The Devil Princess Volume 3 Chapter 2 part 2

Betty, who turned 9 years old, is just barely within the age range of a potential fiancé, so she’s very conscious of that.  
While Rick is closer in age to her than his brother Timothee, Betty seems to prefer Timothee over Rick. 
However, there is a kind of “cheat” method that even a commoner can use to marry a prince – by accomplishing great deeds that surpass even the high nobility. In other words, by becoming the “Holy Maiden” of the Sacred Kingdom. 
……Huh? Does that mean I fit the bill too? 
The reason Timothee can’t decide on a candidate is…… 
“Hmm, I should probably go join then.” 
Until now, Timothee had been watching over us younger students in an “older brother” role. But now, he casually strolls over to our table. 
There’s a rule for using this salon – the bare minimum has to be done by ourselves,  
as a way to foster the students’ independence. This is because in the past, some idiots would bring in tons of servants and monopolize the place, so now even bringing attendants is prohibited. 
But the tea and snacks are already prepared, so it’s just a matter of putting the tea leaves in the pot and pouring the hot water. Since I’m the youngest here, this job would normally fall to me, but Betty seems quite skilled so let’s leave it to her! 
“Betty, please let me do it.” 
It seems Betty also has the “klutz” curse, so Sherry ends up brewing the tea for us. 
“Thank you, it’s delicious.” 
“Oh, it’s nothing, I was just passing by anyway.” 
Hold on, Sherry. I know you’re not interested, but this is the prince of the country, so don’t just dismiss him so casually. 
“Haha, Eurushia is so beloved by everyone.” 
Timothee, who can laugh it off, must be quite the capable individual. He may be called a soft prince, but with this, the royal family seems secure. 
“Um, Timothee-niisama, I’m sorry for the trouble…” 
I try to change the slightly awkward atmosphere with a slightly awkward topic. 
Originally, as my senior at school, Timothee was supposed to show me around the school cafeteria, but this time we ended up having the meal in this salon without any attendants. Oh well, can’t be helped! 
“Don’t worry about it. Eurushia is like a little sister to me. But it’s strange, you know… When I enter the cafeteria, the others don’t get so tense around me.” 
“ ‘ ’ ” ………… “ ‘ ’ ” 
Betty and Sherry give lukewarm smiles at Timothee’s harmless words. 
Damn it. 
Unlike the gentle Timothee, they’re not really close to me. 
As a kind “big brother” figure, he’s great, but I can’t help but think that he’d be better off finding a fiancée around his own age rather than hanging out with us kids. 
Somehow sensing my inner thoughts, Timothee explained why he’s spending time with us. 
“Next time, I’ll invite all of you to the castle for a meal. For some reason, the people at the castle have told me to ‘have a talk’ with Eurushia. How strange.” 
“Yes, it’s quite strange, Timothee-niisama.” 
I smile along with him. 
Ah, so there must be someone in the castle with ulterior motives. 
Hearing this, Sherry raises one eyebrow slightly, a faint aura of anger seeps out from the attendants outside, and Betty furrows her brow in confusion. 
Well, whatever. Spending time with Timothee has a healing effect. 
Compared to his “little brother”… 
The attendants have accompanied me to the academy, but I don’t constantly have them by my side. 
Originally, they lacked magical power and failed the child magic aptitude test, so they were enrolled in the general nobility department of a regular school. But when I decided to attend the Royal Capital’s Magic Academy, they were no longer able to go to that school. There’s no mercy in this world. 
However! For some reason, around a certain time, they suddenly awakened to high magical power, and my doting parents, worried about their daughter, ended up transferring them to the Magic Academy as well. 
It’s all about money and connections in this world. (Wink) 
So Tina and Fanny, who are in the same grade as me, have chosen the same subjects as me and are always by my side as student-attendants. But the attendants seem to be incapable of using “Sacred Magic,” so there are times when I’m left alone in that class. 
Today again, I’m in the practice room all by myself, occupying a table that should be used by six people. 
I’m not lonely at all!  
But whenever I enter the practice room, the other students in the Sacred Magic class get tense and keep glancing at me, and the teachers also seem to be watching my every move after explaining the lesson. 
In the end, the Sacred Magic class is meaningless for me anyway. 
I understood from the lesson, but ordinary sacred magic is where the teacher explains the mechanism and effects of existing magic, and the students simply memorize and demonstrate it – the system is firmly established. 
However, my sacred magic is mostly original, using outrageous magic that I’ve seen in dream worlds and books and games. 
In this world, mages have to use the established magic in the prescribed sequence, but I can cast multiple spells at the same time just by imagining [multiple barriers] or [combat enhancement].  
The church person who is the sacred magic teacher was crying. 
He wondered the struggle of our predecessors? 
Even if you say that to me…… 
I’m just pushing the magic using devil power, so please don’t let me say that. 
The story has greatly diverged, but I sometimes end up being “alone”, and on those days, he happens to appear. 


