Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 1

Chapter 6 – not human enough

I’m Vim Strauss!
I might as well admit, I’m the ace at the top-notch party Night Dragonfly!
It’s a huge responsibility, but I’m proud to bear everyone’s expectations!
Today is a rest day, or rather, a training day.
Preparation is just as important, if not more so, than the real thing when it comes to delving into dungeons.
I have to approach it with that mindset, especially given my position!
First thing in the morning, I head out to the courtyard at dawn. The pleasant chill feels nice.
” — “
Hmm, but I’m getting a bit of ringing in my ears and a headache.
It’s been a while since I joined, and the seasons are changing. I’d better hang in there.
“Ms. Camilla! Good morning!”
Ms. Camilla is single-mindedly swinging a gigantic weight.
As expected. She’s said to be one of the strongest warriors in Night Dragonfly, yet she has no arrogance. That kind of attitude draws people to her.
I strongly feel I should learn from her example.
Not to brag, but I’ve been getting called one of the strongest lately myself.
I need to properly consider how I’m seen and have the right kind of pride as a result.
“Sorry to call on you before breakfast again.”
“Oh no, it’s only natural as a member!”
Night Dragonfly has a very logical, well-funded payroll system.
For example, if I’m called upon by the leader like this early in the morning, it’s recognized that I came in early for work, and I get paid accordingly.
“Alright, please authorize the Artificer Vim buff enhancement.”
“Yes, authorized.”
I enhance myself as well, facing her head-on.
The incredible pressure that comes from her build.
If we grappled straight on, I’d be overwhelmed in an instant by the difference in size and mass.
So my premise is to counterattack. I get in close to grab her arms.
Ms. Camilla reaches out to grab me, so I dodge and try to get into position to throw her.
But my usual method didn’t work this time.
I was deflected from the back of her hand, and she almost grabbed me instead. I hurriedly take some distance.
“Hrmm, I thought I could do it today…”
“I won’t lose!”
Our hands and arms brush against each other in back and forth attacks and defenses.
And somehow, finding an opening, I manage to throw her.
I feel a little guilty.
But she’s not the sort to get mad about this kind of thing. Our sparring is built on trust. Ms. Camilla bounces back up energetically and smiles, taking her stance again.
“Alright, now without enhancements!”
Here’s the real deal. This time we fight without enhancements.
I try to recreate the motions from earlier without enhancements. By comparing my enhanced and current movements, the weaknesses and gaps in my technique become clear.
We’ve done this training dozens of times now, to the point it’s become routine.
I was happy that someone as strong as Ms. Camilla makes use of my enhancements. And I can feel through this training that I’m improving as well, not just going along with it.
Progress every day, step by step.
It’s wonderful, something to be proud of.



After morning training is breakfast.
Night Dragonfly values bonding, especially making sure to eat the meals prepared at the appointed time together in the great hall as much as possible.
“Good morning!”
I greet them cheerfully.
Then I look around the tables and head to a spot that seems to be just short enough on people.
“May I join you here?”
“Oh, Vim! Go ahead, let’s eat together.”
These two are…Eckhardt and Lorenz, I think.
We don’t talk much since they’re in the rearguard. But I properly remember them. The results of last night’s efforts are showing.
” — “
Interacting with all sorts of people is important.
Especially as someone who gets excellent reviews and pay here, acting cocky could cause unnecessary friction.
Besides, talking with people is fun!
It’s one of humanity’s greatest joys to interact with others!

