Before the tutorial begins chapter 49 part 2

That’s a separate matter.

However, looking at the relationship between Keraunos and Iupiter, perhaps Al is the better one after all.

… Though that’s a relative evaluation at best.

[Hey, Al. Why do you think keraunos became such a scumbag?]

[Because that’s how it was designed.]


A radical argument that fundamentally denies the inherent goodness of people.

[That optimistic view only applies to the essence of humans. It has no relevance to us spirits.]

[Well, yeah.]

[Furthermore, the divine power type originally lacked any spiritual functions. It’s a problem even before the question of good or evil. They are simply power, no more and no less. Just imagine the rain that the master hates so much. Can you expect it to consider human feelings?]

The weather doesn’t read the mood.

No matter how much I wish for the eradication of rain, it will still fall as it pleases, and conversely, no matter how much I wish for rain, it won’t fall in areas where it doesn’t.

Human desires are irrelevant.

It simply exists as it is.

[Therefore, even if you instilled a single emotion in the existence composed of miasma and lightning, it was unlikely to function properly. Of course, those villainous ones considered such flaws to be trivial problems.]

For the researchers who forced the inhumane experiments on Iupiter and the others, whether the spirits and contractors could build a friendly relationship was probably of no consequence.

Having succeeded in the grand experiment of installing emotions, and now claiming the spirits have no heart, is quite ironic, you bunch of bastards!

[… Tch.]

A dull pain crawls through my entire body.

An unpleasant sensation, like my soul is being clawed from the inside.

I’ve used 【Four-Dimensional Defense】 many times, but I still can’t get used to this.

[Shall we give up now?]

[Don’t be stupid. It’s not over yet… It’s just the beginning.]

Keraunos’ bombardment is still ongoing.

There’s no sign of it stopping, not even a hint of waning.

So this hell will continue.

[… Let’s continue the earlier discussion. Using your words, I suppose Keraunos could also be considered a victim.]

[In a sense, that may be true.]

A pitiful spirit, captured by human whims and forced to accept unwanted emotions.

I see, if you look at it from a different perspective, even that trash can become a sympathetic figure with a sad past.

The kind-hearted protagonists would have probably felt a bit of pity for Keraunos’s story.


[I don’t care]

Unfortunately, I’m the mid-boss from the tutorial.

Sad past? Deserving background? I don’t give a damn, just die.

Good, evil, justice, evil, victim, perpetrator – it doesn’t matter at all.

You stood in our way, and you pissed me off.

That’s reason enough. So die. Die miserably. Die shamefully. May all your self-esteem be crushed as you perish.

I won’t forgive you.

Whether you have a sad past or not, I’ll kill you for sure.

It was you who put Iupiter through a hard time.

It was you who caused trouble for Szilard’s clan.

It was you who stagnated the adventure from the 15th floor onwards.

I lost a lot of money buying accessories.

You dragged Haruka into a dangerous battle.

You caused trouble for my sister and aunt.

And now, I’m fighting alone in a monochrome world.

It hurts – it’s Keraunos’s fault.

It’s painful – it’s the thunder father’s fault.

It itches – it’s the toxic parent’s fault.

I feel sick – it’s the black thunder beast’s fault.

I’ve transformed all my anguish into hatred, and all my pain into the fuel for my murderous intent.

I can’t stand how much I hate him.

I hate him, hate him, and after going in a hundred circles, I still hate him.

[Master, I’ve updated the longest record of [Four-dimensional Defense].]

[…I see. There’s still plenty of room for improvement.]

Despite my guts being boiled by rage towards him, the control of [Four-dimensional Defense] was going exceptionally well.

The optimization of the spell formula – the technique to maintain the spell with less spiritual power, I seem to have mastered it perfectly.

[Zone, or flow… the state of mental awakening under extreme concentration, which is expressed in such a way in modern times, is precisely what the Master’s good condition is.]

[I don’t care about the logic. Whether it’s awakening or the power of the dormant clan, I’ll use whatever I can to get through this situation. We will absolutely win. I won’t lose to that trash even if I die.]

That’s right.

My anger must not be defeated by his hatred.