After the lesson, I breathed a sigh of relief… but before I could catch my breath, that sly scoundrel showed up again today. 
“…Big Brother Ludric?” 
There was a rustling sound. 
Oh no. The “Lord Ludric” and “Big Brother Rick” got mixed up, and the girls in my class let out excited squeals. 
Well, whatever…  
It’s become a hassle to differentiate, and it’s about time I stop calling him by the affectionate “Rick” in public, so let’s just stick with “Lord Ludric”. 
So this is Rick, the prince of this country, who is the younger brother of my cousin Timothee. 
He’s a fourth-year, three grades above me. This 10-year-old Rick, with his rough personality inherited from grandfather, seems to be popular with the girls at the academy. For some reason. 
“Why the disdainful snort?” 
Rick furrowed his brow and looked at me. Shall I ask? But I have a reputation for being gentle and kind, so I won’t do anything to shatter the girls’ dreams. 
“Anyway, how have you been today?” 
What’s his purpose today? Didn’t he have regular classes too? Why did he come as soon as the lesson was over? What happened to his attendants? What if rumors start spreading? 
Conveying these thoughts with a polite “princess-mode” smile, Rick let out a groan as if he was hesitating, then exhaled the breath he had been holding. 
“Eurushia… are you alright?” 
My head!? No, even if I’m thinking it, I won’t say it. 
“Have I caused you any worry?” 
Genuinely puzzled, I tilted my head with my hand on my cheek, and Rick grabbed the hand he had left free, a little irritated. 
“That’s not what I’m talking about.” 
“…You’re grabbing me again.” 
He’s improved quite a bit with age, but he’s still forceful. 
This much is fine as childish “siblings”, but we’re the [Prince] and [Princess] of this country, you know? We’re in a very conspicuous position. 
I could feel the intense gazes from my classmates still in the practice room, and the people peeking out from the hallway, and I felt a bit alienated from the common people. 
Puffing out my cheeks a little resentfully, I looked up at Rick, and he finally noticed the surrounding gazes and hesitated. 
“Come with me for a bit.” 
Rick grabbed my hand and led me out into the hallway. 
Is this forcefulness inherited from grandfather? I agree that we should leave this place, but couldn’t he at least ask me first? 
In these past few years, Rick has grown so much taller, and being pulled along with this height difference is a bit scary. 
I heard more high-pitched voices from behind us in the hallway, but lately I’ve been thinking that I’ll lose if I let myself get bothered by it. 
“Lord Ludric… my hand hurts.” 
“Ah, …yes.” 
Once we had moved away from the eyes of others, I called him that again, and perhaps because he’s still not used to being addressed that way, Rick finally let go of my hand. 
Hmm… the part he was gripping is a little hot. My “human” part is a pampered, soft body, so I get hurt if I’m handled roughly. 
“…So, is it really painful for you?” 
Seeing my displeased expression from the stinging hand, Rick said something strange. 
“Since you’ve been alone a lot since enrolling, right? I’ve also had times when, as a royal, I was kept at a distance, but in your case, it seems to be excessive.” 
I see? Could it be… 
“Are you worried about me?” 
“Of course I am.” 
When I asked lightly, Rick raised his voice angrily. 
Even though there are times when I’m worried about in the material world, there are few people who scold me, so when he comes at me so directly, I’m a little weak. 
…But I’m not afraid of by such direct hostility. 
“I’m fine.” 
I smiled and answered, as I’m not good at being scolded. 
In reality, I’m not that bothered. I had longed for school life, but honestly, dealing with the motley crowd is a hassle… no, it’s a lot of work to keep an eye on my attendants to make sure they don’t cause any trouble. 
As I was averting my gaze and feeling morose, I’m gently grabbed by the shoulder. 
Hold on, Rick. You’re grabbing this girl a bit too casually. Is that your default behavior? 
“I’ll come check on you again… Okay?” 
Huh? What’s with the “Okay?” There he goes again with the “like a little sister” talk. 
Rick seemed to have realized something from my speechless reaction, and after patting my head, he left with the attendant who had come to fetch him. 
Well well, Rick sure is pushy. I’m somewhat used to his forcefulness and selfishness, but if he did that to a normal girl, she’d get the wrong idea. 
Could it be that Rick, like Timothee, is being told something by “someone”? 
The power struggles among the nobility are such a pain… But at least Rick narrowly avoided disaster. 
“I apologize for the delay, my lord.” 
“It’s alright, Tina.” 
Tina, who had come to fetch me along with Rick’s attendant, was exuding anger every time Rick touched me, making me worry she might attack at any moment. 
Since we’re in different grades, the twin attendants who act as checkpoints during lunchtime won’t be joining us. The other one, Fanny, is currently engrossed in chasing after a bug she found, so she’s not reliable. Oh, she just ate the bug. 
In any case… 
The thought of Rick coming to “check on me” again during the practical lessons is quite dreary. How truly troublesome. 
Lately, Rick’s behavior has been even stranger than before. He used to have his quirks, but now he’s being standoffish towards me specifically, yet strangely overprotective. 
It’s like a boy being mean to the girl he likes… 
Wait a minute? 

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