There’s more training and some paperwork in the afternoon.
The experiences I gained through “Dragon’s Wing” training, or rather, the rough and tumble, came in handy here. It turns out I have quite a knack for practical skills, and I’m often relied upon!
Once that’s done, it’s time for some fun – dinner with everyone.
Since we have early mornings, it doesn’t make much sense to train late into the night. So, we often wrap up early and head into town before the sun sets.
There are quite a few of us, and we tend to attract attention.
Surprisingly, I sometimes hear voices calling out or, if it’s not just my imagination, directed toward me.
But I wish they’d tone down the high-pitched voices a bit; they’re giving me a headache.
I’ve even got my own regular spot now.
It’s usually towards the back of the shop, and it seems like they’ve placed me in quite an esteemed position.
It’s a bit uncomfortable, but it’s a thoughtful gesture. Rather than refusing, I should appreciate it!
But since I’m new and young, I do make it a point to actively offer to pour drinks and so on.
“Vim, you have it tough every morning sparring with the boss!”
“Oh, not at all, I’m learning a lot!”
“The boss totally relies on you now! It’s ‘Where’s Vim, where’s Vim’ all the time, like a catchphrase!”
“Ahaha, well, please tell Ms. Camilla I’m at her service any time…heehee.”
Did that laugh come off creepy? I thought I was just laughing naturally.
But no one seems to react particularly strangely. That’s a relief.
” — “
Oh, three or four people are staring at the menu diagonally in front of me.
“What’s wrong, Mark?”
“Hm? Oh, this. I was thinking of ordering it but wondering if I could finish it.”
What was listed on the menu they showed me was “Ultra-Spicy Meat Rolls.”
It’s famous but the chili is so intense most people have trouble finishing it often.
“I’ll have it! I want to try it!”
“Oh? Gonna go for it? You sure?”
“Lately I’ve been challenging myself with spicy foods! Last time I tried an ultra-spicy sauce and was surprisingly fine with it.”
“Alright, I’ll take your word for it. Share a bite with me.”
“You got it!”
The plate they brought out was dyed red with sauce.
The table collectively winced, with a vibe of uh oh, you’ve done it now.
I worried I’d messed up too.
But I’m the one who ordered it. No backing out now.
“Okay! Here goes Vim Strauss!”
I stab the vividly red meat roll with my fork and chomp down in one go.
Oohs and applause rise up.
You’re not supposed to swallow this stuff whole. You’re supposed to properly chew it and savor the spice.
“It’s delicious.”
But when I actually taste it, it’s not nearly as spicy as I expected.
In fact, the flavor is incredible.
It’s like I can enjoy the deliciousness only those who withstand the spice can, without even feeling the spice.
I can’t deny I was trying to stand out a bit, but this dish is a bullseye.
“Really? Then I’ll try…”
“Go right ahead.”
I hold out the plate to the eager Mark.
And he takes a big bite just like me.
“Gh…too spicy! No way I can handle this!”
Laughter broke out. Good, the weird air is gone now.
“Oh, Vim’s got the mouth for it!”
Hans says cheerfully.
“Well, I might have a knack or talent for spice, surprisingly.”
“Hahaha! Listen to you, Vim!”
It was fun times from there.
Chatting, the young guys try some reckless stuff and we clap and cheer.
The biggest applause came when Hans declared “Drinks are on me tonight!”
And another great thing about Night Dragonfly.
We break up early in preparation for tomorrow.
Walking through nighttime Villebron chatting with everyone.
Lots of people watching.
Some wave, so I wave back now and then.
Oh, a little boy looks happy I waved back.
I wonder, even without flashy looks, does just being an adventurer make you look cool, and walking with incredible people like this make you seem aspiring? If so, that makes me happy.

Gah, shut it!
We’re outside the dungeon here!?


It’s been three months since we welcomed Vim.
His timidness has vanished, and he’s lively and talkative now.
His slightly hunched back has straightened, his eyes are bright, and he laughs cheerfully.
He’s no longer intimidated by us, yet retains the right amount of humility, taking appropriate pride in his abilities.
There was an element of abnormal behavior simply because he was overly aware of his surroundings.
In other words, it wasn’t that he lacked common sense or empathy.
If we interacted with him properly, this change makes sense.
In truth, there was some minor friction between him as a probationary member and the rest.
It seems the gap between his abilities and self-image came off as arrogant. Some members admittedly didn’t think too highly of him. Those vibes probably reached him too.
Of course, there’s not a single lowlife among us who would harm Vim.
However, small cracks can sometimes grow into big problems, so it’s good he noticed himself and resolved to improve.
By all appearances, he gets along fine with everyone now.
I adjust his workload on my end because his capabilities lead to more work.
Morally and rationally, it’s ideal to have talented people like him work long and healthily with sufficient time off.
Another thing I evaluate highly about him is that he grasps my intentions right away and cooperates.
He truly is an intelligent boy. He has a talent for grasping the heart of matters.
All is going smoothly. Or is it hasty to think that?


The ringing and headache won’t stop.
This is the ninety-ninth floor, again.
As vast as the ninety-eighth floor, but thanks to Night Dragonfly’s exploits, and surprisingly, Dragon Wings’ breakthroughs, a considerable portion has been explored.
I’d get confused if I looked into it directly, but somehow Chronos came here and began displaying leadership.
They’re a new party, it seems, and take some risks, but using what’s described as a sixth sense, they uncover veins and resources and such, or something like that.
Frankly, I’m delighted as far as I’m concerned.
It’s true we didn’t part on the best terms.
But in this form, there will be no lingering ill will, and if we both succeed and have room to breathe, the chances of future trouble diminish as well.
Yes, right now, I’m succeeding.

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