Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Extra 2 part 1

Side Story 2 : Thunder Emperor

Humans, though not just limited to magic users, can be classified into three types: [Prodigy], [Average], and [Late Bloomer].
[Prodigies] display talent at a young age, but their abilities stop improving as they grow older. [Average] individuals have abilities that develop uniformly, neither fast nor slow. [Late Bloomers] show little promise early on, but blossom with talent after reaching a certain level of growth.
The young girl Frau was considered a [Prodigy].
Or rather, everyone thought she “had to be a prodigy.”
Her magical talents were astounding from an extremely young age.
The first word Frau ever spoke was “thunder.”
This was uttered to her father Brahms when he scolded the 3-year-old Frau for reading a magic book from the library on her own.
Along with those words, Brahms was struck by a thunder spell.
Brahms shook with emotion.
“My daughter must be a genius,” he thought.
His body trembled because the thunder spell caused his muscles to convulse.
Until then, Brahms had worried about Frau’s slow development of speech and was about to give up on her potential as a mage. But from that day on, he started providing her an education focusing on her magical talents.
He read magic books to Frau, demonstrated spells himself, and provided careful explanations.
Frau quickly mastered the magic she was taught, making it her own. Not only using spells as instructed, she adjusted incantations to change their power and effects, showing her ability to apply magic innovatively.
Brahms was excited about the future of his daughter, who showed more talent than he had at such a young age, but at the same time he wondered.
“Isn’t this too much too soon?”
Brahms was hopeful for her future, but also worried that she might be too gifted.
A person’s total magic power is determined at birth, forming the basis for their magical talent. Magic power output increases with growth up to its limit. But Brahms feared Frau had already reached that limit at far too young an age.
“Is she simply a prodigy? Is she developing abilities too quickly?”

When Frau turned 6, Brahms took her along on a mission with the mage squad he led to slay the monster Orochi that had been rampaging in the area.
Orochi was a massive serpent monster with high resistance to magic, though not as powerful as dragons. Even the elite mage squad of the Kingdom struggled against this formidable foe.
Yet Brahms assigned the young Frau to confront Orochi alone.
Standing before the giant serpent that reared its spiked head to attack her, Frau calmly began chanting a spell, utterly unfazed.
Quickly sensing the ominous magic power from the small human, Orochi lunged at Frau.
But just before its fangs reached her, it was struck by a tremendous thunder bolt that charred its body to death.
This marked Frau’s first battle as a mage, the start of many accomplishments to come.

Tales of the child who mastered magic to defeat numerous powerful monsters spread not just through Faloon, but to other kingdoms as well.
Many mages visited Faloon hoping to witness Frau’s talents firsthand.
Seeing her perfectly control magic, they unanimously praised her as a “child prodigy” and “undoubted genius.”
However, some wondered if Frau had already reached the limit of her talents, if she was simply “too much of a prodigy.” Her magical abilities were that astounding.
It’s said even Matou, the greatest mage of the Kiel Magic Kingdom, told his aide “She has no future” after seeing Frau.
While Brahms agonized over others’ evaluations, Frau paid them no mind, silently continuing to explore magic.


When Frau turned 8, Brahms succeeded in arranging her engagement to Prince Mars. Recognizing her extraordinary magical talents, the king decided to strengthen the royal bloodline by welcoming her into the family.
For Brahms, it was a chance to sell off his daughter’s talents to the king at a high price before they peaked.
However, he failed to anticipate that a regime change would occur in Faloon. The rise of Chancellor Gamaras led to the second prince, Nicol – Gamaras’s grandson – being viewed as the next king instead.
Brahms quickly abandoned his plans with Prince Mars, informing Frau they would dissolve the engagement. But to his surprise, she firmly refused:
The daughter who had obediently followed his orders like a doll rejected him bluntly for the first time.
To assert his authority as head of the family, Brahms sternly demanded Frau’s obedience. But in response, he was struck by a thunder spell for the first time since she was 3 years old – though far more powerful.
Instinctively deploying a magic barrier to protect himself, Brahms’ mansion collapsed and his clothes were charred, his hair frazzled like a bird’s nest.
“This girl is beyond my ability.”
Realizing Frau was now beyond his control, Brahms felt terror at her power. As a result, the engagement to Prince Mars was allowed to continue.

By age 14, contrary to others’ expectations, Frau continued growing as a mage.
While her physical growth ended early, her magic power somehow kept increasing – thanks to consuming monster meat like Mars.
The supposedly prodigy girl destined for an early peak managed to foster permanent magical growth through monster meat.
Then a small crisis befell Faloon – the first dragon incursion in years across its borders.
As the strongest monster species highly resistant to magic, handling dragons was the mage squad’s greatest weakness, requiring the full force of the kingdom alongside the knight order.
But Frau declared “Not needed” and sortied alone.
Though expressionless as usual, she seemed slightly excited.
Floating above the rampaging dragon, Frau manifested multiple magic circles of light in the air and chanted [Thunder Judgment], the ultimate thunder spell requiring immense magic power and advanced skills.
Countless dragon-like thunder bolts rained down on the dragon, piercing through its vaunted magic resistance. The mighty monster was reduced to ash.
Frau achieved the remarkable feat of single-handedly slaying a dreaded dragon foe through magic alone,
earning her the name “thunder Empress” from then on.

As a side note, that dragon was female, with its mate killed by Mars earlier. Seeking revenge, it invaded Faloon’s territory on a rampage.
Of course, Mars did not know about this.
“I heard a dragon’s rampaging in the kingdom, but I saw one in the Demonic Beast Forest recently too. Are they increasing lately? Well, slaying a rampaging dragon would draw too much attention, so I’ll leave it be.”
Mars irresponsibly thought,
At that time, even Hundred couldn’t handle dragons yet. So Frau ended up cleaning up after her fiance, though only she knew about it.

And now before Frau were assembled the military forces of the noble faction allied to Gamaras.
Gamaras had called these troops, aiming to accomplish the plan to assassinate Mars, to the vicinity of the capital in advance. Hearing of Mars’s revolt by magical communication, they had begun marching toward the capital.
Since the nobles’ power exceeded the king’s forces in Faloon, their military strength surpassed 5,000. Over double the combined forces of the Black Knight Order, Red Knight Order, and Hundred.
Moreover, their masters, the nobles, had been left behind in the castle, so their morale to recapture it was high. At least for the officer class.
Gazing down from the sky, the corner of Frau’s mouth seemed to rise slightly, to her magician followers. Just hours earlier their allegiance had switched from Bram to Frau.

Frau said to the magicians.
“From today, the magicians are mine.”
Many of the magicians were confused.
Certainly Frau’s ability as a magician was outstanding. However, such positions were decided not by ability but largely by noble status. Frau was the daughter of Bram, Chief of the Magicians, but being female, it was difficult for her to attain such standing.
Some of the younger magicians were devoted to Frau’s power and supported her, but one of the elder magicians voiced criticism.
“Lady Frau. Our lord is Lord Bram. No matter what you say…”
Without even looking at that magician, Frau slowly raised her right hand and fired a lightning bolt from her palm.
A lightning spell precisely targeted only at that person. An artistic, flawlessly controlled spell in might, directionality, and diffusion. Being able to fire it without chanting was why she was called Thunder Emperor.
The magician who argued with Frau writhed on the floor. After a while he stopped moving, seemingly losing consciousness, but his body was still convulsing.
Frau didn’t glance that way either, vaguely gazing at the magicians.
Then as if to emphasize, she said just one thing.
“Got it?”

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