The Suspects of Necromancy (Novel)

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This page tracks our English translation on the Light Novel edition of 死霊魔術の容疑者  / TThe Suspects of Necromancy

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Volume 1

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The princess of the moon, who became a wizard in search of love rather than eternity What she sought was a world of happiness. The Sun King in his quest to win the love of the moon princess, proclaimed dominion over the world, all for the sake of a single proof

Synopsis :

“Do You Desire Eternal Life?”

The Kingdom of Rama, vast and powerful, faced a dire crisis. The legendary “Warlord,” who built the great nation in a single generation, fell ill, sparking rebellions across the land and threatening the kingdom’s very existence.

But then, an undead army suddenly attacked and swiftly crushed the rebel forces. Who was using the forbidden necromancy?

Conrad, a knight of the kingdom, pursued the mysterious necromancer. In a remote village, he encountered a suspicious mansion and a young girl named Luna who frequented it. With her red eyes, pale skin, and golden hair—who was she? Was the master of the mansion the necromancer?

From a sensational debut author whose first work shattered sales records comes a captivating fantasy suspense that challenges readers to ponder the value of life.




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