I’m pissed at you.

I’m a hundred times more pissed than you.

I, who am far more enraged than you, have no reason to lose to the likes of you.

I circulate my spiritual power.

I bring my feelings of anger to a boil.

I even use the backlash of the spell as material for my hatred, and I continue to maintain [Four-dimensional Defense] no matter what.

Enduring, enduring, just enduring – to the point where I no longer even know how long I’ve been enduring, finally, a decline in the opponent’s momentum becomes visible.

[Just a little more, Master. If you collapse here, it would be rather embarrassing.]

[I know…]

While reflexively responding to Al’s encouragement, I gather my last bit of strength.

…I’m not at my limit yet, I can do this.

While self-suggesting my spirit, I repeat the principle of time stop.

I can’t let my guard down. No, I won’t let it down.

There’s no room for carelessness for a mid-boss in a tutorial.

While holding a strong will to win absolutely, arrogance and complacency are forbidden.

Keraunos’s spiritual power is waning.

The width of the black lightning is narrowing.

Azure lightning soared.

Heat attacks were fired.

My comrades who were waiting for their chance seem to have taken the offensive.

The remaining amount of the wrathful black lightning is probably just a little more.

From the beginning of the disarray in spell control, I can clearly see the impatience of the opponent.

You fool. Your spell handling is completely messed up.

Are you really the mid-boss of the main route?

If you keep running it in such a wasteful way, the end will only come sooner.

Unstable targeting.

Collapsing convergence.

The undeniable reality that his boasted violence is not working is gradually dissolving Keraunos’s identity from the inside.

And then-


[Master, the time has come.]

That moment had arrived.

The ultimate black lightning emitted by Keraunos finally fell silent.

[Keraunos’s spiritual power state has entered a dangerous zone. The probability of impersonation is less than one in a hundred thousand.]

[In other words?]

[From here on, it’s time for a harsh punishment.]

Instantly, I released [Four-dimensional Defense].

The colors lost from the world were restored.

Dizziness, intoxication, chills, malaise, fatigue – the severity of the backlash is the worst ever – but without hesitation, I pulled the trigger attached to the center of the large shield to transform Eccezacks.

Even if I had quietly stayed here, it might not have affected the battle situation.

Haruka and Szilard are on our side.

A worn-out Keraunos wouldn’t be a match for them.

But no, it won’t do.

I won’t let that trash who pissed me off so much go without landing a single blow.

I won’t give it to anyone.

I’ve decided to thoroughly humiliate his self-esteem before killing him.

So I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him. I’ll absolutely kill him.

Now, time to deliver divine retribution to the thunder father-


Obtaining superhuman speed through the combined activation of “Foot Strengthening” and “Time Acceleration”, I rushed across the ground with tremendous force.

My target was, of course, the bosom of Keraunos.

Given the narrow ten-layered field, the distance between us closed in the blink of an eye.

“Hey, trash. Hurry up and die.”

In lieu of a greeting, I slashed his throat, then unleashed a divine revelation.

“Go, .”

The surrounding space distorted into blackness, and the chains of the death god with the principle of absolute capture entwined his four limbs.

This meant that Keraunos would be momentarily prohibited from any offensive, defensive or evasive actions.

How nice.

You’ve finally become worthy of your form, haven’t you?

How does it feel to have transformed from societal trash to true waste?


I see. You don’t understand a word I’m saying.

“Then, die.”

I gouged out his eyeballs, tore his jaw, and pierced his brain.

Since he was merely an outer shell, I felt no fleshly sensation, but it seemed to be effective nonetheless.

Writhing in filthy roars, his life was desecrated, forbidden even to thrash about.

How’s that, huh? My father-hunting is a bit different, isn’t it?

Instead of money, I’m collecting your viscera. There’s no doubt it will seep deep into your five viscera and six entrails. Congratulations.

“Ah, but your inside seems hollow, doesn’t it? You only have functionality, but no substance? What, not only is your substance thin, but you’re physically empty too. Geez, you really are hopeless—-hey.”

From the mangled remains of his face, I continued my blade downward.

