Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 7 part 2

Initially, my plan was to harvest the Jiraiya Oaks fruit and then visit the Kijin village. However, considering the current circumstances and Suzume’s feelings, I decided to head straight to the village.

When we arrived, it was just as I expected—there was nothing left.

The remnants of once-standing houses remained, some charred and destroyed as if crushed by massive monsters. None of the houses retained their original shape.

Suzume walked sadly towards the edge of the village, gazing at the ruins.

Curious about her destination, I followed her. Suzume stopped in front of a row of small stone towers. It seemed fortunate that the rotten sea hadn’t affected them, or perhaps they were protected by some means.

I realized it was the Kijin graveyard when Suzume knelt in front of one of the stone towers, closed her eyes, and began to pray.

It’s probably the tomb of her parents. From what I had heard before, her father disappeared when she was young, and her mother passed away a long time ago.

Living alone in the depths of Tittis, despite being surrounded by a barrier, must have been challenging for a young girl like Suzume. Her deceased mother must have been aware of the difficulties she would face. Thinking about the feeling of having to die and leave behind her little daughter, I naturally lowered my head.

But suddenly, something caught my attention, interrupting my thoughts. I quickly looked around.

There were multiple presences and rushing roars.

Had the monsters noticed the scent of a human? Or perhaps they reacted to the magical power of a Kijin, much like the Basilisk did? Either way, it was clear that the monsters were approaching with a clear intent.

If possible, I had wanted Suzume to continue praying to her parents until she was satisfied, but that was no longer possible.

When I tried to express my concern to Suzume, she unexpectedly stood up and looked at me, apologizing in a modest voice.

“I’m sorry. It seems like I’ve caused you trouble.”

“Don’t worry. If I get serious, I can easily handle them.”

I displayed a great deal of confidence to reassure Suzume as much as possible. In fact, with the use of my soul equipment, I could easily take care of the monsters while protecting Suzume.

However, I hesitated because it would contaminate the Kijin’s graveyard with monster blood. The purpose of this visit was to investigate the anomaly in the Tittis Forest, and since I had already accomplished that, I supposed it was time to escape.

If possible, I would have liked to create a barrier to protect Suzume’s parents’ graves, but unfortunately, I wasn’t capable of performing such a complicated technique. Oh, speaking of which, Miroslav mentioned using a tool to build a barrier on Mount Skim. I would bring it next time I came.

While pondering over these thoughts, I held onto Suzume once again and infused energy throughout my body.

After returning to the house in Ishka with Suzume, Luna Maria and the others warmly welcomed us.

Then, I opened my eyes wide in surprise.

Because there was an unexpected face lined up with Luna Maria and the others.

“The guild master wishes to share information about what’s happening in the Tittis Forest. I apologize for the inconvenience, but could you come to the guild?”

It was Liddell, the adventurer guild receptionist, who bowed courteously.

I wondered how they knew that I had been to the Tittis Forest, but I suppose it was quite obvious considering the enormous body of Kurausora.

Liddell must have visited my house, knowing that Kurausora had flown in that direction.

Did they expect me to cooperate with the adventurer guild? Well, I wouldn’t be entirely truthful if I said that thought didn’t cross my mind. I had thought something like, “If the guild master wants to speak with me, he should come himself.”

However, Liddell’s respectful attitude, regardless of what lay beneath, made sense. It was understandable that the guild master, Elgart, couldn’t leave the guild in such an unusual situation.

And above all, after witnessing Suzume’s situation earlier, when I weighed my past grievances against resolving the disaster, the latter clearly outweighed the former.

Everyone desires a peaceful place to rest.

“I understand. Should I go now?”

“Uh… Y-Yes. I would appreciate it if you could.”

Immediately, Liddell seemed surprised, then quickly composed herself.

Ohh, the receptionist who always maintained a calm demeanor seems to be in a hurry.

She probably anticipated some reluctance from me. Perhaps I had returned some of that resentment in some way, I thought to myself as I swiftly made my way towards the guild. I could hear Liddell’s hurried footsteps following behind me.

The adventurer guild building, which I hadn’t entered for a long time, was bustling with people.

Liddell, in her guild uniform, walked ahead, and the adventurers who noticed her made way. Some of them seemed surprised to see me walking behind Liddell, but no one approached me.

Personally, there was no one I particularly wished to have a heartwarming reunion with.

Liddell guided me to a room and said, “I’ll go report to the guild master right away,” before leaving.

With a touch of irony, I muttered, “Well, I wonder how long they’ll make me wait,” and within moments, there was a knock on the door. Only thirty seconds had passed since Liddell’s departure.

That was quick, I thought to myself. And when I contemplated that, the person who entered was a different receptionist from Liddell. It took me a moment to remember her, but then it quickly came to me.

