be embarrassing and would create a surreal atmosphere if I asked such a thing with a straight face, considering my character.
“It felt like you were distracted, so I just wanted to talk to you.”
Oops. We were in the middle of training with Master Yuru. While thinking about Maria’s potential as a heroine is important, I should focus on training now.
As we sparred with swords as usual, she brought up a topic.
“By the way, Fei-kun, do you remember the warrior tournament you participated in before?”
“Your first match was quite a topic of conversation.”
“Is that so.”
Certainly, many people must have been impressed by the heroic display of the protagonist.
“It was so shocking that everyone dreamed about it.”
“Is that so.”
“I also want to appear in my dreams… just kidding.”
“I want you to appear in my dreams too.”
“We can train even in dreams.”
“Ah, yes.”
If we can train together even in dreams, surely our master-disciple relationship will improve.
“Speaking of which…”
“That blonde woman you were shopping with the other day…”
“I think that’s the one.”
“What about her?”
“She’s one of the sisters at the orphanage, right?”
“Uh, is there a parent-child relationship between you two?”
“Is that so…”
“It’s not some other, more unusual relationship, is it?”
“Alright, sorry for asking something weird all of a sudden.”
“No problem. But don’t waste any more time.”
“Right, we’re in the middle of your training.”
“That’s right.”
She and I trained vigorously that day.
However, it was unusual for Master Yuru to ask unrelated questions during sword training… this must be some kind of foreshadowing.
“Yeah. I heard you got injured recently. Are you okay?”
“No problem.”
After training, for some reason, I encountered Arthur in the capital.
“I see. That’s good then.”
I tried to leave without saying anything, but she grabbed my arm.
“If you want, I can train with you again.”
“…not necessary.”
I don’t like being talked down to like that! Arthur. I’m the protagonist, you know!
“Fei, you’re weaker than me, so you should train.”
She’s asking for a fight. Alright, I’ll beat her up today for sure.
“Fine. Follow me.”



It’s been a while. I’m Yuyushita as always.
Thank you to those who always read from the web. I know how few people actually pick up the second volume. So thank you very much!
Well, I don’t have anything to write in the epilogue.
Come to think of it, it’s still cold lately. Well, maybe for those of you who will pick up this book, it might be hot.
Or maybe it’s May when it’s released, but you might be buying it in September. So, it’s been cold lately, but it might be hot.
With that, I’ve filled up the epilogue quite a bit with useless chatter, like the recap of an old anime.
Now, changing the subject, what were you all thinking about when you were in elementary school?
I always thought about becoming a warrior and fighting.
I got banned from the public pool because I was fighting and role-playing alone in the pool.
I also had a sense of being different from other students, so I used to put my hands in my pockets and act cool.
After hearing my story, you all might have something in mind, too, right?
I’d be happy if you could remember your dark past and feel a little choked up. As for me, I’m still living a life where I remember my past dark history and writhing on my bed.
I would be very happy if you could remember your dark past and writhe with me even a little.
Now, now, now, changing the subject, how was the second volume? I ended it there because the resolution between Maria and Lilia was just right, but I think it ended quite nicely as a conclusion. I’ll say it again, I’m really happy that you’ve read this far.
Thank you very much, and I don’t know if we’ll meet again from here on out, but I would be very happy if you could continue to support me in the future.
And finally, there will probably be a popularity poll like “Suki Rano” or “Kono Rano,” and I would be very happy if you could vote.
There are so many light novels out there, so I know how important your support is. I couldn’t have written this far without your support. Thank you very much to those who have read this far.
Well, my epilogue, which I’m not good at, seems to be coming to an end in terms of word count, so let’s say goodbye around here!
Thank you for your support! Please continue to support me! Excuse me.”

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