I destroyed every vital organ – the trachea, spinal cord, esophagus, lungs, lungs, heart, diaphragm, liver, gallbladder, dantian, stomach, intestines, spleen, kidneys, and more.

But even that was not enough. I had to engrave fear into the depths of his soul, thoroughly training him until he could never again commit such inhumane acts against Jupiter.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do…

no, in this case, it’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The lowest of the low deserve the worst violence.

It’s called the whip of love. You trash like that just love that phrase, don’t you.


“Don’t worry, there’s not much time left, I’ll end this for you soon.”

I aimed my blade at the hole where Jupiter was expelled.

It was around the lower abdomen area.

The father-hunting tour that started from the neck was finally reaching its climax.

Just as I was about to lower my trusty weapon to deliver the final blow,


Keraunos suddenly started to thrash about.

The restraint was still in effect.

So this was just a futile struggle. No matter how much he let out a guttural scream, he shouldn’t be able to move a single limb.

“Could it be, you don’t want to get cut there?”

The howl of the defeated echoed loudly.

Seems I guessed right.

Even though he was originally hollow inside, he had remained defiant despite having his face and digestive organs shredded. But now, he suddenly became meek.

That’s strange, I don’t recall any such description in the Dungeon Magic reference material.

Could it be, Jupiter?

No, no, that’s simply impossible

There’s no way he’d be stupid enough to implant another trauma on top of his own trauma.

Well, whatever.

For some reason, Keraunos seems to dislike attacks around his groin or anus.

In fact, he’s downright terrified of them.

“Alright, I get it. It’s a samurai’s mercy. I’ll stop cutting you any further.”

I fiddled with my trusty weapon’ cylinder, whispering soothing words to the Thunder Father.

There was no response from him, but the surrounding atmosphere seemed to have relaxed slightly.

Keraunos, I’m glad I, the nice guy, can keep my promise.

Ah, that’s right. I won’t go back on an oath I’ve made.

I’ll just stop the cutting, that’s all.

I set the combat logic marked [Thrust] and pulled the trigger.

“As for that filthy hole—-“

my trusty weapon transformed from a sword shape into a more pointed existence.

“—-I’ll make sure to stick a thick one in there!”

Transformation complete, my trusty weapon spiral spear form.

Thick, long, and twisted in body.

Yes, this is not just a regular spear.

The blade part has a slightly special shape, with a sharp cutting edge on the end of the twisted cylindrical slime steel.

Unlike other forms, by channeling spiritual power, the blade part can rotate in a spiral.

In other words, it’s a drill!

With a creaky sound, the my trusty weapon began to spin.

Sensing the sound and spiritual power, the thunder patriarch let out a mighty roar, flailing his unmoving limbs.

“Whoa there, you beast! It’s way too early for you to be pissing yourself. I’m gonna shove this long, thick black rod right up your questionable hole, whether it’s your crotch or your ass, and make it nice and gaping. So you better get ready!”

Aiming carefully, he brought the rotating spiral spear towards the opening Jupiter had emerged from.


“I won’t wait.”


“Don’t talk.”


“I won’t give in. …Hey, you know what?”

From start to finish, it was just “AWOOOOO” this and “VAOWOOOOO” that, screeching and howling.

“I can’t understand a damn thing you’re saying, you piece of shit!”


The rotating spiral spear.

The death throes that pierced the ears.

My furious, hateful soul’s forceful strike completely obliterated Keraunos’ vital point and its physical form.

The arrogant shall not last long.

Even the fierce beast will eventually be penetrated.

In the end, this world is merciless.

The rotten thunder patriarch’s reign won’t last forever.

“Listen up, you shit thunder patriarch. Engrave this in your, no, your crotch.”

Thrusting the spiral spear high into the sky, I declared loudly:

“Kids are not your toys! They are humans with their own will and heart! You shameless piece of trash who can’t even understand such basic things, how dare you call yourself a parent, you garbage!”

Acting on your own whims, playing knight without being asked, and resorting to nothing but violence.

If you try to pull that despicable, shameless stunt in front of Jupiter again,

I’ll subject you to a hell menu that will make today’s execution feel like child’s play.

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