She was the receptionist to whom I had first explained the situation upon returning from the Lord of the Flies’ nest. I believe her name was Parfait.

Unlike the composed Liddell, Parfait exuded a lively aura. She seemed to be four or five years younger than Liddell.

Well, whether she was calm or lively didn’t really matter. What mattered was that she had an attitude of disdain towards me. It was easier to deal with that than having to navigate a different attitude.

On the tray she held, there was a steaming cup. It seemed to be a welcoming gesture, offering me a drink. During the incident with the “falcon Sword,” nothing was served.


…It’s quite ironic being here.

With a smile, I gazed at the contents of the cup. It was probably tea, with a light amber color. I couldn’t judge the quality of the tea, but based on its aroma, I assumed they used good tea leaves. The accompanying baked snacks also appeared elegant.

A few months ago, when I was expelled from this place, I never thought the day would come when I would be welcomed with such offerings. If only I could convey this to my past self.

With that in mind, I refrained from touching the tea or the snacks.

It wasn’t because it would make me look poor to immediately consume what was offered. I simply didn’t want to put something in my mouth that was served from a place that had expelled me.

It was more about the feeling than the appearance. One could even call it a sense of boredom. Although I was aware of it, I had no intention of changing.

Observing my behavior, Parfait spoke cheerfully.

“Please help yourself. They’re not poisoned.”

I let out a strange chuckle.

Meeting my gaze directly, Parfait responded with a light laugh.

“These snacks, the latest creation from ‘Kukuri-do,’ are highly popular among women. Leveraging my authority as a receptionist, I managed to acquire them,”

Parfait mischievously remarked, her index finger resting on her cheek.

The tea snacks meant for customers are discarded when they expire, and it’s the guild staff’s responsibility to dispose of them. It’s a tactical move, one could even say it’s intense.

“With the guild’s salary, it should be affordable to get a snack or two,” I commented.

“Hehe, snacks you buy with your own money are different from those you get at the expense of your workplace. The same goes for when a man treats you to a meal,”

Miss Parfait said with a smile, her gaze fixed on my face, hinting at something.

…Is she suggesting that we should eat together next time?

Unlike Liddell, who has a modest hairstyle and minimal makeup, Parfait, being a receptionist, takes care to avoid being vulgar. Miroslav mentioned that she possesses great ambition.

As a Dragon Knight with ties to Duke Dragnote, have I captured Parfait’s attention?

Well, it’s not something I care about.

When I remained silent, devoid of any desire to respond, Parfait tilted her head and exclaimed, “Huh?” My reaction seemed unexpected to her.

Before Parfait could say anything else, there was a knock on the door again. This time, it was Liddell who entered. Surprised to see Parfait, Liddell informed me that she would take me to the guildmaster’s room.

It seems Elgart, upon receiving the report, didn’t want to waste any more time. Perhaps he had decided that if he made me wait too long, I might leave.

In response to Liddell’s words, I stood up and let out a sigh.

“This is the first time we’ve seen each other like this since the duel between Lars and you. Sora, you’ve changed a lot,” Elgart Quiz, the top-ranked adventurer and a first-class adventurer at the Ishka Adventurers’ Guild headquarters, smiled kindly.

There was no hint of distance in his words and expression. The faint fragrance of perfume lingered in the air, and his neatly arranged silver hair showcased his elegance.

I responded coldly to Elgart’s remark.

“You mentioned wanting to share information about the Tittis Forest. Is that correct?”

I got straight to the point, cutting off any formalities. It was a declaration that I didn’t intend to befriend him. The fact that I wasn’t using honorifics stemmed from our earlier discussion.

Elgart’s smile turned somewhat bitter.

Liddell, standing behind him, shot me a sharp look, but I chose to ignore it.

Tell me what you need. Ask your questions. That’s all you need to do now.

“Yes, that’s correct. In summary, I’m concerned about the recent surge of monster stampedes,” Elgart summarized, getting straight to the point.

In response to his concise explanation, I spoke in the same manner.

“And in summary, the depths of Tittis Forest are akin to a boiling cauldron. Given the circumstances, it’s only a matter of time before the monsters from the depths head towards the outer perimeter of the forest.”

In that case, the monsters on the outer perimeter will overflow from the forest, as if being expelled. Elgart nodded, saying, “As I suspected.”

“Does that mean it’s just a matter of time before the overflowing monsters reach Ishka?”

“Yes, and it’s also just a matter of time before the monsters from the depths follow suit.”

Ishka would face an unprecedented monster invasion. That was my conclusion after witnessing the depths with my own eyes.

Elgart looked somewhat melancholic and murmured while gazing at the ceiling.

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